82-Year-Old Man Covers DROWNING POOLS "Bodies" on Americas Got Talent!

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Miguel PxFxHx : i wish this guy was my grandpa

Johnny Dee : haha! way to go! I'm 75 years old and I started on youtube 9 years ago! I have 178,000 subscribers! but you had the nerve to do this and I admire your courage!

PYM JBZ : RIP Mr. John Hetlinger ...

John Murphy : Grandpa... I told you not to take those pills...

Mason Minor : It's badass that Drowning Pool asked this dude to open for them.

New Moisturizer : I wish my grandpa was this metal. Now he's just dead.

Pico Vole : Showed this to my dead grandpa :( Edit: *He woke up*

Charlie Brown : Old man has great taste

Herp Derp : Love the performance. The crowd reactions are cringeworthy.

Joe Sondys : Say what you want but he killed that song respect to you sir

DLBTV : Legend.

Minoru Mineta : John Hetlinger: Nothing's wrong with me, nothing's-- Nurse: Sir, you have hypertension, arthritis on both hands, dementia, scoliosis..

Alexander The Hedgehog : Who else started headbanging?

Indigo Misfit : The body gets older but we are eternally ageless inside.💖💖💖 This brilliant soul has found away to express the playful soul that resides within, Cheers !

LETSLEEPING DOGSLIE : Damn he made it thru the song! I thought he would hit the ground!

LolGa Spotlight : One moment I thought that he will get heart attack

Alex .G : This dude has a better voice than most metal bands

ExpertTroll : it seems staged because they never asked him what song it's gonna be

Jamal Davis : Someone play this at his funeral

t o u c h : This man is a legend.

StaticDreamsEntert : Holy shit! 😆 hide your grandmas! Lol

Aylbdr Madison : Such a sweet gentle old man. <3

Jonathan Joestar : 2:40 wow that scream, he wants to become a super saiyan

Computer Guy : He actually smashed that without irony, wow.

Crazy Keeper : I love that old man

Richard Vargas : Moral of the story; live your life to the fullest.

GM M : When the grandpa did this the whole Earth been upgraded

Wyatt Wilson : I guess you could say he bodied the track.

Gray shade : Yeah,that's my grandpa.🙄😎

Prayer Warrior : Rock on, grandpa! \m/

OxyGan : i thought hes getting a heartattack

Max fire dragon x Gelleta : Could that be god in human form


Jack B : The single best thing ive seen since bianca del rio.

Dead-Eyed Peach : Things like this just really make you smile 😂

Demon Knight : That was definitely a golden buzzer

KAY D : this is what happens when you are in the military too long

SoundLogik : I can't believe HIS body didn't hit the floor! 😂 Got heavy metal mixes on my channel if that's your thing.

Ai Papi : He died backstage

Nocean : Some of those crowd reactions were so blatantly fake. LOL Especially 1:53

Robert C. : God bless I'd voted for him to win!!!

Gemma Supilanas : 2:11-2:19 when your boyfriend ask you whats wrong😂

Steve Rogers : I m see this its real. I m see in real life

liifesaverr : My grandpa is also 82 and he just sits in his recliner and complains about the state of the country all day.

YoungMyers : This is absolute dedication to the meme, this guy is 82 and he just outmeme'd everyone

IICheezeTheTurtleStudiosII : This may be my grandpa I may be adopted ALL The metalheads rejoice

ASP HYPERN : Grandpa come here. Ok. Let the bodies hit the floor.

awais anwar : The judges are completely biased towards that genre. So much for "talent" if it's always about "sophisticated" pop bullshit.

Dus5in Lawler : I would go see him in concert rip grandpa

Cherrepp : This guy is the god :D