The First Snow 4

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Filmed November 14, 2017, in Sandefjord, Norway. Filmed with Canon Legria HF G25, GoPro Hero2, external microphone (Canon DM-100). Edited in iMovie. Four million views September 26, 2018. Thank you! Six million views January 16, 2019. Seven mill wiews January 22, 2019. Nine million January 30, 2019. Ten millions, Feb 6, 2019. Wow, thanks. Eleven m, Feb 9, 2019. Twelve m, Feb 15. Sixteen, March 8. 17, March 12. 20 million, April 1. 21, April 11. When I made this video I was in doubt if I should film or not. I thought the result was a bad copy of «The first snow 3». This is one of the easiest videos I have made. This became my most viewed video December 8, 2018. It passed On thin ice 4.


Elijah Eagleman : His blood is pure vodka that's why he never freezes

CzEsiuu : I like the pary when he says ahhhhh

Ibrahim Abughazaleh : 0:44 the oh sound 😁😁😁👌killed me

Áron Tápai : and weed is illegal...

Artur : Its like a weird advertisement for volvo and vodka

dragonball slayer326 : The only guy capable of defeating thanos

Stuffy Besh : *_Weird flex but ok_*

Alonzo Gonzalez : He's going to outlive us all.

Nic Ballard : This man does not understand the concept of hypothermia!

Dawid Nowicki : mans not hot

Oskar Nyberg : What a legend

Andrija Ganic : Is sou crazy man :D

guccigangrobi : me: outside are 5°F too cold this guy: outside are -5378263636272633637277272262662627272636366363° F way too hot man

Lahmu : 21m views 3,1thousand comment...

Lyrick - Music Channel : The sound you make makes these drinks look so delicious

KO KO : I swear you are a beast man I am feeling cold right now instead of you

TSM Isaiah Deutsch : This deserves a like

Jeffery Holbrook : How can you take the cold you are a god

FaZe Elster : Winters summer for this dude and summer is winter

ItsAHelbitz : This man does not believe in the concept of hypothermia.

jackrabbit : The most refreshed man in the world!

Mads Solberg : Dis video make me cold

dragonball slayer326 : Atozy brought me here and I'm not disappointed

gper 19 : Asmr

Joe Wallace : Better vlog than Casey Neistat Tor is true inspiration

Rileighn Hanson : I’m surprised he didn’t use a chainsaw

bobbybrainstorm : *apetor entered the chat* *Vikingfjord has entered the chat* *Hypothermia has left the chat*

Matteo Tavone : Hypotermia is afraid of him

Aeeday Pewdiepie fan : I think this guy ready to climb Mount Everest without getting killed by hypothermia

BOCG ASHVON : So many AHH in this video 🤣 Edit: O M G A HEART ON MY COMMENT

Apelsin ply : 0:13 😂😂😂😂Tipo is swimming.Amused

Nooby Norge : im from Norway

Pandas Panda Pan Das : Mr. Bean Species found in Norway

Im_always _better : This man is the manli-est man ever

oli • 11 years ago : My freind: try touch this ice cube for as long as you can Me: ok *2 seconds then takes my finger off* Apetor:

nano posin : That man is crazy 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

fanman4ic : OMG Alcash

Motokour : That bathtub water is sponsored by nature

Spider Ashton : This man is a daredevil and a true Norwegian

HASSAAN RAUF : I can barely touch water as cold as 10 degrees, this guy os awestruck!

Ed Fieramosca : Yea thats finland everyone

CoolStuff : They should use him for a commercial It's looks so fresh when he drinks the alkohol

Live Wire : They should put him on a vikingfjord commercial

Ervand Elizbarian : I like his lifestyle

Dupe : i wonder how he gets home after drinking all that. i mean i wouldnt think that he drives home right?.... Right?

Phương Vũ : Omg

ϟRØTΣR : Absolute mad lad

П М : You're my spiritual animal sir.

Sandy Roozeboom : THIS MAN IS A DEMON