AFRAID OF THE DARK - Visage Gameplay Part 1

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Adam pees his pants in every one of these spooky gameplays, not because he's scared but because he's that committed to his craft as an actor. Plus, he's incontinent. Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:

Comments from Youtube

Pock First : A is for Adam A is for Absolutely Terrified

Landy Relma : Can someone let Rahul in please? He's been standing out there for over 20 minutes now.

Spekusk : Good video but Turbid wasn't in it so i was wondering if he was having fun

ThirdWorldEuroTrash : James: "Flash her!" Adam: *flashes her* **Girl starts walking towards them** James: "That was a bad move, I wouldn't have flashed her!" Comedy gold.

AutumnOnFire : Always remember: _B for Bruce, B for Brave_

mightykanohii : Funny how the sanity meter isn't a game mechanic but it Adam actual sanity.

sidthekid : Adam is simultaneously a big man and a small boy when it comes to playing spooky games

Renzo Lising : Adam + horror games = bliss

SLinnemann Art : I'm so proud of Adam for doing this, I know he hates these games so much. I would have NOPED out.

Breaking Bread : I'm hiding from the video in the comments

Red : I see Rahul's busy practising for his upcoming role as a member of the Queen's Guard. Such an amazingly talented actor!

Drunk Robot Gaming : Not all ghosts are bad some are jesus.

Tom Shelton : If you see a woman down the hall You must flash her

pamplemousse jones : Shoutout to the gang who either reads comments instead of watching the video or covers up everything but the top right so they can't see any gameplay

PhxCoyotes : I can't hear Bruce call people "bud" without feeling a need to Check My Balls

tgbro123 : that cutout is actually lawrence having taken a viagra that made his entire body stiff

Miles Bearbower : First time: yeah I’m here Second time: What’s wrong? I’ll come over What a kind ghost

conkerlive101 : If this game was in VR it could legit kill someone from cardiac arrest.

Michael McGlone : A nice twist would be its just a hallucinating drug addict burgling a house with no one home.

Durf McAllister : Yall watch out for Insecto de Boosie around those corners now

YoCrunchiness : Lots of channels play up their reactions, especially to horror games, and I'm not saying that FH isn't guilty of that sometimes, but Adam has established that he's not a good enough actor to be faking his fear. It makes me so happy. Sorry Adam.

GoldenBadger : *Shoots the mom* James: Meow Mate what?!

PhxCoyotes : The way they tease me with Rahul is cruel af At least my sweet brown sugar is locked for a video tomorrow <3

Jared Foster : This videos title: "Watch Adam take a decade off his life".

Trip Woj : 7:28 youve been gnomed.wmv

Niko217 : I connect SO much with Adam through this... I'm amazed he's willing to go through with this for the video, his sacrifice must be commended.

Cliff racer : Is this the spooktober special? Where's vampire Joel?

Noah Freitas : 18:25 "You gotta go in deeper" James and Elyse proceed to look at each other

Quintus Grobler : 19:58 best summary I've heard of Gone Home yet.

The Life & Times of Joseph Murphy : Oi nah this game actually gave me the willys

Thing Nasty : the first time watching someone else play a horror game has legitimately made me SO uneasy...... bravo

Fiend Boy : Flash her, flash her *flashes Oh you shouldnt of flashed her! I wouldnt of done that! Hahahaha

Koutei Plays : I love how AH has Geoff as their official wuss and Funhaus has Adam as theirs

clicking on rocks : Nothing helps my anxiety like a bottle of mystery pills in each hand.

Shinobi dimsum : we need to get Adam and Geoff from AH play Horror games together, that would be one amazing video xDDD

Black Panther : Wow, Rahul really killed it this video, he brought allot to the table!

JSavacado : Man, seeing Adam scared is the best. He normally doesn't emote all that much, so seeing that stone face break given the slightest spook is hilarious. I love it. Torture Adam more pls.

Exodus Vengeance : I wait for October. Just for moments like this

JensForum : "Not all ghosts are bad. Some are Jesus!" - James Willems 2018

The Whimsical Wizard : I did okay watching Jacksepticeye play this but somehow watching you lot play made me super jumpy.

Captain Bicycle : Fun fact: Nintendo owns the trademark to sanity meters in videogames from their game Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

StereoDecks : 10:12 jump scare and Adam was the one that scared Bruce and Elyse

unTymely (TyCooper8) : I'm embarrassed by how immediately I recognized Rahul's silhouette.

captloki13 : What are you doing in the comment section? GO BACK UP THERE!

TiFicate : We want MOAR! More spooks for Adam!

Dante Coelho : *I love when Adam plays scary games*

Time17 : Rahul at the door made me so uncomfortable P.s gnomes are terrifying as hell bro

Mads Stays Noided : I think these games would be scarier if the monster or ghost never turned up. Can you imagine playing hours of a game like this constantly waiting? As soon as you see the entity a few times they lose their impact, they just become another NPC like any other with a distinct look and set pathing. If you never find out what it is to lose then your mind is free to imagine the worst

Gabi A.C. : It took me 2 whole minutes to realize that wasn't a real person at the door and it was the Rahul cardboard cutout.