82-Year-Old Man Covers DROWNING POOLS "Bodies" on Americas Got Talent!

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DLBTV : Legend.

Tom Visser : Reptillian.

Dr Gru : No wonder grimm reaper don't want him....he is mr reaper

MachineryMan71 : As he has a stroke and his body hits the floor...

1Rad Honeybadger : Mom grandpas having another Vietnam flashback

Fuzzy The Dragøn : *OH HELL YES!!!*

Leah Grace : Wow he didn’t get a heart attack from screaming 😂😰

Tyler B : The first guys reaction in the audience looked like he straight choked on a hotdog when he yelled "FLOOOOOOOOOR" 😂😂

Angel Nico Sarino : Cool

Alexis Dan Flores : You are is legend!!!

abcdefg hijklmnop : epicly epic

sandra rivas : Let the dentures hit the floor.


rj kosmowski : that guy's face 1:47

*insert name here * : Damn, the new actor for bad grandpa movie is looking good

Aditya : Age is just a number, yup

Maz3cubed : Simon trying to hide his laugh 2:36

YodaVon .VaderWalker : I was waiting for his body to hit the FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOR! Nice job gramps

dapper cat in a dapper hat : THIS MAN IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL

Bryson Harper : Are you sure the my grandfather isn't on the stage

Shadow KageD : That's gonna be a bucketlist thing !!! Brilliant, gramps!!! XD

FaKe Panic : I mean he had fun. The crowd enjoyed it. It was entertainment. Going to be a yes from me dawg.

Alexis Dan Flores : He is epic!!! :)

Rochelle Yanuzzi : Me: ''Oh look at that,sweet old man,coming to sing karaoke." Also me: *"OH fucking hell yeah buddy! SING IT!! You go grandpa!!!"*

Marcus Sullivan : I bet his been kicked out of nursing homes for this 💪💪💪

Dr. Frumpy and the Dumpy bunch : The bodies have hit the floor, and they can't get up.

Juri Jurgen : такая наигранная пое*бота))) начиная от дедка, жюри и заканчивая фэйковыми эмоциями публики)))

Henrique T. de Camargo : Is there a backstory for it?

Dan&JeffroMusicStudio's/INC. Est.2017 : HOLY SH!T!!! looks like he can still kick some ass.

ЛАЙКАЮ ТОПЧИК : Ееееее, бой!!)

Sofie Haga : not all heroes wear capes

Harry Potter 100% : Omg el mejor 💪💪💪

TedLikesHats BecauseTheyAreGood : This is why there should be a question mark after ‘America’s got talent’

NIRVANA kurt cobain : Tais pernas grandes

Mr. C Wynn : He Is The G.O.A.T!!!!! Grandpa.On.Acid.Trip!!!!!


A ロッカー : LOVE HIM

ProfiYntroz : 1:35 starting

Bos5Rulez Z : \m/

The Cat In The Hat : phil anslemo live 2035

johnny_schwifty.soundcloud : Never would've thought I'd be looking for a moshpit on American Idol lmfao

KrutoyPostowoy : Man should be pround of his work but this show of his is emberassing.

whitehaireddevil1 : Amazing song choice but how fucking hilarious would it be if he sang "Disciple" by Slayer... "GOD HATES US AAAAALLLLLL" He'd most likely get capped by some Christian right nutbar

Pletyka David : Wow this good

Алексей Писарев : Elon Mask in OLD

ELITE FOOTBALL : That act should've been a golden buzzer 😂

Atticus : It would have topped it off if he screamed "open this pit up!!!"

_ FlobberNasher : It's always awesome hearing old people sing rock and metal music.

Grunderssen Bjerknes : Something about this show feels very fake

『いなりす』そるぺぱ : パワフルなおじいちゃんだな笑