82-Year-Old Man Covers DROWNING POOLS "Bodies" on Americas Got Talent!

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HELL SPOON : How to win at life Example 1:

YoungMyers : This is absolute dedication to the meme, this guy is 82 and he just outmeme'd everyone

Cherrepp : This guy is the god :D

Dr. Frumpy and the Dumpy bunch : The bodies have hit the floor, and they can't get up.

Roast Pig : Top ten Anime come backs.

WutangBizkit : He should have said "this is a low point of my life being on this corporate piece of shit show were you judge talent and where your judges dont know dick about judging talent :D"

Crooked cat : Holy crap!!! I was afraid his body was going to hit the floor anytime soon.

Aidan Orr : I think he went there for fun Not to win

Hi HATER : Putz, vou adotar um avô😂😂😂

DB VG : Holy shit his screaming sounds like goku tramsforming into ssj3

YeetSkeetParakeet : The happiness in his eyes is amazing XD

David Garcia : He is national treasure

Danielle Longgo : Queria esse avô pra mim❤💋❤😍😍

Sabri Gaddari : This dude has lived A LIFE he can die happy

MASIZZE : More grandpas like this!!

Christos Moore : This dude is better than alot of singers today!

Muffy Fizzy : Legend.

Darkness : The meme god himself

Xyler Cox : i want him as my grandpa.

Daniel Perez : You rock grandpa !!

agusta878 : просто ахуенно.

Thoros The Drunk : Only cunts dislike this

abcdefg hijklmnop : epicly epic

linapleachimPL : His face at the end...:D

Jonathan Fajardo : That's one bad ass grandpa!

Yonas Alharun Zain : exactly me if only I'm able to live that long

Dan Borcea : History has been made.


Tyler Halt : Grade- A memester right here

Xyler Cox : it was sweat and he was talking about his life and jobs when out of no wear just stars singing LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!!!!1 (was not expecting that!) :)

Ahmed Aan : I was wearing headsets and full volume when he started singing my ears were deaf and also this yt guy did not tell headphone warning!!!!!!!

Rasta Chanel : There's no such thing as the perfect singe-

Snodge Kat : Holy smokes. This man helped repair the Hubble telescope and ROCKS SO HARD!

Cobra S.B.V. : Locks like he s screaming at his grandsons

Jimmy crakf!!! : 👊🤘

Fin arsenal : this man rock

Random Kid 77 : Smart man!


Rob Robert : Total chick magnet....

Genderbent Fell Papyrus : PLZ JOIN MY BAND!!!!! (jk, don't have one :'3)

Angel Piña : Todo meco ese viejo siono rasa

Nacho Cm : Pues si señor

Kentucky Fried Chicken : Let's admit our grandpas or fathers don't have enough energy to do this lol

Basketball4Life : And the winner of the 2017 meme award goes to............ This 82 year old!!!🤯🤯

The Halokiller : Best man ever

Timmy Green : This reminded me of that creepy old man from Monster House XD

idontgive mercesthethird : the power of not giving a fuck........

Tron Cat : He killed it as far as I'm concerned 💯

Nathan Simpson : That was incredible

SkrillexsDubstep : At normalnie singing he sounds like Ozzy Osbourne