7 Video Lighting Tips for Youtubers and Filmmakers

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DSLR Video Shooter : Sorry for a long video! I really wanted to have everything covered here. All tips were curated from helping tons of people with their setups over the years! Thanks for watching!

Daniel Schiffer : Great tips Caleb! What focal length are you using for your talking-head here? Looks great!

Vinh Dang : sick shirt!

Rob Gianelli : Finally...someone who really understands lighting. I see so many people just throwing a piece of diffusion in front of their light. This only really reduces the amount of light not the quality of light. Quality is determined by the size of the light source and the distance it is from the subject. I also like to feather my main light a bit depending on the skin tone. A darker skin can take more light. Just look at the highlights on the skin and feather the light until the skin “pops” but is not blown out. What a fantastic video..

Omar Sherief : There is too many V-Mount batteries on the market both the cheap and the expensive, which one do you recommend for the Aputure 120D ii to give me full power for a decent amount of time?. And thanks for the amazing tips❤️

The Inventar : Who found out that he is rocking MKBHD merch?

Benjamin Arnoux : I wish I wasn’t at work right now!!!! I can’t wait to go home and try this. I feel sorry for my wife and kids. 😂😂😂 They’re team players, though.

Jasper Zanjani : Fantastic, informative video. I wish I could have seen it before I bought 3 cheap LED lamps based on your recommendations from the other video. TL;DW #1 2:30 Use physically large sources of light, or makeshift diffusers to increase the size of light sources. #2 4:42 Use fewer lights #3 6:25 Think about light position: distance to subject, axis of light, and angle. #4 10:45 Try backlighting, especially outdoors with the sun #5 11:35 Use ceilings and walls as makeshift softboxes #6 12:36 Use gel filters #7 13:20 Get the ratios right: between key and fill lighting, and foreground and background lighting

David Roseberry : Incredibly helpful. Thanks, Caleb. Maybe this isn't your "thing" but I'd love to see some tips on how to use lights in outdoor environments.

Sue Tsugu : The MKBHD special T-shirt caught my eyes I had to watch it a second time to actually listen lol

Brandon Taylor : Hi Caleb is it worth upgrading to the 120d mark 2 if you have the original 120d? I usually shoot my YouTube videos at night and think the extra power might help me. Thanks and great video as usual!

Shabach : Thanks!!👊😇

Infinite Warrior Production : Do more lighting tips on field that will also be really helpful Caleb

Alpha Phe Productions : These some Jedi lightning tips, awesome video Caleb!

Rod Parmenter : Have you compared the 120D M2 with the 300D? I recently purchased the 300 and wonder if I should return it for the 120DM2. Thanks!

ALXMNR : More lighting vids!!! I'm obsessed.

RISHAV JAIN : Oh that shirt, I noticed when you zoomed out. Go MKBHD !

Nolan Molt : Great video, great advice 💯 I’ve started creating YouTube videos again and will be implanting these tips on my YouTube videos!! Thank you👊🏻⚡️

SpryEnd : I saw the notification and went straith to this video ! niceee

not4fun : I don;t think this auto focus is GH5......... what camera did you used this time?

Carson Wilder : Great tips!! Well done packing so much great info in such a small amount of time!

College Football Nerds : Caleb, you are a phenomenal teacher. You have a great approach, you're very relatable, and you absolutely bring value to those who watch your channel. Thank you so much for what you do.

Real World Endo : Caleb I was interested in this light but I learned they took away the umbrella mount on the previous version. How can you add an umbrella to this light? I would love to buy the 120D Mk ii but need an umbrella option. :(

BakeLikeAPro : Hello, the battery you have on there, doesn't seem to be included with the light ( is that correct ? ) if not, can you give me a link to the battery. Thank you. Excellent tut by the way, really enjoyed it. That light is awesome ! Mark over at the recipe channel on YouTube ( BakeLikeAPro )

AmbitionZ VapeR : so how much distance from me to the backdrop should it be? like ft wise? hmm lots of value on this video!!!! man! i wish i could have you come to my basement and help me make it work!!!! ill pay $$$

jennyluvsfood : thanks for the tutorial ...i always get so confused when lighting my kitchen when making cooking videos

Greg's Garage : Great tips as always Caleb,. I'm re-doing my set right now, so this was EXTREMELY helpful.

AtomicAgePictures : While soft light has its uses, I actually much preferred your demonstration of the hard light. It has much more character texture and looks more interesting and the rather bland defused light.

Chris Eyre-Walker : as always Caleb: All the good info packed into a great video. Loved this!

Rick Hutton : Love your channel! Thank you for all of your hard work it is very helpful.

iupdate : Thanks for sharing these tips!!

Joaquim Gonsalves : Thanks a ton Caleb! Definitely gonna bring my light closer in my next video. Would love to hear your thoughts on my current setup. I really wanna get better.

DJ TLM TV : Very helpful as usual! 👍🏽

The Enthusiasm Project : Dude, you are awesome. I learn something from EVERY video. Hey

VFX Todd : Awesome tips, as usual. The Lighting Master.

DVZN Media : Hey Caleb, love the tips. Another great video.

Noir Et Blanc Vie : MKBHD shirt for the win???!!!

ARORA Studios : Really like the way you explained this!

Dillon Loomis : Thanks for the tips! Would have liked to see your main key light and the soft box but good info nonetheless!

Tea Jay Photography : Backlighting works best with hair, so you (and me) got a problem here ;-)

The Transplant Helper : I’ve seen you talk about light before but you should know this was the best ever. Thank you for the great tips.

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : See you at CES?

Bear City Impact : How are you reducing glare from your glasses! I always get glare. :(

Surfe deinen Traum : Thank you! :)

JOHN LEHRER TV : Great video. Quick question, Would lighting be ruined if using both natural and artificial lights at the same time? Or is that all subjective? Like just opening up the blinds a little bit for natural base lighting and use artificial lights for everything else, key, fill, hair lights. Im new to videography.

Dave Ko : you audio is nice and deep and full sounding. are you post processing you audio? if so what are you going to your voice audio? thanks!

Joseph Macapagal : hey! i enjoy your content, this is awesome!

Alan Balch : Great video, Caleb! This is going on my re-watch list.

Daniel Moore Photography : Great video Caleb. Super simple to follow and very informative.

Jason Martin : What would be the factor in using the Apeture 120D vs say the amaran tri-8 ? Why one light system over the the other?