The Wonders - That Thing You Do!

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What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism? : The best band that never existed!

froboythestud : Is this anyone else's favorite movie about a band/music ever?

avedic : It's kinda crazy how *_great_* this song is. Most movies that explore the 60's music scene that write original music for it...the songs end up sounding quite stale and imitative...just warmed-over cliches. But _this_ song is legit cool. If it had been released in the 60s it _easily_ would have become a #1 hit. It does pack a *_lot_* of early 60s songwriting cliches into a neat 3 minute package...but it does so, not in a cloyingly nostalgic way, but in the way an actual young band truly in love with music would do it. It just sounds *_fresh_* as hell. :)

Erin Walker : It is awesome how they were able to write a song for the movie that really sounds like it could have been a hit in 1964.

Rod Leo : fun fact: this song was written by the bassist of the band Fountains of Wayne.

Annisa Eisermann : I watched this in 1997. My mom bought the videotape. I was about 4 yrs old. Now im 20 and I still love the movie and the whole soundtrack. Crap now I feel old. Haha time flies


beatlesfan675 : Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. I love Lenny.

theoldiemusician 1998 : I think Tom hanks is like Brian Epstein when he sees the Beatles

sbaz 1 : The bass really drives this song

Italo Adriano B. C. Marcelino : A melhor banda que nunca existiu! o/

Gareth Keenan : Wow just look at the directing in this. Every shot is perfect.

Time2Laugh06 : Guys..... Chad fell down.

Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster : Liv Tyler just gets better with age.

Fredrockroll : Didn't know Sheldon could play the bass

Donna Frost : I love this movie, love the soundtrack

PeyserConley X : Love 60s music... even when it's really from the 90s. =)

Derek Arroyo : I actually searched for this with the spelling "The Oneders"

Tom Cox : As an example of great 60's pop music(even though this was written much later) this song stands toe to toe with the very best of that era-even the Beatles early stuff. The difference is the Beatles put out many albums full of songs of this quality

mardeluz01 : Ton Hanks deu um show neste filme. Liv Tyler novinha e ótima !!!

Justa Drumbum : I am here because I AM SPARTACUS

Jose Maria Grisolia Santos : A great song... kind of beatles sound.

robyn hylton : Gotta say.... STILL LOVE IT!!!!

TheDerek47 : Some folk think that the 'bow' after the song was ripped from the Beatles; well actually, when Brian Epstein became their manager he (with help from the 'promotional Beatle' Paul) decided that they had to lose their 'leather look' from Hamburg & the Cavern. Epstein took them to see a band called 'The Shadows' and that's where the 'bow' came from, along with their new look.

Pranay Kishore : How about making a sequel of this movie where they meet randomly and plan a gig & perform again on this song ...

Mongoose Motovlog : "Those cats don't know squat about service"

downregulate : The Corvettes? The Chordvettes? The Herdsman? The Oneders.

Spencer Ashley : I wish the movie was based on a true story 😂

PhoenixGal11 : The "Ooooo.....Neee.....Derssss..." That's the One.....Ders!

Steven Isaacson : Being such a Beatles fan, I'm surprised I've never heard this song until now!

Darrell_beats_eViL : the one hit

Esther Ns : Shades the drummer is one of movie characters that i would date

Mabi Leal : Apaixonada nesse filme <3

MB Guttersnipe : Liv Tyler was such a babe

NorahsDaddy : Still think they should've stuck with The Oneeeeders.

*LÍDER ARCANJO* - BRASIL ARMADOS : Nostalgia da porra ,caralho tô suando pelo os olhos

Scriptease123 : I heard this in the grocery store the other. It took everything in me to keep from dancing in the aisles. I was a 60s kid, so TTYD is my jam!

Elisalvo Santos : acabei de assistir o filme agora

ShempBob : A great, great pop song. Reaches the upper echelons of tat truly infectious pop tune that hits on all cylinders. IMHO not many have it. Ranks right up there with "I Wanna To Hold Your Hand" Sugar Sugar" "Take On Me" "I Think I Love You" (that's right, the Partridge Family hit) for pure ear worminess!

ROBERT NIX Alternative Rock/Pop Artist : A Beatles circa 1964 type of song and it sounds good.

Griexus XO : I wonder whatever happened to the Onee-ders.

Benjamin : This is timeless.

Mysti Meadows : Love it! :)

Rob Sol : Love the song love the movie! X

Gus Goose : Sweet Fender Bass!

landyachtfan79 : I was INSTANTLY ADDICTED to this song the first moment I heard it, because it DEFINITELY sounds SO MUCH like something that The Beatles​ would have recorded!!!!!!!

jackster1212 : This always was a great song. If this clip had the camera on Liv Tyler the whole time it played, it would be perfection...

Tom Donovan : Anyone here after watching the Spoony Experiment?

Matheus Silva : Nostalgia demais, me interessei e aprendi a tocar bateria assistindo a esse filme.. isso em 2007.. logo depois conheci o guns n roses e aprendi violão e guitarra tbm, gostaria muito de montar uma banda assim de garagem por hobby mesmo, tocar alguns clássicos e tal.. ótimo filme.. saudades da sessão da tarde.. :')

Diego Euriques : the oneders