Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death

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Master Epps : El Sueno from Ghost Recon has lost some muscle

MK ULTRA : Dude look like an STD infected ballsack.

james perreault : looks like a fine upstanding citizen to me

Chris H : People keep asking WHY DONT WE JUST KILL THEM? Well some prisons are privately owned, so incarcerating people makes them money.

Lunar : 450 years in prison wtf 😂

Tryhard Togood4u : he look like a famous rapper...

Johnfuse : He looks like he already had two executions but survived.

psicofukapus : Ya , but what if Nikko lives to 401? They didn't think of that.

Joann P : W TF happened to his face??

ADO Photoshop Breakdowns : 1:25 She's right. Convicted 1st degree murderers should be executed within a month of the crime. Murders in the US would plummet.

vagtav310 : Looks like he Just came back from the death penalty...

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : Too bad they don't do public executions anymore.

Viscount Lordington : He seems like a nice man.

pyledog : This guy seems like a real jerk

Anonymous : He looks like a final boss on 2006 survival game

xox Val : Two face diesel

Simon O'Conor : This sentence is outrageous, it should be cut in half immediately.

Max Gustafsson : The death penalty is a savage ass law. ''Its wrong to kill so now we kill!'' *WE GO IIIIN, WE KIIIIIIILL*

BIG ABD : I'm jealous cuz he looks more badass than me.

Mustafa Khan : Comin in style like he owns the place 😎 1:57

Gareth Walton : He looks like someone you can create in a Grand theft auto game

MrStensnask : "Even if he isn't sentenced to death he still has to serve over 400 years in prison" Uh, okay, America.

Samantha Heron : He resembles a product of failed biological experiment by a mad scientist typically seen in SciFi horror movies.

Chima Chinda : That thumbnail though. He looks like the Final Boss in a video game.

Cameron : He ain't phased, probably just respawn back at the hospital

Bling SugarBaby : What a psycho.

mr sir : obamas son, turning his life around; truly a pillar of the community

IT IZME_ : What adds insult to injury is that another 15 to 20 years could go by before he actually gets executed, because of " his rights" to the apeals process. So the mother may die of old age before he even gets the needle.

jmoney Banks : “You only have to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards need to hang!”- the hangman

Ian Oamil : Is he dead now?

Fizizy : This man made a bad life decision? I'm shocked

AssAssiN's 187 : Nikko Jenkins 🔥Hell 🔥The place where you will be for what you did 😔

Vault Door : Jesus commands us to pray for our enemies, and that is exactly what we should do!

Israel Quintero : Lol he walking in there like he the shit

Mary Reyes : 😎during trial.

parrotprodigy productions : Drop him over North Korea!

Rashmila C Modaff : Wow sunglasses in court🤦🏽‍♀️

BOT 007 : Scrapped Vin Diesel!

Xxrandom DudeXx : The comments on this 😂😂...

kung Few : I think this guy was working on my car last week.

Unani Famous : When you play fruit ninja in the face..

Steffany Brown : Why would the judge allow him to wear those glasses in his court room ?

jose guzman : Only 450 years 🤣😂

Lexus Gemota : He is like a rapper. You a white quavo

Uraneum : that dude looks more hood than the hood


OGkush Hazetemek : He looks like freddy crooger to me

Alezezbauz : This guy is still alive lol.

Dwight B : This world needs more execution. As long as its proven and not 30 yrs. From now but as soon as you walk out of the courtroom

graffProdigy : They allow u to wear shades in court? I'm more amazed by that then anything