Inside the Cheese-Aging Caves 30 Feet Under Brooklyn | I Got a Guy | Bon Appétit

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Fuentes : Its nice to be rich and able to purchase real estate in nyc

MWYANT19 : you could fart down there and nobody would even know

Infinite Athletics : I'd imagine this is what cheese heaven looks like.

The_Doctors_Tardis : What exactly do you think you are doing? If you are going to do an episode about aging cheese, you need to have Brad.

Aquavert GreenWorks : Why isnt brad doing this? Cheese is clearly alive...

timscalzitti : Wonder how much they spend on beard nets.

rogelio olivaresa : This takes the Brooklyn hipster to a whole new level

Lun Hing : Damn how rich do I gotta be to do this

Jarrod Hollie : I am not a cheese fan but i am fascinated on how cheese is aged and made

WYNOLLO TV : I love the honesty 😂😂, cheese is amazing. Wow imagine working there with all these layers of cheese and tunnels that's really interesting.

Kuemmerling Enthusiast : Makes cheese that takes a massive amount of time and work. Uses a label that lookes like a five year old drew it.

J D : Brad should have done this with ITS ALIVE!

peeker IQ : They are cheese dealers

NoJusticeNoPeace : Who the hell has the money sitting around to just buy an entire square block of Brooklyn? I find this really frustrating. I've been trying to create a community centre, all out of my own pocket, and it means I've spent two years living in the unfinished basement without heat, fridge, stove, or shower, using salvaged materials, and trying to get things done with tools not designed for what they're doing.

AL MAYYAHI : The cave walls look like cheese. Or maybe I'm just getting too hungry and everything looks like cheese.

romariohamid : is that brad in the background ??!!

Trading My Sorrows : Very cool guys !) im lactose intolerant but i LOVED CHEESE... Personally i was kinda FORCED into being Vegan because meat and dairy just makes me soo sick. Litterally... butbi do missss that gooey stanky moldy mouth watering CHEESE 💝. Lol. I really do envy all you Type B and O Blood types out there that make plenty of stomach acids to digest animal protiens... But us Blood type A's sneeze and our lungs fill up w fluids and. Well. It just makes us sick thats all ... Yall do me a favor and eat a peice for me 🤗🙏👍😢

The toast Legend : Always watch you guys when I'm sad or just when I get home Cxx 💕

Alan Rodriguez : Beard boy @1:38 didn’t need a beard cover

Banana Fingerguns : hipster fucks

Kim : They should expand their cave to start curing meat. Saucissons are heavenly.

SuperAutoVoltage : I want this job.

emmeff56 : Blessed are the cheese makers...or any manufactures of dairy products in general.

tabitha quinn : Rich hipsters. Great cheese.

Asibi.S : great to see how businesses develop, good luck with that guys.

Sedona Bookbinder : Doesn't mold taste amazing?

ChefNateGr8 : Father John Misty's Doppleganger right there. :P

Theorimlig : Having to wear hair nets, especially on beards, especially on short-cropped beards, when handling whole wheels of cheese is absolutely ridiculous.

krauleide : now I kinda know where I would love to work :D OMG - cheese

Spent too much Time on YouTube : Ooooooohh cheeeeese

Dirtymick4ever : I guess "Making cheese in a basement" didn't have the same ring to it

Bob Sabet : Cheese

Bruno Cancela : "The cows are on grass." Nice.

Lemlem : Susan Boyle sure looks different than I remember.

Aar Lekz : Do these people develop some sort nasal diseases or long term lung damage?

ALAPINO : There's something quite charming about this whole affair. Mmmm.

HaloModder555 : Good luck to them. I can't imagine that all being cheap. Turning money into more money, and delicious cheese!

BC3012 : 3:48 is that an open wound? What am I looking at 🤔

Christopher Quinn : Are these guys even native New Yorkers or Tri-Staters? This is valuable real estate that could have been converted into housing or just about anything better than a hipster cheese cave. Also, most of their stuff comes Vermont and Upstate New York. Like, "well-beyond Putnam County-and-Lower Dutchess County" kinda Upstate.

Sophie Sampson : Who the hell downvotes cheese

motorcyclelad : What a beautiful young lady!! Oh my.

Max : is it a cave or a slightly deep basement? im aware of stalagmite & tites but dont know of any naturally occurring brickwork in caves... leave it to brooklynites to re-define words to make them feel cooler... like "beard"

MadesiCcA : No brad?

Alexander George Tsakumis : I so love this!

Gavin Parker : I love cheese

infamousian123 : "30 feet under Brooklyn" You mean in a basement one floor underground? Seriously it's not that special.

NickSolly : Amazing video. Keep stuff like this coming.

MrBossdog2 : Amazing

Jay busa : Thats awesome what a great job...

juno : how do you own a building with caves underneath but not go down there???