Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death

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everestfalls : Look at that guy!!!! He looks like he eats nuts and bolts for breakfast nails and tacks for lunch and steel bars and granite tiles for dinner and washes it all down with bleach.

bleets cube : He looks like a movie villain.

Dark Crusader : Should be kept alive and used for medical research

Fedor Fedor : He is wearing sunglasses because his future is too brights.

KV : When you realize that sometimes judging the book by its cover actually works.

Anthony Gudgeon : In the U.K you'd get a fine and maybe probation

mastermonarch : The Boogeyman checks for Nikko Jenkins under the Bed

man up : Man this dude looks scary af

Jack Pulse : This guy looks like he eats a bowl of screws.......without the milk

Butterfly : A death sentence is to easy. Rotting in jail is much better.

Fizizy : This man made a bad life decision? I'm shocked

Justin : I feel that he could be demon possession !!!

flame thrower melting snowflakes : Put him into Death Race.

CaneFu : Nikko Jenkins looks like a really nice guy :)

Deibama nonliberal : Bring back public hanging.

Jasyn Gates : I'll run from that fool

Charlesetta Pollard : This dude is sick from hurt and pains whomever abused missused molested him it must have been painful because his heart is cold and numb and he's sick and demonized and i pray to God heal him he''s narcissistic as well he's stuck from were the abuse started with him he's sick you can tell he is sick in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

Max : Without the scarfs and tatoos he look like a model.

fortnite isnt good : looks something outtta justice league movie

Henkka : In finland he would be 8 years in a very nice prison

Tryhard Togood4u : he look like a famous rapper...

Amilah : We should bring back hanging, drawing and quartering and medieval torture methods for crap like this.

Deather Thrasher : Yo hubiera decapitado vivo a ese delincuente con una motosierra. 😡😡

Louis Escobar : Dudes face looks like a Komodo dragon.

g2macs : Look, when you hand out a death sentence it should be a big ceremony, not like ordering a pizza.....In the UK (when we still had it) the Judge who already has his traditional wig on, places a square of black cloth on his head and says this......... 'The sentence of this court is that you will be taken from here to the place from whence you came and there be kept in close confinement until [date of execution], and upon that day that you be taken to the place of execution and there hanged by the neck until you are dead. And may God have mercy upon your soul.' that's how to hand out a hanging!

vagtav310 : Looks like he Just came back from the death penalty...

Alejandra Ramirez : Whatever he did..... HE DID IT !!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Bruce Cook : god gets the glory????? what the hell goes into a persons mind to give god the glory for the verdict when this god did not involve himself when the victoms of this murderer needed his help? A human killed other humans, and humans sentenced this man to death for his attrocities. Theres no god invlved in any of this.

Gustavo Pacheco : Te pasas niko...te pasas de veras :v

Alvaro Ojeda2.0 : Tiene una cara de Testigo De Jehova que no puede con ella :v

Karlo : Everyone jokes about 4 death sentences, but look at this guy, they have a legit reason to be afraid one death sentence will not kill him.

achhe eff : Nobody he murdered looked innocent either

Kimmy Kat : Poor guy. I knew him. He lived not too far from us.Has 2 adorable daughters and a loving wife. His wife helped a lot of women and fought for gender equality.He worked hard to support his family and serve his country. Poor guy indeed,and that guy's name is Barack Obama. Was tired from work all year around and now has white hair.

A Av : Black culture strikes again

ClassyHoboGames : Vin Diesel went down hill fast

Zamosa : His tattooist needs to face the death penalty next.

Galaxy BOOM : Killing innocent people and has no remorse? Come on maan, he is definitely a no brainer ! A moron!

curtis lawson : I want the states to start using the electric chair again ever seen and electrocution their eyes pop out of their head and blood runs down her face It's quite entertaining 🐵⚠⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡pop

Mohamad Aizat : It’s Yamamoto Genryuusai + Zaraki Kenpachi

Kenneth Duncan : Hes wearing some odd looking handcuffs to be so dangerous,i wouldve pushed his sorry ass in the court room strapped down like Hannibal leckter

h. kay : he looks guilty

Bobby Samra : God I love him 🐵🐒

Law Crusaders : Beware prisoners, he’s coming......

jorge zapata : K clase cara d pinga....🔪🔫

nasir bussey : This the hardest dude I've ever seen

Steven Song : Dang. Looks like he circumcised the the wrong head.

Aldo Zulfikar : It look like that he washed his face using nail

サイタマSaitama : So weird, he looks like a good boy and dindu nuffin.

Mannix ja : When is execution day??? When??? After his life term sentence??? Do it now at the back of the courthouse. Carry out the death sentence.

Julius Shipley : Death penalty is just to harsh, no matter what the crime is. Cops can kill unarmed black men and they get a few days off with pay then goes back to work. Double standard!