PS4 Parties

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Lenarr Young : The names got messed up when I rendered the video, that’s why Kenny name is missing and the end of the video kind of messed up. 🚶🏾‍♂️, part 2 coming tho

Astride Games : You forgot that one kid with thier whole family in the background and then they talking to you while talking to their family.

Mustardy Boi : You need the guy who uses their earbuds instead of a mic

Tiino : Lmao this is deadass true where my PS4 fam at

Verified Name : “Did y’all mute kenny? Did y’all mute kenny? *DID Y’ALL MUTE KENNY* “ definitely every single ps4 party

Cinomatix : You forgot the guy who always has to leave and do something real quick

HARDSTOP LUCAS : This is the collab the world needed

Sammy Talks YT : *did y'all mute Kenny?* *did y'all mute Kenny?* *did y'all mute Kenny?* *did y'all mute Kenny?* *did y'all mute Kenny?*

iObY KiLLs : U forgot the one that joins with a mic but never talks 😂

Tuff cookie clan Cookie : You forgot the one that be breathing all hard in the mic

Pman : Jealous of people who actually experience this. I dont have friends. Lol

Lenarr Young : We really be on the PlayStation like this lol

PandakZ : Then there’s that one person that mics echos

Jaito Gaming : "Bro i can hear him through yo mic" LMFAOO

Gop Boy : Who else has been in the situation that Kenny has. Like if you have

Specimen : Deadass though... Edit: I didn't think I was gonna get 100 likes over two words and three periods, but thanks??

Mauricio. F : “My mic broke , don’t tell nobody “ 😂😂

Vizion Jrod : U forgot the dude with hella noise in the background

Chaos R6 : There’s always a kenny

rozberry : You forgot the guy who is like a mile away from his mic and you can barely hear a word he says, And you also forgot the guy who has that MAD echo 😂

Bryan Zuniga : The guy who tries using the apple earbuds as a mic

Demetrius Harmon : yeaaaaaaahhh

Kylie Rose : This accurate af😂although I always get that one guy who’s high laughing at every word we say

Damerion : We all have that one friend that doesn’t have PlayStation Plus.

ShinobiSSJ : Loool every ps4 party has that one guy with shit internet, who’s leaving and rejoining every 10 seconds

Tink Tink360 : I’m Gone 😂😂😂 This is so Realistic 😂😂😂

KING VADER : Genius 😂😂

e verplank : You forgot the part where you try to kick someone and then your like “Who made him party owner!?” So u can’t kick him

eddie marquez : like if Kenny was the realest 😂

H2LO : At 4:43 caleon hand goes to alpha screen

Autumn Stara : This is legit every ps4 party so relatable except you missed the kid with his whole family in the background

Mher Lasky : you forgot the guy that has the apple mic and makes that gay noise

lliebenste : The one kid with the fan blowing in his mic 24/7

Bailey Carmouche : I swear thts how it be when we muted somebody they ask another person tht didn't mute them to tell yall unmute them

OG _VExx : What about the one that spams you to their party as soon as u get on

Tre Vuitton : Who clicked Super Fast for some Lenarr?😂

₭ł₦₲ ₮ⱤɄ : Swear everybody got that friend with the fkd up mic or always got the fan right infront of him and wtf turn ya fkn music down & close the door if you live with ppl 😂😂😂💀 this is proper ps4 party etiquette my guy.

Light. Skinrih : “He said his mike broke *DON’T TELL NO BODY* “

TheFinalNovaa : But have you every been in a *XBOX 360 PARTY*

WrathfulSee : The kid that kicks u because u killed him in 1v1

Rancher. lol : You forgot the guy with the fire alarm beeping because they wont change the batteries

The_imfamous Jason : Caleb: kick him 😂

coZmic boi : The random earape is fr lool

Cameron Shelton : Xbox is better *patiently waits for PS4 fans to attack me*

Ashia : 5:51 why minikon face like that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Super : Did yall mute Kenny AYE YALL WANNA PLAY SOME *FORTNITE* WHAT UP, WHAT YALL TRYIN TO PLAY Aye turn ya mic up

Crunchmations : *THE COLLAB OF THE CENTURY 2018*

Julıe : *ya'll mute kenny*

Kookie Shookie : U know that one child that’s ALWAYS eating sumin’?

Doofer Duo : Yoooo aye who tryna run some FORTNITE ( I was wearing headphones when this happened)