82-Year-Old Man Covers DROWNING POOLS "Bodies" on Americas Got Talent!

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Miguel PxFxHx : i wish this guy was my grandpa

Nocean : Some of those crowd reactions were so blatantly fake. LOL Especially 1:53

Rodrigo Simões : Space trips with this guy must be fun

UseNAbuse : and that is how you use WWII ptsd to your advantage....

Thanos The Mad Titan : This is Eustace when muriel doesn’t make him his breakfast

StaticDreamsEntert : Holy shit! 😆 hide your grandmas! Lol

Mason Minor : It's badass that Drowning Pool asked this dude to open for them.

scurry_away : Hahaha! Wow. I never realised singing metal was so beneficial. Excellent cardio, breathing and core body workout. Excellent for stress and anger management. Inexpensive equipment. No gym fees. Bad knees or hips won’t stop you. The activity would always be a conversation piece. Maintaining connections with younger generations. Singing ability doesn’t matter. And It looks like lots of fun! I imagine so many physical, cognitive and mental health benefits for older folk singing metal. IMO Singing Metal courses should be offered at senior citizen centers everywhere. Just sayin

Juan Pablo Alvarez Alfaro : I'm going to bookmark this to watch it every time I think I'm too old for something

John Murphy : Grandpa... I told you not to take those pills...

New Moisturizer : I wish my grandpa was this metal. Now he's just dead.

PYM JBZ : RIP Mr. John Hetlinger ...

Linus Jonsson : 2:41 - 2:47 when you nut and then it is over

Herp Derp : Love the performance. The crowd reactions are cringeworthy.

MicuBamba : 'Nothing wrong with me... Nothing wrong with me... Nothing wrong with me...' Sure, man.

LolGa Spotlight : One moment I thought that he will get heart attack


Em Doodley : 1:49 Simon looks very intimidated

Lieke van Dijck : The man 1:47 😂

anonim : OOOOOO!!!!!!!

Richard Vargas : Moral of the story; live your life to the fullest.

LETSLEEPING DOGSLIE : Damn he made it thru the song! I thought he would hit the ground!

gilat6 : All my respect to the old man. Nice job sir.

Spider-Man : Old man has great taste

Aylbdr Madison : Such a sweet gentle old man. <3

DLBTV : Legend.

Mr. Mister : "Yes, that was the last IN MY LIFE of a lot of different careers."  IE...working with NASA.  Something tells me this guy me this man has worked out every day since he collected ears in Vietnam, WW2.....or both.    Keep in mind he was a Navy PILOT, so ALOT of bodies hit the floor with the touch of his hands, and he still lives next to a military base.  Many 'Bodies Hit The Floor.'  Well done Sir, THANK YOU for your service, great health, and education to these young bucks.............it is patriotism and tribalism at its core.  If you do not get that and the respect of the man?  GET THE FUCK OUT!

Giant Otter : If we consider he grew up in the time of Jazz and Rock n' Roll, he's got great taste in music.

Max fire dragon x Gelleta : Could that be god in human form

Andrew Heaton : love this I got two older fellas into Rammstein one aged 66 and one 70 now they won't listen to bruno mars and shit like that because it ain't proper music

Brayden Senpai : I call it near-death metal.


DELETED : 1:53 i just heard her “what”

XxBabyGirlCrazyXxxx Yepzz : 2:18 jake paul

KorecanARMY V.I.P : My old man version

YoungMyers : This is absolute dedication to the meme, this guy is 82 and he just outmeme'd everyone

Gemma Supilanas : 2:11-2:19 when your boyfriend ask you whats wrong😂

Dr Beetus : 5.7k old men couldn't sing let the bodies hit the floor

Death Gun : Awesome :0 !

Sherm Perry : He was yelling so loud he raised the dead, OH SHIT!

johnny_schwifty.soundcloud : Never would've thought I'd be looking for a moshpit on American Idol lmfao

butlar sanspai : 1:30 Lol

IICheezeTheTurtleStudiosII : This may be my grandpa I may be adopted ALL The metalheads rejoice

GUiMM0 Xtreme ViDeOsS : *Let the bodies hit the floooooooo...*

It's Candy Time Boys and Girls : Girl at 1:53 be sayin' "... why do I feel so wet right now"

Cherrepp : This guy is the god :D

Abby Soto : That’s Howie’s dad

Eve Barajas : Great song

Joe Sondys : Say what you want but he killed that song respect to you sir

Apostolos Petkoglou : *troll god*