Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death

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KFC Gravy : "he will have to serve a minimum of 450 years" cus a life sentence is too much

ChicagoDefense : Whatever they accused him of... he did it

W1LNE12 : I don’t feel safe that after 450 years he’ll be back on the street

Betrayed by the Game : His face look like a desk in detention

marshall branin : so he dies 4 times and then has to spend 450 years in prison?

Master Epps : El Sueno from Ghost Recon has lost some muscle

Dat Boii : Why is he allowed to wear sunglasses? I would make him eat them before putting him in an electric chair inside a gas chamber

Minh Luu : This dude still look evil in court. My pitbull will run away from him.

Semen Demon : Is that my GTA Character?

TRUMPY THE CLOWN : Poster boy for " bad choices "

Donna Jacksin : He walk in court like Jean Claude Van Dam

Vy Sharieff : That thing is scary☠️

Cooper Confidential : Ha

Isaac agada : I see this guy out living the 450 years sentence

Rach C : Why is he wearing shades in court 😎?

nuke018 : he looks like Vin gasoline

Onyx VII7 : Ay Nikko, let's go Bowling. 🎳

dONt rePlY iNoC : He deserves more than that. Look at his face.

Life Of Chris : Why does his face look like a 3rd grade yearbook ?

Tesla Watts : This dude is definitely allowed in the Salty Spitoon for free. No doubt about that.

Adam Battich | آدم بطيش : 2 Hell

Toxic Jutz : 2:19 andrea kruger.. This mofo killed freddie's daughter

daniel itshaki : he was not born like this.. life just dont smile for everybody

Dominic Holcombe : bruh he just looks evil

Nighthawk X : Why does he look like a video game character

vagtav310 : Looks like he Just came back from the death penalty...

annamal pete : When does he fry?

die nille : top 10 anime deaths #1

T. C. : It‘s a punishment for the jail to have this guy locked inside

ApplicationBot : how exactly do they justify killing people?

Luis Lomeli : *450 years* Judge thought he's a tree or wtf

Luis Angel : Try to pop that pimple

T. C. : He looks like that black guy from matrix

boigitgud 224 : This nibba looks like a final boss

Branden Williams : Free my man nikko!

BakedPotato Games : He looks like a boss you have to fight in a shooting game.

Aquatic Scrotum : Who let this monster out of prison so he could kill ?

Chuck Hanson : he look like my friend nikko jenkins

zebrapaim : A good bandit is a dead bandit

TheblackSun Annunaki : Wait he was allowed to wear sunglasses in court?...

Jasyn Gates : I'll run from that fool

rad iohead : lookin like a ghetto elton john

Simon Cow : Why are serial killers so godamn sexy.

princesa bln : he lookin cute tho ain‘t even gonna lie

Branden Williams : Death row for what? He made a service for society killing this 4 thugs

anti brony master race : He looks like deadpool unmasked.

Nikhat Khan : Can anybody tell me what is his crime, who is he???

abea octavio : Ese tipo si que da miedo y tiene una cara de loco sicópata.

martha gaston : How can you speak about God and revenge in the same sentence, Black Americans can sound very foolish , leave God out of the equation. Humans acting like God is what took your daughter and now you want to have his life taken and the way that you speak , seems like you prayed for it . Sad ! I hope and pray that God can show you that , through his will, his way , his thoughts , he can heal your heart. Only God can truly change this man heart about what he did , not a death sentence. There is a greater evil out there and people act as if it does not exist . Killing someone for killing somone is still murder in my eyes. Yes I have lost my own child to murder 8 years ago , but i dont want to harm someone else for it , because its not in my nature and woukd prevent me fron being a righteous man of God. Hopefully he is given life and a second chance to right his wrong through service to God and long suffering in rememberance of what he has done . Never wish or exspect death to come to somone because it may show up at your doorstep to teach you a vauble lesson about whos truly in control , because God has it all in control .

Sharukh Khan : niko jenkins deserves a bravery award..usa need more such people to progress and achieve un achivieable goals..and become super super power