Dreams - Fleetwood Mac Cover

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Hey guys!! Working on new music, so excited to release it soon. For now, here's a little Fleetwood Mac cover :) Connect : Insta - www.instagram.com/zoeannzobrist Twitter - www.twitter.com/zoeannmusic FB - www.facebook.com/zoeannofficial Guitar : Logan McAllister Instagram - logan.mcallister

Comments from Youtube

Khalil Boulos : Fleetwood Mac is one of the most intricate bands ever. Love this song I'm watching all your videos & commenting as you they go.

Johan Vert : Opinion, too much reverb - a distraction...

Todd C. Stone : You punch so much emotion in your vocals, either it be a cover or your own song, it's that, that makes you a mile above anyone else around. That's what i call star quality!

Xoce Pedro : Great performance... So cool to see you again, Zoe...!!! 💐🍀🌞

j a : Great cover!

Todd C. Stone : i personally think the reverb works well with this song. Go Zoe!! :)

SoloRider831 : Great work, Zoe... great work.

Daniel Perry : You sound great