In Search Of.. The Castle of Secrets (El Castillo de Coral) 5x16
This 1981 episode of In Search Of hosted by Leonard Nimoy tells the crazy true story of how one small strange little man constructed an entire castle out of coral in Florida with hand tools for his sweet 16

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Capitulo 16 de la quinta temporada del programa de televisión sobre enigmas y misterios. Visita el blog:


Oldold Pilgrim : I'd like to see the truck that moved that 30 ton stone to the new site. It must have been huge.

ShepStar Productions : 1:40 LULz, "a frail little hermit" What a way to describe this genious of a man!

John L. Harmon : No matter how Ed accomplished his castle, his story is one for the dreamers of the world.

Quaalude Charlie : Great Story , I hear Her Name was Agnes , He was waiting for Her :) QC

Michael Toso : Would be nice to understand how he did it.

Micky Hotpot : You idiot, are you so full of yourself that you don't even listen to the commentary that says some of the stones weighed 8, 9, tons and so on. It is know it alls like you who get in the way of progress.

Razzy194 : Coral is actually very light. it's porous you see.

Janick Goudeau : Built a moon For a rocking chair, I never guessed it would Rock her far from here Oh, oh, oh. Someone's built a candy castle For my sweet sixteen Someone's built a candy brain And filled it in. I'll do anything For my sweet sixteen, And I'll do anything For little run away child-

Timothy Ward : Why is this incredible accomplishment PUBLICIZED??? Also Documented and on news shows? Someone explain this!

Darren Tobias : I can retire in two years I miss you Becky

csmcmillion : Nonsense. The guy FILMED himself building it. There's a video here on YT showing him doing it.

HORIZONS : It's not coral, but oolitic limestone. Very heavy. The largest weighs nearly 30t.

Steeltoedboots : Fake news

qrthrse1 : Deeze nuts also have anti-gravity.