Gone But Not Forgotten. Mr Chi-City Kicks it with a Friend

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Iron Pineapple : You are amazing. I can't remember the last time a video made me feel like this. Like damn. Hope you're doing alright.

ARS Goalkeeping : Stronger man than I ever was. I lost my friend and still haven't had the strength to walk up to his grave.

bakerXderek : This is extremely heartwarming man, I can tell he was a very close person to you, RIP to your bro.

CJUGames : Maybe the most sincere and sad thing I've seen in a long while.

Andrew Gietzen : This must be the most human video on youtube.

rdr05300 : "I set up a college fund for your daughter" That's it, I'm done.

Timmy Too Turnt Up : i don't think you'll ever understand how many people you've helped brah

El Rammo : Chi I love you man. I watched your shit ages ago, someone brought you up in a "most missed youtubers" type Reddit thread. Hope you're good! Hope you're living all that positivity you went around sharing with everyone else.

dogeatbear : Don't apologize for anything. It takes a grown-ass man to show this side of himself.

RebenDigita1 : Starting a college fund for his daughter, mad respect homie. Glad I came across this video

LOTTO : Honestly the saddest part of this for me is (if you pay attention) the grave has circles and circles of footsteps around it during that jump cut. Looked like he'd been there for hours. Hits hard.

Biko Baz : i like to drop by once a year to watch this video. Never see anything so real on youtube anymore, Peace and blessings MR CHI CITY MANE!!

KAMLU : damn... it's raining

DefiantBoris : Black people are always stealing things. This one is stealing my heart.

dot matrix printer : This makes me feel weird. It makes me happy that this guy sounds real energetic and happy.. but then shit starts to hurt around my chest when he starts choking up..

TGGwithJay : Started up laughing, ended up crying.

soliduswasright : >that overly fake laughing jesus christ hits hard

AnakinSkywalker31 : Shit man, I was feeling down and came to watch you videos again since it's been a really long time. Came to this video again and started to break down. Shit man, has it really been 9 years to the day since you uploaded this?? I didn't even know, man! I hope you've been doing well, Mr. Chi City. I'm a more recent fan from about a year back, but your videos helped me through a lot. And they helped me again today. I hope you've been doing well. I hope you ARE doing well. Peace.

UltraTien : The longer Chi has been gone the worse the world gets

Misaka Mikoto : A terrible day for rain.

NoNameforNow : Never before has one video made me automatically respect a youtuber in my life. Holy shit....I mean I know you was a real one chi city but to be able to show how you really felt about yo man just had me in tears! God dammit man.... please come back to YT. I'm still subbing to that ass even though you on a 4 year dry streak know'm saying? If you see this, god bless your soul bro.

Anime Is Gay : I wish I had a friend like this.

BiomechanicalGuy 87 : No man needs to apologize when he cries in the remembrance of of a fallen friend. You were just keeping it real. And that doesn't make anybody weak, it makes them stronger as a person.

Bombalurina : I hate living next to an Onion factory.

SkellingTon : I see the link every time. I know what the video will be every time. It still hurts.

Morgan Brown : Chi we need and miss you dawg

Jukentawesome : this man is truly based not even lil b would do this...

Chriz : Vintage classic. Will always be the realest video on Youtube.

Glencoco39 : I love the blanket around the cross the most. Thanks for this, it's the definition of being real. People seem scared of crying, but there's times when it's needed.

William Carpenter : I came here because someone posted this in a cringe thread. I was ready to start laughing, but shit, this is actually really sad and touching. God dammit...

Standalone Rider : I wish I had a friend like you man.

Chanel Greer : I am so sorry for your loss. I did the same thing when my Dad died. I called his cellphone a few times over several months. Never told anyone, I thought they would think I was crazy. I just wanted it not to be true, that somehow he would answer and that meant that he never left. :-( Stay strong.

Yuki Hanako : omg in crying so hard. you can hear the suffering in his laughs. he's trying so hard.

Irving Sanchez : saw this video a long time ago & shed a tear.. my best friend jus passes away 2 weeks ago & i'm back here again..

Darwin Perez : i cried... cos i have no friends...

Christian Cattatini : Someone posted this on Facebook and it's blowing up big, but there's a lot of false back story about it. Like for example saying this was police brutality and all that. But I've been a. Chi city fan since the start so I recognized the video. Just thought I give you a heads up brotha! Hope all is well

tizben : daymn, haven't teared up like this in over 10 years. I know that feel.

LukeDoesMusicThings : I watch this about once a month. No other video on YouTube has ever emotionally affected me as much at this one.

d tczyk : The parts when he chokes up chokes me up. =(

Anh Le : A true friend indeed....Thanks for posting the video. You've got heart.

Brian Williams : Hard to lose someone, the hardest thing on this planet. Sorry for your loss, hopefully time has helped heal that wound even a little.

plastic14407 : Damn, this actually made me tear up. You're a true friend Chi, anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend.

bigbenr0cks : Damn ninjas cutting onions!

1Nostrand1 : Wow. Not much really brings tears to my eyes these days but this, this cut real deep.

Jaztec : Well 9GAG got ahold of this video. It was nice having a meme free comments section

Pyro : This is about the only normal deep loving video I've seen on Youtube... ever. RIP to your bro.

Jawpz : real human bean anna real hero

decave : Hey man, I know you probably won't see this but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your life through your videos. It helped me through a tough time when I was a bit younger. You're a good dude, hope life's treating you well.

dick3234 : I haven't cried in 2-3 years. I really needed that, thanks.

Wicke 2D : Holy shit. That's deep.