The First Snow 4

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ItsAHelbitz : This man does not believe in the concept of hypothermia.

Joseph Harrington : It funny

Dawid Nowicki : mans not hot

iMSh4d0w : He's looking like Michael form Gta 5 xD

Slick Rick : You're my spiritual animal sir.

Artur : Its like a weird advertisement for volvo and vodka

Gaming Kid2003 : 0:33 how Norwegians take a nice bath on a nice morning

ninja gamer : This is a true Norwegian man

miriam klacova : Marhuľovica is slovakia🇸🇰

Иван Акулов : Кто руский лайк

Alpha Centauri : O ja pierdole Greetings from Poland! Kurwa.

Ibrahim Abughazaleh : 0:44 the oh sound 😁😁😁👌killed me

Pyro TürkeHD : Mans not dumb.. Mans not cold

Sharuldin Hassan : I wanna be his friend and follow him everywhere to his adventures and enjoy life like he does.

Ali Abboud : Wtf

Lyrick - Music Channel : The sound you make makes these drinks look so delicious

Chezii Cheezee : *_Weird flex but ok_*

Super Dino : This guy is invincible

BASS TESTER 2004 : Well he is crazy

NPC #777 : One thing is clear, when he drink all the time, the body becomes warmer

Waffen Schniztel : Ice Bucket challenge level: Norway

mila life : Кто русский лайк

GD [hunger guy Boy] : 52% but the video was 0:52 XD

Mukee Productions : the best AD in the world 😘 love from India

Donna Evans : No one wants to see you drink and open bottles

PrazKillz : Now that kids is hypothermia and Drunkathermia

Roi Gipot : Russians: "Blyat we are proud."

Stones : How does he not hyperventilate when he gets in those cold baths?

agus25 11 : Men

Joe Wallace : Better vlog than Casey Neistat Tor is true inspiration

Oláh Gergely : Na Alex nem hazudott az biztos :D

unikornu • : OH, MY GOD

fabi vlogs : wtf

Тимофей Лисицов : Russian vodka ;D

Diana Lebedeva : Привет дианачка

Aid-BO : He looks he needs to cool off in that hot enviroment.

Your daily dose of Stupidity : This man is a legend

Áron Tápai : and weed is illegal...

Live Wire : They should put him on a vikingfjord commercial

Ervand Elizbarian : I like his lifestyle

Ducky : there is more VIKINGFJORD in this man's veins than blood

Ignas Mackevicius : How you driving your car with vodka

Han Tang : Life is hard

Pyrpyr _2017 : Strongest guy on entire earth!!

Mason Herman : Fake drinking vodka

Leumaz Dnazor : Ahhhhh thats cold. Thats cold.

Draco : Mans not cold

curakao : I watch your videos with my 5yo daughter, she used to say: daddy lets watch yiip yiiip-man :) Great job, great life, please keep up, you make my day with every video!

راين راين : ههههههههههههه كيف مايمرض 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Honzas1 : Some Original Content ! :D