The Actor who staged a Coup and committed Seppuku (Strange Stories)
The Actor who staged a Coup and committed Seppuku Strange Stories

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Amethysical : He committed not alive.

Nappy The Great : Oh my god, his acting is so realistic! He should win an Oscar.

AHMED : So He was basically against anime and hentai

Adolf Hitler : He killed himself so he wouldn't have to see anime.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : He should’ve commit sudoku

Not A Robot : I hope simple history can do a video of that one Japanese teenager who saved Japan from becoming communist by assassinating the leader of the Japanese Socialist Party with a sword on live television in 1960.

Henrique Maximo : There's a George Lucas' film about him.

tomkandy : Yukio Mishima was nominated for the Nobel prize for *Literature*, not peace. Rather embarrassing mistake to make

Patavinity : Why do you call him an actor? He's best known as a writer and that was his most important work.

Flawless Binary : T E N N O H E I K A B A N Z A I

Tyler Durden : Only if he would been successful. He would have banned anime

Jayson Ducharme : Love Mishima. Anyone interested should read his short novel, The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea. As well as the Sea of Fertility. Beautiful writer. Wish more of his poetry was translated. "The essence of a flower is to fall" - Mishima's death poem, written moments before his suicide. I don't think he believed the coup would be a success. I think he wanted to die gloriously, which he was unable to do during WW2. If you read his work, he always romanticized death and suicide. In "Confessions of a Mask," he writes that his first erotic experience was seeing a Renaissance painting of a man tied to a tree and shot with arrows. And "Patriotism" is an idealized novella about suicide. He was a disturbed man.

ネコ-ivan-くそ : Samurai: "this video is sponsored by wix" **Performs seppuku**

Resident Elect : How utterly brilliant is this channel? Imagine how many of us outside of Japan would never have heard of this man, and his thoroughly amazing story? Three cheers for Simple History!!! Hussar!!!

Color Blue : That title instantly brought my mind to the story of the 47 Ronin.

Kramer Todd : Note how he didn't fight in the war. Maybe his views would have changed if he would have seen it first hand.

PhotonHasNoMass Takayuki : As i am Japanese this explanation is very much misleading.Especially core idea of Mishima. I guess this uploader simply misunderstood or made mistakes by reading book on Mishima in English. Again very much misleading.

Fatty Boomer : Only if he'd used wix

Luxe Luux : A few things I know is that yukio is a direct descendant of the first Tokugawa shogun And that he speaks english but also german and France

Gerardo Reyes : Amazing story and great video

Vadim Kalashnikov : I wonder what if Alternate History Hub do a video about this topic had Yukio Mishima succeeded *What if post-war Japan ended its peace constitution?*

Cristian Arreola : Do the Night Witches of WII. They were an elite unit of female Russian pilots who flew wooden planes.

Dingdong : Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

Tyler Natividad : Top Ten Saddest Anime Deaths.

mobskii : This is cool maybe your next video can be on the Mexican revolution!

KebabRemovesU : Can you do the Turkish War of Independence please?

Iskander 122 : *Top 10 anime deaths*

Titus Lim : Plot twist: no one was harmed in the scene, later he got Oscar for most realistic act.

Mike Echo : This guy wrote Spring Snow and Runaway Horses right. His literature was great.

thegreatcalvinio : They can just revive him with the Dragon Balls.

Devoir de Liberté : If you read his work you would understand why he did it

No this is patrick : " All according to *keikaku* " TL note: keikaku means plan

Generic nigga straight white male picture : Geez japanese always take it to the next level dear god

Totally not the flash :3 : *The last non-weeb in Japan* "Airing in 2019."

James MasonRBLX : The Actor who staged a Ku and Committed Seppucoup

Jacques : He failed but you gotta admire his determination

Northumbria Bushcraft : patriotism is my favorite of mishima's works, never though simple history would do a video on him, sadly his work it practcally unheard of here in Europe

The Watermelon : Good ep keep up the amazing work

Big Jay : "No way, he didn't die!" *picture of his severed head* "No yeah that's him... crap."

Kenneth Kirchstein : more like seppu-coup amirite? (i'll show myself out)

Zuzu : This is so sad Alexa play Doki No Sakura

s1r_dr2g0n : Roblox: *"Go Commit Seppuku !!"*

Jacob Lawton : Please do a video on Colonel Mitchell Paige, US Marine hero of WWII.

//Haxard SlayDudE// : I can’t stop watching simple history I just cant stop watching

GREAT TEA : Modern weapons. ?

Shizu -chan : **Japan before losing WWII** Honor is everything. **Japan after losing WWII** _KONNICHIWA , I WATCH HENTAIIII_

Oscar Moreno : Abdomen*exist* Sudoku nigas: It's free real estate

Louis Gabriel : I actually watched his Patriotism movie; it is simply beautiful and at the same time revolting, erotic, et cetera... It is truly great.

Andrew Glines : Topic idea. Winged Hussars. Korean turtle ship