82-Year-Old Man Covers DROWNING POOLS "Bodies" on Americas Got Talent!

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Fuzzy The Dragøn : *OH HELL YES!!!*

LolGa Spotlight : One moment I thought that he will get heart attack

Rodrigo Simões : Space trips with this guy must be fun

Anonameus C : 82 years young. salute

anonim : OOOOOO!!!!!!!

Shadow KageD : That's gonna be a bucketlist thing !!! Brilliant, gramps!!! XD

Nocean : Some of those crowd reactions were so blatantly fake. LOL Especially 1:53

Calvin Yap : Just watched the 6-year-old girl death metal audition, and now an 82-year-old is singing this. Metal is ageless.

UseNAbuse : and that is how you use WWII ptsd to your advantage....

Marvman 2000 Marvman 2000 : Theres nothing wrong him theres nothing wrong him nooooooooooooo

DLBTV : Legend.

J. T : This is Eustace when muriel doesn’t make him his breakfast

Jenine Killoran : **HOLY SHIT** that was incredible! But I'm still not sure why I liked it so much! hahaha

BladeX : Let the bodies hit the.... FLOOOOOOOOOOOOR!

Exnomer : 1:45 - When Grampa finally passes that kidney stone, lmfao...

Luke Moran : This guy is a legend

Saumo Pal : Nothing wrong with him!

Juan Pablo Alvarez Alfaro : I'm going to bookmark this to watch it every time I think I'm too old for something

Ethan Faunce : His grandchildren must love him:)

Dr Gru : No wonder grimm reaper don't want him....he is mr reaper

Good Stuff : what people? u have never listened real music?

Tammie Summers : My body hit the floor when I heard this

Em Doodley : 1:49 Simon looks very intimidated

ZackAttack_5 : What the hell that man is a legend

Najib Ramadhan : with old age, deeped singing skill, and the most important thing is... - - - raised metalhead soul 🤘🤘

Alanator : He deserved the golden buzzer. This is beautiful.

Kristian : Legend!

P J productions : Is he about to shoot up the place

Алексей Овчинников : Absolutely Legend.

StaticDreamsEntert : Holy shit! 😆 hide your grandmas! Lol

The Death : voice level over 9000 !!!!!!!!!

KorecanARMY V.I.P : Damn,crazy old man.

scurry_away : Hahaha! Wow. I never realised singing metal was so beneficial. Excellent cardio, breathing and core body workout. Excellent for stress and anger management. Inexpensive equipment. No gym fees. Bad knees or hips won’t stop you. The activity would always be a conversation piece. Maintaining connections with younger generations. Singing ability doesn’t matter. And It looks like lots of fun! I imagine so many physical, cognitive and mental health benefits for older folk singing metal. IMO Singing Metal courses should be offered at senior citizen centers everywhere. Just sayin

Csabai Balint : HIM A LEGEND

Richard Vargas : Moral of the story; live your life to the fullest.

Axel B Jackson : Aaaaa

levi metzger : if I were to be the judge I would give him a yes just because I like the guy. his performance was ok I liked it. it was almost like he tried to hard tho.


Генри Солтана : А так хорошо начал. В общем круто!

Miguel PxFxHx : i wish this guy was my grandpa

Death Gun : Awesome :0 !


Deep Biswas : well he had his fun...well done grandpa

XxBabyGirlCrazyXxxx Yepzz : 2:18 jake paul

BioTek : pause at 1:47

Ryan Sweeney : yo he killed it! god bless this man.

Aj Cruz : That's my father in another life

Lieke van Dijck : The man 1:47 😂

paradox : Bucket list has been fulfilled after this glazed donut I shall hit the floor!