The Wonders - That Thing You Do!
The Wonders That Thing You Do

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Title song from the film That Thing You Do!, as performed by The Wonders.


Erin Walker : It is awesome how they were able to write a song for the movie that really sounds like it could have been a hit in 1964.

What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism? : The best band that never existed!

froboythestud : Is this anyone else's favorite movie about a band/music ever?


Rod Leo : fun fact: this song was written by the bassist of the band Fountains of Wayne.

Daniel Tan : How this movie didn't make $100 million at the box office is absurd

sbaz 1 : The bass really drives this song

Annisa Eisermann : I watched this in 1997. My mom bought the videotape. I was about 4 yrs old. Now im 20 and I still love the movie and the whole soundtrack. Crap now I feel old. Haha time flies

beatlesfan675 : Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. I love Lenny.

Gareth Keenan : Wow just look at the directing in this. Every shot is perfect.

Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster : Liv Tyler just gets better with age.

theoldiemusician 1998 : I think Tom hanks is like Brian Epstein when he sees the Beatles

Jose Maria Grisolia Santos : A great song... kind of beatles sound.

Justa Drumbum : I am here because I AM SPARTACUS

PeyserConley X : Love 60s music... even when it's really from the 90s. =)

Derek Arroyo : I actually searched for this with the spelling "The Oneders"

50sDreamer : I absolutely love this movie and this song! It's just a shame I don't come across too many people who even know this movie exists.

robyn hylton : Gotta say.... STILL LOVE IT!!!!

Laura Denning : "Gotta be quick, I'm from Erie, PA"

downregulate : The Corvettes? The Chordvettes? The Herdsman? The Oneders.

Steven Isaacson : Being such a Beatles fan, I'm surprised I've never heard this song until now!

Donna Frost : I love this movie, love the soundtrack

Time2Laugh06 : Guys..... Chad fell down.

mardeluz01 : Ton Hanks deu um show neste filme. Liv Tyler novinha e ótima !!!

TheDerek47 : Some folk think that the 'bow' after the song was ripped from the Beatles; well actually, when Brian Epstein became their manager he (with help from the 'promotional Beatle' Paul) decided that they had to lose their 'leather look' from Hamburg & the Cavern. Epstein took them to see a band called 'The Shadows' and that's where the 'bow' came from, along with their new look.

PhoenixGal11 : The "Ooooo.....Neee.....Derssss..." That's the One.....Ders!

ROBERT NIX Alternative Rock/Pop Artist : A Beatles circa 1964 type of song and it sounds good.

Mongoose Motovlog : "Those cats don't know squat about service"

Jaimie-lee Wright : This is music!!! Not like the rubbish the teens listen to now - This is great - I could listen to this stuff ALL day long - I love it!!! Great beat - great tune - clean words - AWESOME!!!!!!!

Tom Cox : As an example of great 60's pop music(even though this was written much later) this song stands toe to toe with the very best of that era-even the Beatles early stuff. The difference is the Beatles put out many albums full of songs of this quality

NorahsDaddy : Still think they should've stuck with The Oneeeeders.

deezynar : The name of the band started as the Oneders, but everybody pronounced it "O" needers.

militao14 : Omeletetv bloco x me trouxe aqui!

Pranay Kishore : How about making a sequel of this movie where they meet randomly and plan a gig & perform again on this song ...

Spencer Ashley : I wish the movie was based on a true story 😂


Mysti Meadows : Love it! :)

SomeRandomGuy : Anyone notice that the song actually got much slower from when it was first played at the talent show? 

Owner of a Busted Ricecooker : except for Steve Zahn, all of these boys ended being Zombies lol.

John G : I wonder whatever happened to the Onee-ders.

Mabi Leal : Apaixonada nesse filme <3

Darrell_beats_eViL : the one hit

Matheus Silva : Nostalgia demais, me interessei e aprendi a tocar bateria assistindo a esse filme.. isso em 2007.. logo depois conheci o guns n roses e aprendi violão e guitarra tbm, gostaria muito de montar uma banda assim de garagem por hobby mesmo, tocar alguns clássicos e tal.. ótimo filme.. saudades da sessão da tarde.. :')

Bandile phiri : I just realized something!: That saying "a one hit wonder" comes from this band!

Benjamin : This is timeless.

Katie Grimm : The oneders!!!

Richard Spata-Merrill : the O-Neders....Tom Hanks is soooo brilliant


Rob Sol : Love the song love the movie! X