Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death

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xox Val : Two face diesel

everestfalls : Look at that guy!!!! He looks like he eats nuts and bolts for breakfast nails and tacks for lunch and steel bars and granite tiles for dinner and washes it all down with bleach.

Derek Nwandu : *walks into court Judge: *slams hammer* GUILTY!!

Derek Nwandu : Something tells me he eats people too

Davion Similton : this guy looks like someone you gotta beat at the end of the game.

David Lewis : Sociopath. Chilling

Afrika Smith : This guy looks like a bad guy from a action film come to life.

Christopher Green : Dude walks in the court room like hes vin diesel from chronicles of riddick

Some Guy : This guy was made for prison. 😂

Edwin Avelar : Why he look like a Marvel villain?

Stefan P : The comment section is weird af bruh

Sensei : he looks like a villain from batman

Clare Vela : 450 years??! Damnn! They sentenced his soul too!! Lol

Jesus Delgado : He looks like he lives on elm street

Samantha Villagran : it seems like he doesnt care at all. how scary..

Hugo Hernandez : He looks like he can beat chuck norris ass in a fight

Jacob Schneider : ah, he will be out in 6 months with good behavior....

Maneet S : These comments are amazing

Monstarchan 3 : He looks like a gta side mission character

st2838 : He looks so scary

Travis Bickle 2.0 : Couldn't this dude simply make a wire handcuff key & plastic shank from those sunglasses?

Emma Robbie Us : He looks like something that crawled out of hell.

Sallie Fouts : Gillette the best a man can get! Lmfao

RainbooPVP : Nikkkkkkkkkooooo jenkins

Caaf : He looks like he’s dealt with worst things than jail......

Tenesee Bognot : The comments are golden


mitchere owusu : He look like he dont care about anything wow

parrotprodigy productions : Drop him over North Korea!

Niko Bellic : Before they could put handcuffs on him, nigga would run into the courtroom yelling, "Leeerrroooyyy Jeeennnkkkiiinnnsss!!"

Steve Celestino : Do the taxpayers a favor and fry him asap.

Fizizy : This man made a bad life decision? I'm shocked

Racks : Marvel Supervillain ?

prankman49 : I knew he did it, It's written all over his face!

His Overlord Upon High : Why don't they chop his head off, or do medical experiments on him.

Derek Nwandu : How xxxtentacion sees himself.

Torin Webster : Didn't watch the video. But whatever they said he did.. *He did that shit*

Faith B7 : The guy looks like if you created a GTA 5 character and spent all yoo money at the tattoo parlor 𝕛

Andrew Christie : Holly shit, this guy looks like an animal.

b whit : sign him up for the weapon x program.

Brandon N : That's one scary looking dude

anti brony master race : He looks like deadpool unmasked.

Gram Gram : Where the heck did he get sunglasses?

its vinsshia : he lowkey fine tho💀

Fuck YouTube : Psychopath

Death4745 : Looks like Tyler1


Kurt Cobain : He looks like the shit even being sentenced to death

Cody : atleast hes taxexs are free

Christian Fake : Nigga looks like a black belt