Fan almost falling Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati 1981

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E.N.D Network : The style back then, bowl hair, tight clothes and steroid arms.

Lotus Hulkenberg : Just think about, those older women who were sitting behind him probably remember the 1st World War. 

325bish : days when everyone was fit

Ryan Howell : Announcers talking about the buddies of his that saved him, yeah they helped him up after, but did you see that fucking Matrix hold he pulled, hand against the hall down low, and basically flagging the side of that stadium. This man is a legend.

Robert Arnott : I don't mean to brag, but I've fallen over a hundred on more than one occasion. If this has had happened today, his friends wouldn't have saved him, but they would have it caught on their Iphones

dablocishot77 : The guy pulled a popeye grip on that bar. I wonder if he does gymnastics. did a full 180 while holding on a bar with one hand.


sadpancake : Love the porn music at the end

D X : A lot of things worked in his factor.  He was able to slow his momentum down by using his other arm, preventing a hard snap which likely would have caused his grip to break.  His strength certainly helped as well.

Meke 1983 G. : the man that helped him looks like his twin brother.

KidKarries : Those old people in the second row are dead now

shortii12341 : I think he almost gave those older women a heartattack

Johanna Zevenbergen : I thought Luke Skywalker fell over.

Grant Goodman : I'm betting that guy could have pulled himself up solo with those guns. He held on with one hand for a while

JediFight : His name is Randy Kobman. He was 18 and a senior at Lakota high school. Went to Indiana on football scholarship. You can google him.

Mr1000words : this is why you workout folks.  He was in no danger at all.

jj wise : hall of fame wrestler Mr Wonderful claims that this was him

Chewy : It's Dirk Diggler & Reed Rothchild lol

Your Dad : is everyone in Cincinnati fearless like Dean Ambrose?

lrheault32 : Who queued the porn music @ 1:01

pete saws : So......did the Braves end up winning 7-3?

aas8 : who doesnt love the retro music? do do do dooo.

birch5757 : Aaaaand that's why I have a pull-up bar.

Kevin Lomeli : What an intense moment!

scottabreitbarth : If that happened to someone today, they'd be dead weight. And dead.

sbtbfanatic : Was that Rowdy Roddy Piper??

Liam : So it doesn't just happen in movies I guess

geddoe316 : to be fair the dude looked pretty ripped. i doubt most people could have pulled themselves back up with that much weight crashing downward

Fred Kalil : Indiana university and a teammate

Stephanie Fierst : To everyone who said he died, he didn't. He's my dads best friend, randy & he is still living today so stop making stuff up..

Son Omni : Nicest save ever

Jake Williams : This is a time when the USA was not fat and not lazy, but in this new brave USA he would of weigh 300 pound, fallen and crush about 2-3 people killing them instantly.

Tony Music : What did the ceiling fan say? WOOHOO! YEAH NO. 1! GO CEILING!

Dingle Barry : Just two more reps of Stadium nearfalls to go.

Those Video Game Moments : CLUTCH

DonRMB : Those steroids eventually paid off..

xSamB : Just think....those old people will be dead

webbertools : Steroids are bad. :-)

Sbaily99 : He was lucky he was strong enough to hold on..his buddies helped after he had already held on.

Jeff Swanson : His hair would have broken his fall.

frankmat : LOL geez... bet he is glad he did those extra chin ups at the gym... most people would not have been able to pull themselves back up.

robyrobyroby12345 : it would be funny if he was hanging on for dear life but refused to let go of the ball.

Wiggins : There's no way that was a strike.

Aaron dierks : proof that steriods dos't make your brain stronger.

warnutztheloser : He got sum arm power

Survivor87 : Considering this was on Atlanta Based TBS your comment is invalid.

QU8K : Hey it's good guy greg in the 80s good job greg

fordulaad : @TopTenSam hahahha

fordulaad : that guy is in touch with his inner gorilla

dantiri : check out his haircut, it looks like he-man