Exclusive Video: 'Keystone Kop' Confrontation in Detroit Almost Ends in Blue-On-Blue Shooting

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Graphic .J : Yeah these *gang members* are getting crazier every day... oh wait...

The Cat Man : That's odd, I can only find bad apples. I'll just keep digging, I'm sure I'll find a good apple.

Dood Monkey : Gang members fight over turf

Matt Berry : These are the face of the government . anyone else wonder why these tax paid personal are aloud to cuss every other word while they are on the job?? Not to mention the way they acted. wonder what would happen if I acted this way at work?

Breakfast Burrito : lol, pathetic

Bakalakalajihad : wow, not a good guy in sight...wtf are these guys on?

DeadFishFactory : Literally the only time where if they shot each other, everyone else wins.

Colonel Reb : Detroit is the only place in the world ISIS could fly over and be like "Oh, my God! What happened down there? Is there anything we can do to help them get back on their feet."

WertzOne : It's a shame no pigs were harmed during the filming.

William Magilicutty : This is exactly what happens when you give people with lower than average IQs power and guns.

Knightime X : Cue Benny Hill theme song

TheMrZombified : Que Benny Hill music.

seoulkidd1 : I think Detroit would be better with vigilantism instead of a police force and corrupt judicial system.

Алексей Автомонов : Идиоты! :)

DontDripAndDrive : Guns and adrenaline in the hands of people who don't know how to handle them properly.

722marine : unreal

R kelly juice juice rain on you : They all should be fired

robrod007 : And these are the same people who tell every day citizens to calm down. They themselves are having difficulties behaving calmly lol.

Paul Gustavsen : Most cops go around claiming their bad public perception was caused by some outside force. .... LOL

jacksprrow : this type of degeneration of the states was predicted back in 2007.

Sunny Mon : Detroit is really underfunded.

Murmad Man : 4:05 "where's your search warrant?" "Uh we can ask you the same" Law enforcement folks in the US. My parents emigrated from the third world, and not even they are this bad