PS4 Parties

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Lenarr Young : The names got messed up when I rendered the video, that’s why Kenny name is missing and the end of the video kind of messed up. 🚶🏾‍♂️, part 2 coming tho

Astride Games : You forgot that one kid with thier whole family in the background and then they talking to you while talking to their family.

Mauricio. F : “My mic broke , don’t tell nobody “ 😂😂

SenseiLeFox : I’ve got long arms

EastbaltimoreGuapo Havin’ : did y’all mute kenny. did y’all mute kenny. did y’all mute kenny

K Senp : You forgot when somebodies mom yelling at them and they turn their mic off with the quickness

HARDSTOP LUCAS : This is the collab the world needed

Sander Vasquez : did y’all mute kenny ? did y’all mute kenny ? did y’all mute kenny ?

213213yoyo : Where's Longbeachgriffy?

spooky : You missed the guy who forgets his mic is muted.

PS1 Hagrid : 0:59 i like how they're sitting next to each other and they still in a party lol

KING VADER : Genius 😂😂

RyN : Yoo who trynna run some *FORTNITE* I just got this *MIC*

HBK Jaylen : "How you gon leave yo own party" 🤣🤣

Max Jonhson : you forgot about the guy who doesn't have a mic and just listens to what everyone is saying. minikon had a mic it didn't work though

Meme Machine : What about the person who join and keep leaving

Lenarr Young : We really be on the PlayStation like this lol

Skittlz : The people who disliked use Xbox

Ciessu : 😂😭😂 “my eardrums are wet” lmao I love Caleb

OneUpClock : Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny? Unmute Kenny?

Drew Armour : When you notice they all in the same house with each other.

Tre Vuitton : Who clicked Super Fast for some Lenarr?😂

ckplays : You forgot that one guy that joins and leaves the party

A N G 3 L M : Bruh kenny is me when I'm online😂😂

No Name : You always got that guy with music and the guy with his entire family talking at once

Gucci tiger Bill : Alpha looked like lil uzi vert🤣

Thekatattack : You forgot the kid who eats chips all the time

KingWack : Yoo aye, who trynna run sum *FORTNITE*

Zach Van Harris JR : wat bout ASMR gamer smacking in your ear 👂

Crimphanto : What about the one person who just kicks you out the party even though you know somebody that's in the party? For no apparent reason too besides the fact that "they dont know you."

FinneseGoCrazy : BROOO😂😂😂 Lo Is Me When i Get Up Early play ps4 then lay in my bed while on the mic!

King : We just need RDC World 😂😂😂

Negro UnChained : This def how it be lol... half of the time I don’t even be getting on to play a particular game foreal I’m just tryin holla at the squad 💯

Mr R : 4:50 Song Name? ? ?

Rancher. lol : You forgot the guy with the fire alarm beeping because they wont change the batteries

ImLegitSkilled : What about the kids who join the party and and ear rapes the mic and plays memes off his sound board

Ethan M : That one person that sais “kick him” lol

Antonio : Add the NAT Type error in the next video lmao

Big Dad Hector : The kids that join your party and immediately send a friend request.

Demetrius Harmon : yeaaaaaaahhh

AdiPower TaogehT : You can see Kenny's arm shadow moving on Lo's screen i'm dead...

God of death : My ear drums are wet???😓😓😓

AimbotGeo : Probably the most accurate Video ever

Percy Jackson : Top 10 Crossovers of all time

Super : Did yall mute Kenny AYE YALL WANNA PLAY SOME *FORTNITE* WHAT UP, WHAT YALL TRYIN TO PLAY Aye turn ya mic up

Jayda Adams : "Wait ,wait,wait,he said his mic broke tell nobody?"*laugh* *screams* * ear death*😂😂😂

The Leviathan : what about the kid that has the 1$ dollar general mic

HeadshotKillaa : Shit I was waiting for Niles to join...

Precious Okonkwo : Is he really eating celery 😂😂after this vid my heart is in the right plat💖💖💗👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

RayTv : The fact that this is so accurate😂