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SS3baiaioo : good on that boy to protect his teacher. i don't like fighting in schools but that was aight.

Katherine Grimes : First that kid protecting his teacher had my respect. Knocked that one boy out then pulled the other off of him and was steadily trying to stop the fight and was mad cuz his teacher got hit. Someone is teaching someone respect. 👏👏👏 Second what was this last one about? Dude hands her a card and beeps the horn and gets the card and drink thrown at him. Clearly it was a prank but what exactly was it about blowing a horn that caused that reaction?!

Johny Apple see : Damn Bro I think That Lil Fuccin that teacher🤣😂 2:20

Menno van der poel : LOOOOOOLLL the first lade holy moly

꧁Tσяᗗlєi : i sub just to help you out

Cooper Seale : Mad respect for the dude at 2:10

Goldfish Crackers : The guy filming at 2:40 was fucking hilarious!

Bee Batch : people are insane

Christov Bro : 4:00 wtf is that about lmfaooooo