AFRAID OF THE DARK - Visage Gameplay Part 1

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Landy Relma : Can someone let Rahul in please? He's been standing out there for over 20 minutes now.

Spekusk : Good video but Turbid wasn't in it so i was wondering if he was having fun

ThirdWorldEuroTrash : James: "Flash her!" Adam: *flashes her* **Girl starts walking towards them** James: "That was a bad move, I wouldn't have flashed her!" Comedy gold.

Jake MacKinnon : Really liked Rahul's role in this video.

Pock First : A is for Adam A is for Absolutely Terrified

mightykanohii : Funny how the sanity meter isn't a game mechanic but it Adam actual sanity.

sidthekid : Adam is simultaneously a big man and a small boy when it comes to playing spooky games

AutumnOnFire : Always remember: _B for Bruce, B for Brave_

Renzo Lising : Adam + horror games = bliss

SLinnemann Art : I'm so proud of Adam for doing this, I know he hates these games so much. I would have NOPED out.

Red : I see Rahul's busy practising for his upcoming role as a member of the Queen's Guard. Such an amazingly talented actor!

Breaking Bread : I'm hiding from the video in the comments

pamplemousse jones : Shoutout to the gang who either reads comments instead of watching the video or covers up everything but the top right so they can't see any gameplay

Mat Garro : this was so fucking scary and like nothing happened

Thomas Shelton : If you see a woman down the hall You must flash her

Drunk Robot Gaming : Not all ghosts are bad some are jesus.

tgbro123 : that cutout is actually lawrence having taken a viagra that made his entire body stiff

Black Hawk Omega : I love any Funhaus horror gameplay, because it's always James constantly fucking with Adam.

Michael McGlone : A nice twist would be its just a hallucinating drug addict burgling a house with no one home.

Miles Bearbower : First time: yeah I’m here Second time: What’s wrong? I’ll come over What a kind ghost

conkerlive101 : If this game was in VR it could legit kill someone from cardiac arrest.

Durf McAllister : Yall watch out for Insecto de Boosie around those corners now

YoCrunchiness : Lots of channels play up their reactions, especially to horror games, and I'm not saying that FH isn't guilty of that sometimes, but Adam has established that he's not a good enough actor to be faking his fear. It makes me so happy. Sorry Adam.

PhxCoyotes : I can't hear Bruce call people "bud" without feeling a need to Check My Balls

Shinobi dimsum : we need to get Adam and Geoff from AH play Horror games together, that would be one amazing video xDDD

Cliff racer : Is this the spooktober special? Where's vampire Joel?

Trip Woj : 7:28 youve been gnomed.wmv

PhxCoyotes : The way they tease me with Rahul is cruel af At least my sweet brown sugar is locked for a video tomorrow <3

Joseph Murphy : Oi nah this game actually gave me the willys

GoldenBadger : *Shoots the mom* James: Meow Mate what?!

Niko217 : I connect SO much with Adam through this... I'm amazed he's willing to go through with this for the video, his sacrifice must be commended.

MovieMakinMonster : Pussy warning: There's a jump at 21:57

Fiend Boy : Flash her, flash her *flashes Oh you shouldnt of flashed her! I wouldnt of done that! Hahahaha

Mads Stays Noided : I think these games would be scarier if the monster or ghost never turned up. Can you imagine playing hours of a game like this constantly waiting? As soon as you see the entity a few times they lose their impact, they just become another NPC like any other with a distinct look and set pathing. If you never find out what it is to lose then your mind is free to imagine the worst

Thing Nasty : the first time watching someone else play a horror game has legitimately made me SO uneasy...... bravo

Koutei Plays : I love how AH has Geoff as their official wuss and Funhaus has Adam as theirs

clicking on rocks : Nothing helps my anxiety like a bottle of mystery pills in each hand.

Jared Foster : This videos title: "Watch Adam take a decade off his life".

Quintus Grobler : 19:58 best summary I've heard of Gone Home yet.

Noah Freitas : 18:25 "You gotta go in deeper" James and Elyse proceed to look at each other

Black Panther : Wow, Rahul really killed it this video, he brought allot to the table!

StereoDecks : 10:12 jump scare and Adam was the one that scared Bruce and Elyse

JSavacado : Man, seeing Adam scared is the best. He normally doesn't emote all that much, so seeing that stone face break given the slightest spook is hilarious. I love it. Torture Adam more pls.

Captain Bicycle : Fun fact: Nintendo owns the trademark to sanity meters in videogames from their game Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

unTymely (TyCooper8) : I'm embarrassed by how immediately I recognized Rahul's silhouette.

Exodus Vengeance : I wait for October. Just for moments like this

The Whimsical Wizard : I did okay watching Jacksepticeye play this but somehow watching you lot play made me super jumpy.

Gabi A.C. : It took me 2 whole minutes to realize that wasn't a real person at the door and it was the Rahul cardboard cutout.

Dan Lee : Matt Damon raped me!

TiFicate : We want MOAR! More spooks for Adam!