WKUK Blue Hair

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Gobbo McFalls : I think I can actually count the individual pixels

Steel Evangelist : Oh wow! Timmy is in this sketch! Kinda threw me off with the blue hair! xD

Gaming Wildlife : ...Elliott from Scrubs?

Desert My Eagle : Yeah, but did you hear about the kid who lived on a mountain of chairs

Northman : Your average shitlord teenager who dyes it's hair. LOOK AT ME, I'M DIFFERENT!

Justin Greenleaf : i counted all the pixels in this video and got to 42. cool!

headcoLd 7 : This is how I feel about people who do crazy trendy things. Stop thinking about how other people see you and think about something that matters

Perpetually Drunk : 144p, we meet for the first time.

Dub 420 : 144p?! i dident even know it goes that low i mean thats worse than potato

someone else : Needs more .jpeg

TheIrishPinata98 : Was this recorded with a potato

MegaAniLinkFan : Why does that blonde actress remind me of the actress who plays Elliot Reid from Scrubs?

stereosanctity7 : lil billy joe armstrong 

God is so dead. : This is how I feel about my handlebar moustache.

violetninja : Still better than bugs hair.

Gage Worthington : i was having a hard time listening to the dialogue, i was too distracted by timmy's blue hair

Kratos : 240 p looks like 96p

The Original Gamer : I don't think this was a sketch, I think they just happened to have a camera at the time and Timmy decided to dye his hair blue.


Jay Burdge : Was this video uploaded with a potato?

Benjamin Rehberg : omg i hate to admit that is my feeling every time i change my hair color, so good!

Isaac : The quality of this video was reduced to potato 

throwaway account : I love this video because this is how it feels to get your hair done or something changed about you. You're just so excited, you run and tell everyone who will listen. Even if that means getting hit by a car. 

LeetCanadianBoy : Oh look, 120potato quality. 

Jordan Flores : Timmy looks like a fat Steve o from SLC Punk

MasterT91 : I had the experience of being hit by a car and being put into an ambulance and taking to a hospital. But unlike Timmy was not trying to get attention and really was not happy it happened and wished it didn’t. Fortunately I made a full recovery and learned my lesson. Just wait for complete clear, the white walk sign(don’t try to take advantage of the countdown) and look both ways fully twice even while you are crossibg

我喜欢耶稣InfinityTemplar : SJWs?

AyeCrofty : You're not special for dying your hair. This should teach you that.

Nerdialismo404 : It's beautiful to see how innocent he is about his "unique hair".

Thomas Newland : +serialclone I suppose you prematurely shot your wad on what was supposed to be a dry run.

BiohazardBounces : my hair is currently blue

killertrip10 : Is this the trailer for AHS Cult?

PinkiousPieicous : Actual video of me when I dyed my hair blue

sahlool : Yes I can see one blue pixel

stephen borkowski : You could say he was too slow

Vulcan Raven : Tumblr in a nutshell

llVIU : what is this, minus 50 dpi quality?

French Fry : my eyes hurt.

Edward Cronin : wow. the quality of this video. i'm not watching, it hurts

Chara Jones : Hello markiplier!

DexFlames : +zeekdavis11 , you'd have $230400. Just sayin'... even if that comment was many years ago... you must be corrected.

CrysisFear : 7 broken ribs and blue hair lol

serialclone : I just blue myself.

Higgmanable : can't tell. dat 240p

Mikail Zavalet : Can this video be in any lower quality? 240p takes a long time to load on my dial-up connection. A problem I'm sure most of us had.

RonniiV : What is this blue pixel in the middle of the screen all of a sudden?!

HD ROYALE #1 FORTNITE HIGHLIGHTS : Not even funny anymore

jgreen9381 : why do 95% of WKUK vids have such shitty resolution?

oneeyeopengamer : me too

Haakon Anderson : The whitest pixels you know...