when news programs try to talk about viral videos

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Gus Johnson : wow i can't wait for this video to go super viral if you didn't know my tweets are already going super viral though @Gusbuckets

Chiken : This is gonna be like one of those self fulfilling prophecies - you’re gonna go viral with this video, local news will pick up on it, and in the exact fashion you exaggerated here, will interview you. Then the video of that interview with the context of the video will go viral itself, continuing the cycle. I think you might’ve just broke news TV, Gus. I’ll give it 48 hours before you’re literally sitting on Ellen’s set.

Bing Bong : 0:49 When you gotta burp and hiccup at the same time

BeeSquared : 0:48 How the hell did you make that sound, Gus?

The Valleyfolk : So many boppers. Grand horn. Craze smacks.

Oofer : You can tell it's fake because the interviewer isn't hyper-focused on how much money the child is making.

Angus tenney : you cant fool me Gus that "news music" was wii sports

Jake Terry - DontDoItJake : *This just reporting, A youtuber named Gus Johnson recently found crayons in his coffee cup.*

Roar Man : This just in, I have smol pee pee.

Batman Jr. : Ellen's gonna give Childboy a lifetime supply of water.

Maximillian G.C. : Thirsty for attention no doubt..*dying frog sound*

Nick Powell : You missed out the part where the reporter awkwardly tries drinking water as part of the report while laughing about how wacky he is for trying out this new kids' activity

Calin Chiriac : Gus, how did you manage to get Ellen to make an appearance in this video?

Anthony Fellows : what demon attempted to escape gus at 00:49 ?

TΛBBY : 0:47 _thirsty for attention no doubt_ *_sound of the demons_*

Jake Terry - DontDoItJake : 0:00 Wii Sports Theme???

Meme Insider : Bus Jackson vs. Poppy Harlow

Cole Bennett : This video is bound to get dozens and dozens of hits

nathalie elwood : posted this on reddit so it’ll go viral and get tons of smacks

Handz 0n Trigger : _Who's this 4Chan?_

Kacper W : Damn, this drinking thing seems cool.

Smiley the Smile : *BREAKING INFORMATION!* *Local teenager by the name of JerryCraft54 has started a new trend - being born in the 90s! Millennials everywhere are CRAZY about it and simply can't stop doing it! Bus Highjacker is reporting live from the scene of the crime.*

Victor Sierra : That child is hydrated for sure.

ThexBear : I can't believe Gus got Ellen, wow he is getting so big.

Katrina Duff : I heard a radio ad for advertising on the radio and one of the lines were "it's the best way to reach teens, adults and millennials" Like somehow millennials aren't adults. It makes me unreasonably angry. Nobody goes "This product is great for baby boomers and gen xers"

Shōgun : This is gonna be viral

Plumpy : you look like boss baby

Luke Pivato : Wow, I didn't know Gus is actually a surfer lesbein

Matthew Dickhausen : Uh oh, Gus is drinking tap water🤭. We all know what that did to the frogs... Gus is next🙈🙊

Aiden's Face : Pfft, water? Kids these days and their hydration....

DrumWild : Remember to visit OJ Simpson's new website, Haych Tee Tee Pee Colon Back-slash Back-slash Forward-slash Forward-slash ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE

Sarah Orozco : You: Water's refreshing. Me: I usually like to ensure the PH of the water is strictly 7. Sometimes 8, if I'm feeling a little more alkaline; anything 6 or below is a no-go. I check the acidity with an electronic PH meter just to be sure - you want a nice, crisp balanced flavor, so no Dasani. I'd recommend Aquafina for a beginner's water if you must go bottled, but honestly, room temperature tap water through a filter is the way to go. Then you get all the minerals. Now, glass shape is important - you can either go tall or you can go wide; we call them "verties" or "hories" - vertical or horizontal - I like to go with a hori because I really want to see the water between sips - I think looking at it is half the pleasure. I also always do throat massages and exercises to make sure you get maximum travel velocity down the throat - wha- where are you going?

Supah StarWulf : You started the video by humming the Wii Sports Theme

DammitSinged : _That cant be Ellen , she didnt even dance._

LSx : still yet to figure out what happened to gus at 0:47

Scott Cramer : The most accurate part of this video is when you called them “hits”

George W. : I subscribed for comedy skits not just segments ripped straight from the Ellen show. I mean come on Gus did you really think we would believe that’s actually you in the video?

Chris Kogos : I like that Wii Sports theme in the beginning

luigiboard : was that the freaking wii sports theme

TheJeffreyJJones : Almost perfect, the only part you missed is how they try to replicate the viral video themselves and fail miserably.

Nice boy : 0:48 this sound isnt human

Trollseph : now this is good this is real good

Bumper210 : Source: YouTube.com

Prasanth Rao Nilapu : 0:48 Confirmed gus = frog

Chris White : You sly dog... sneaking that Wii Sports Intro music in like that

benjamin kerzee : Child kidboy is my favorite YouTuber

Anonymous Person : Was that the Wii sports golf sound at the start?

Daan Roy : The newsman should have said *forwardslash forwardslash*

Kevin K : Childish Gambino is gonna retire...time for Childish Kidboy to take his place.