Pokimane Plays With 12 YEAR OLD KID! Funny & Savage Moments
12 year old Kid tells one of his fav Twitch Streamer that he beats his meat to her

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Zufed : He made a move unlike myth

gvzi : im lowkey proud of this kid, he inspired me to go to my school tomorrow and to tell my crush that i too, beat my meat to her.

ysLty : Pokimane: “You’re 12 you probably don’t have any ball hairs” Kid: “Shut up”

Tim Schaaf : This is myth with voice changer KappaPride

N00b Harvest : His name represents him so well

Tony Hemetona : Myth somewhere wishing he could talk to Poki like that

Kwin Kwin : He wasn't being racist he was technically being stereotypical nothing he said was hate towards a certain race but yeah hes outta control

august o hartung : She got so nervous the second he said “black”

Michael Alvarez : Eezy Peezy squeeze my lemon😂😂

Michael Downing : "Are you gone to *69* " has *69* ammo Illuminati confirmed 4:51

Heyijusmetuandthisiscrazy : 12 year old kid got more game then myth


Snens : He's right, she's hot

T K : **Since he's black he runs faster. Maybe that attracts you**

Dominique Walton : **someone says something werid in ninjas chat like this** **BANNED**

XpertFN : “Since you’re bae I’ll give u the big pot”😂

august o hartung : she should have just left the match the second it got wierd tbh. Now the kids all over the internet

MikeMUT89 Johnson : His name is toxic. So what do you expect

ACE0110 : This Guy is a LEGEND and will forever go down as one of the best trolls on the internet ... gaze in the masterpiece he has forged.

2k Twokay : What 12 years old sounds like 5😂

6ix9ines attorney : Myth punching his pillow right now

MrWaffels SS : It's like Daquan and myth had a child myth swears Daquan talks about biting booties

Cal Zonii : The kid’s a legend 😂

OG Slugger : Trust me poki, im in the 7th grade AND 12 YEAR OLD ARE LIKE THAT NOWADAYS.

Trashsuo : I like these comments 97% of them are like ''im 10/11/12 and im not like that''

Will Craske : This is basically her fanbase

Rigby : When I was 12 all I did was watch vines 24/7 , it was like 4 years ago, but this did sad because more 12 year olds are gonna think talking like that is ok...

hack3r kj14 : I'm not a perverted 12 yr old dang wat am I doing with my life

Nasif 40 : He even swore in a twitch stream Like srsly never expected my yunger bruddah to say things like this

lukasZ : Toxic bouta clap dem cheeks

Banana pen : my guy has balls

Chucky34k : Appereantly she loves it because she continued the match😂😂😂

Mr. Potatoes Head : We all can agree that Minecraft was the soul reason for cringey 12 year olds to start talking like this. I was this kid's age and younger back in the Call of Duty days. Not even in Black Ops 2, though there were some, was it this crazy like it is now when I'm trying to squad up in some randoms.

DOO DOO : Billy go to your room and think about what you did

Mustafa dayib : Why is "Allah akbar" such a taboo. It literally means god is great

Segment Gweezy : I love how ninja plays with the cutest innocent kid, and poki gets “I beat my meat to you” kid LMAO

Tommy Ford : So sad thinking he can only precum

Davies Atunrase : This kids the biggest SAVAGE to walk the earthdo you like myth because he's black and can run fast

Sean Kelley : When TSM_Myth uses a voicechanger

Joniee X : Kid: Are you down to 69? Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Heatstreak : Kid: Are you down.. to 69? Poki: Uhh *Ali-A intro plays*

Mikee Flores : "My ball hairs are sweating" I'M DEAD 😂 😂 😂

STL PeiOfficial : I feel like he was trolling... if he is not he is going through alot of stuff in his life

NF Bairdz ツ : So we just gonna ignore that Poki picked up a tac for a pump 1:43

amer almarwany : I could watch this all day

Tyler Smith : When u think ur being click-baited but the content is actually amazing

silversawbossgamer jetgamerboss : THAT'S A COLD ROAST 4:18 Correct me if I'm wrong if its a roast

faissialoo : The next generation is screwed. And I thought GenZ was bad.

jack smith : I'm level 100 already I know right Try hard 😂