The First Snow 4

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Artur : Its like a weird advertisement for volvo and vodka

Lyrick : The sound you make makes these drinks look so delicious

Waffen Schniztel : Ice Bucket challenge level: Norway

Dawid Nowicki : mans not hot

ItsAHelbitz : This man does not believe in the concept of hypothermia.

Live Wire : They should put him on a vikingfjord commercial

Иван Акулов : Кто руский лайк

iMSh4d0w : He's looking like Michael form Gta 5 xD

Петар Микић : You're my spiritual animal sir.

Alpha Centauri : O ja pierdole Greetings from Poland! Kurwa.

miriam klacova : Marhuľovica is slovakia🇸🇰

BASS TESTER 2004 : Well he is crazy

Ali Abboud : Wtf

Joel Mrouwe : Ich bin sprach los

Joe Wallace : Better vlog than Casey Neistat Tor is true inspiration

ninja gamer : This is a true Norwegian man

Pyro TürkeHD : Mans not dumb.. Mans not cold

Mukee Productions : the best AD in the world 😘 love from India

McLovin : This is why Norwegians live longer.

Jake Monrial : Screw that

Gaming Kid2003 : 0:33 how Norwegians take a nice bath on a nice morning

DkImiD HuNg : Holy moly

fabi vlogs : wtf

agus25 11 : Men

Μαριος Μουρατης : We deserves a like for sure! Hit that button guys go for it!

Draco : Mans not cold

suraj kumar : happy in his own world

nolt2004 : Russia loves you, sir Apetor))

Aid-BO : He looks he needs to cool off in that hot enviroment.

unikornu • : OH, MY GOD

İNCİCİ Blob : Yarram İçersen Vodkayı için yanar amk malı

Praz Gaming : Now that kids is hypothermia and Drunkathermia

Lukáš Jašurek : Marhuľovica? :D :D Greetings from Slovakia!

Hugthqwae1 Chanel : You are supperman

Filip Hornák : Marhuľovica? Haa? Where did u get it from? Slovak import? 😂

Honzas1 : Some Original Content ! :D

Filippo Duretto : This man is what we in Italy call "Bomber"

curakao : I watch your videos with my 5yo daughter, she used to say: daddy lets watch yiip yiiip-man :) Great job, great life, please keep up, you make my day with every video!

Roi Gipot : Russians: "Blyat we are proud."

Bryce savage : This man does not believe in hypothermia

LIl Kaste : Nice broo!!!

Leo n. : Someday i will be like you

Alexey Filippenko : Where's yip-yip?

七七玩遊戲 : Feel like the water is not so clean

Christian Guldbæk : Du er sjov🤭

Rafa gamer 6 : Ice man

Ali Abboud : This man is living his live ;)

Танюша : Wow Norway is second Russia XD

Zid02 : Once more apetor shows how cold resistant Norwegians really are.

le rageux xd : wow et malade se mec