when news programs try to talk about viral videos

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Gus Johnson : wow i can't wait for this video to go super viral if you didn't know my tweets are already going super viral though @Gusbuckets

Chiken - Brawl Stars : This is gonna be like one of those self fulfilling prophecies - you’re gonna go viral with this video, local news will pick up on it, and in the exact fashion you exaggerated here, will interview you. Then the video of that interview with the context of the video will go viral itself, continuing the cycle. I think you might’ve just broke news TV, Gus. I’ll give it 48 hours before you’re literally sitting on Ellen’s set.

A-aron : Did I hear some wii sports

J Connor : this is funny

TachyonKing : Boomers sure love hitting things, mostly their children

Vyacheslav Lisiy : And there's Ellen, gathering the scraps as usual. You know that thing about memes, where it's like Reddit>Twitter>Facebook? It's really Reddit>Twitter>Facebook>Ellen

gutspraygore : Bus Jackson! Reporter by day, crime-fighting frog by night... No? He's just a normal frog at night?

Blue Shell Incident : I gotta try this "drinking water" thing, haha, those mad millennials!!

MidnightCanvas : Pew news

eml : Gus impersonating Ellen is more convincing as a woman than Ellen impersonating herself

Simte : 00:49 An attempt to create a trend, a new challenge. The burpccup.

Trainwreck Traphouse : Press 5 to hear god.

Cory Mck : Millenial kid-boy

The Mr. Man : *_This just in, man walks._*

Behind the Curtain Productions : HAHA THIS IS PERFECT

Zhoniin : You sure can sell water. I'm thirsty.

Prescious Langcawan : ive been binge watching to ur videos lately. love the outro

Gamal : Gus should play Dr. Phil as when they make a movie on him

Shadows Star : Why is it every adult older than me is meet is incapable of calling them 'views'? Who even started calling them hits?!

Shadows Star : 0:48 that face is so real and yet so straight from my night terrors, it's so uncanny.

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : The news my mom watches is still stuck on the phrase "epic fail"... and have been for the past 5 years.

Cinnamon : 0:47

A folding chair : wow relatable such good utube content bro

N3bur _ : Leo Dicaprio didn't change a bit

Brendan Grimes : 0:15 That live audio to recorded voiceover audio switch is something really small that totally makes it feel like local news.

Meme Insider : Bus Jackson vs. Poppy Harlow

The Wolf of Cyberspace : I lost it when he spelled out the URL with the special characters

Rotisserie Chiggen : This is dangerously accurate especially for small towns.

Julia J. Wink : This reminds me so much of old crabstickz videos. I love it

Samantha Rees : 0:49 NAKSHSKKSJS

Scott Cramer : The most accurate part of this video is when you called them “hits”

Dinba : Keep pressing 5.

Robyn Highart : on spot

Emma Harlie : Why is this so accurate, dead

Ben Aaron : I've heard that left strokes go viral. Not sure how, but that might help.

George W. : I subscribed for comedy skits not just segments ripped straight from the Ellen show. I mean come on Gus did you really think we would believe that’s actually you in the video?

Gertrude Perkins : This is so good haha

Jubach : This guy is fing hysterical.

T Vela : 0:48 The sounds of the Rapture

Severe Enjoyment : “Thirsty for attention no doubt!” *erglerw*

luigiboard : was that the freaking wii sports theme

Captain Lebowski : I actually made a video of me drinking water but it was a 30 subscribers special

Norah Shea : You should be on snl

Jamie : GOD your news voice is AMAZING

MISSed Bandwagon : Drinking water makes the tide pods go down better.

mostworst : oh yeah well i caught viral hepatitis

Nadia Bhatti : The Ellen part made me laff

depressed cockroach : every inside edition videos ever

Cade Peterson : 0:49 that noise made me burst into laughter and replay it to make sure I heard what I though I did.

Armyisbest2 OFFICAL : Thirsty for attention (burps)