Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death

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SkaiXMask : This type of dude is one of them people. Who puts the milk in the bowl before the cereal.

Beyond Tubular : *_he'll probably be trying to kill people even in hell_*

Ray Coe : This guy uses the lethal injection as a pre workout supplement.

Ishaq : This guy looks like the type of person to survive his 450 year sentence.

DaFuq!?Boom! : Is this a new movie with Vin Diesel?

PewDiePie The Nazi : This man looks like the Electric Chair is just a favourite past time

Bryan Max : Man looks like he was kidnapped by jigsaw twice and survived the tests.

ThatGuyRed : This guy looks like he could shoot someone without a gun

Ali M : This guy sleeps with the pillow under the pistol .

Fizizy : This man made a bad life decision? I'm shocked

Priest by day Pimp by night : I bet this dude is the monster under the boogeyman's bed

Derman Cevik : When your custom character appears in a cutscene

Joseph Olive : This guy makes chuck Norris look like a transgender vegan feminist .

LuisDAS · : This dude looks like he uses an electrical chair as a massage chair.

Anthony Gudgeon : In the U.K you'd get a fine and maybe probation

Shaggy : *His the type of guy who eats the plate before the food*

Wolf_Harry : death sentence wont kill that guy. he probably kills himself everyday then just wakes up

Angry Face Reaction : this guy masturbates with the door open...

sync : Dude looks like he cracks nuts with his forehead

2Funky : *lives 450 years* Well um... ok, nikko, I guess ur free to go?

SpaceCowboy : That's a face only a mother could love.

aetth : He puts milk, then cereal. *THEN THE BOWL*

Geezaaa Mushhh : At 0:17 the news reader stuttered when that mf turned👀👀😱😱

Tryhard Togood4u : he look like a famous rapper...

Hyper Beast : This dude is that kind of person who eats the fork with the food....

pusydistroyer_69 : I bet this guy walks up his stairs with lights off.

Senior - : This is the best commentsection ever,!😂😂

George ツ : This guy would unplug a life suport machine to charge his phone

Detrick : 0:59 his face trying to understand what 4 death sentences mean

LJ Marzula : I was going to try and make a joke but damn if you all ain't got that sewed up. I've never seen so many funny comments , I'm going to visit this when I'm having a bad day. Sorry for his victims.s though

Pablo Escobar : Death was sentenced to Nikko Jenkins

Captain Cluster : This guy eats bacon two days passed its sell by date

David Johnson : I bet he pours cereal over milk

everestfalls : Look at that guy!!!! He looks like he eats nuts and bolts for breakfast nails and tacks for lunch and steel bars and granite tiles for dinner and washes it all down with bleach.

Dean Mucaj : This dude can kill John Wick

Marques Smith : 😂 dude walked in court like a goddamn boss..

fabio : I bet that guy put this video on our recommended

howyoudoing : Looks like prison served him

Adil Makame : Satan is gonna welcome him with open hands 🤣

Dr Fr z : He looks like a mute custom GTA Online character playing the new capital punishment update

Bryan Tan : He is a perfect villain look a like in every single action movie

Fuk Yuo : He looks like he had a rough life

eye.ofcosmos : This dude doesnt go to prision, prision goes to him.

black magic753 : He looks like handsome Squidward

Subscribe to me for no reason : 0:18 a face that can tell hundreds of stories

quete inrpot : Nikko jenkins looking like a gotham city villain 😥

Bianco Berardini : He blocks grenades with his head And shoots missles through his nostrils

Abelitro : They should just give him a villain job in Hollywood

Trill Qua : Finally...... This guy was crazy he swallowed handcuff keys while in prison and he also cut his face and genitals that guy is beyond crazy

Somali pirate who's actually Somali : He seems like a nice guy 😊