PS4 Parties

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Lenarr Young : The names got messed up when I rendered the video, that’s why Kenny name is missing and the end of the video kind of messed up. 🚶🏾‍♂️, part 2 coming tho

Astride Games : You forgot that one kid with thier whole family in the background and then they talking to you while talking to their family.

Sammy Talks YT : *did y'all mute Kenny?* *did y'all mute Kenny?* *did y'all mute Kenny?* *did y'all mute Kenny?* *did y'all mute Kenny?*

rozberry : You forgot the guy who is like a mile away from his mic and you can barely hear a word he says, And you also forgot the guy who has that MAD echo 😂

Kim Jong-un : You forgot the guy that says he’s gonna make a sandwich and be back in 20 minutes but never comes back

OG _VExx : What about the one that spams you to their party as soon as u get on

Lenarr Young : We really be on the PlayStation like this lol

Ramsey Ramos R6 : There’s always a kenny

lliebenste : The one kid with the fan blowing in his mic 24/7

Nibba : You forget the guy who always nat type

Kavituz : You forgot that one random person that joins and then leaves the party like in 2 seconds

HARDSTOP LUCAS : This is the collab the world needed

PureUnknow Vp : The mic glitching is so accurate 00:58

Kim Jong-un : You forgot that one kid that joins and leaves party

FiKa Skip : You forgot the person who needs new smoke alarm batteries and it makes a huge beep noise every 15 seconds

BASStion : Xbox party’s are a bunch of kids screaming into there mics it’s so funny

Prod. POPPA : “My mic broke , don’t tell nobody “ 😂😂

Chris : Caleon: “I had to make it happen bro, whus goin on?” Lenar: “we tryna play some call of duty” Alpha and Caleb: “call of duty” Caleon: “Call of duty?” Kenny: “ *fortnite* ?”

Channel Channel : There’s always that one dude who plays music loud asf for no reason

WrathfulSee : The kid that kicks u because u killed him in 1v1

Fly_Boiii_ 27 : Who still waiting for part 2???😂

Demetrius Harmon : yeaaaaaaahhh

ItzOrTega : You forgot the one always saying inv me

Light. Skinrih : “He said his mic broke *DON’T TELL NO BODY* “ *ARE YALL HAPPY??????? I HAD ON AUTOCORRECT!!!!!!! 🙄🙄*

Chano 18 : As a ps4 user this is confirmed😭💯

Tru Lyf : Swear everybody got that friend with the fkd up mic or always got the fan right infront of him and wtf turn ya fkn music down & close the door if you live with ppl 😂😂😂💀 this is proper ps4 party etiquette my guy.

KING VADER : Genius 😂😂

Tik Tok is cancer : You forgot the kids yelling in the background or a broken smoke detector sound

Infamous Jason : Caleb: kick him 😂

Frederick Paulino : Xbox players disliked this video

Tj Askew : Bruhh when Kenny came in the party I started DYING, cuz It’s ALWAYS THAT ONE PERSON’S MIC WITH THAT STATIC AND SCRATCHING NOISE😱 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣

RayTv : The fact that this is so accurate😂

e e t : There’s also that guy in another party spamming invites to you

Eetu Halmela : i think this would be better if you used the audio from the mics for realism

TheFinalNovaa : But have you every been in a *XBOX 360 PARTY*

TheButtonMash3r : The most ambitious crossover event in history.

Tre Vuitton : Who clicked Super Fast for some Lenarr?😂

Johnson Nguyen : You forgot the one person who always be breathing through their mics HAHA

Jips A Shadow : That one person that has an attitude to everyone

Super Stolen Memes For U : The random earape is fr lool

[ Xanarchy ] Drippie God : You forgot that dude that be having the beeping noice in their mic

Rancher. lol : You forgot the guy with the fire alarm beeping because they wont change the batteries

IM A GEMINI : What was the song vader was playin???

Oybek Mansurov : And that squeaker that always joins randomly and starts moaning through their mic.

Jonah Honrado : Bro I forgot about that part and I was wearing headphones 0:58

MLG DOGE : Bruh they forgot lucas (HardStopLucas)

Gloxania : Where the dude that join the party loud asf and nobody kick him until like 5 mins later

PHANTxM _ : You got every single detail correct bruh.

Oprah sides chair : Aye who remember the Xbox 360 bo2 days

Kai Escudero : What was that song Vader was listening to I was Chill