"We abused deaf children, we were at least ten", the confession of Provolo's priest

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Deedee S. : He is talking about touching children with prayer beads around his neck! He will have to answer to someone bigger than the pope soon!!!

KT : He's on his death bed AND mostly laughing telling his stories, stunning.

BeckyWhiteBreadBlacFaceIronOxide : I'm not a violent person, but if I were that guy I would have put a pillow over that monsters face...just saying.

bardo0007 : I want to kill them all , just erase them from this planet , including the pope.

uwuing furiously : WHY. IS. HE. LAUGHING. WHEN. SAYING. THAT.

Raina Baecere : Never trust other people with your children!

Mil Alisanna : The nun was protecting that priest ‘Don’ - they are the ones to bring children to the priest knowing fully well what will happen to the children - like pimps. These are monster who at the very end makes excuses for all the wrong they did with the children. between 6-7 years old... while they preach in the name of the Lord. Demons are really cunning.

Jake Low : I hope that old man gets slowly tortured to death. Sick worthless peasant

Pia Salvato : That old evil bastard is hopefully dead by now and frying in hell

naphshi : Those catholic priests are like a cult and those churches are sexual abuse factories for kids ... if parents really loved their children they wouldn't send them to those places

KT : Put Catholic in the title so video can be found easier

IloveJC love : he's laughing how sick and twisted unbelievable.

We Are Anonymous : religion is fake , its a business and the rich and powerful take advantage of it to comit crimes !!!

HectorL360 : Religion poisons everything.

Adorable Deplorable : UNBELIEVABLE, that demon from hell lying there laughing about what he did to those poor boys. Next stop, hell.

Belle R : This priest feels no hurt and regret how he murdered the souls of these children the end of darkness

Nancy Couch : To the people that uploaded this video: 1. Thank you so much for your bravery in investigating these crimes against these innocent people/children. It's very heartbreaking and I hope that these predators can be brought to justice and for their victims to find peace. 2. Unfortunately, I was unable to read the literature at the end of your video because of your HUGE annotation End Boxes (not sure what the proper name to call them). Upon researching this situation I have found that as a viewer there is currently no way for me to disable this so I can view the ending of videos on YouTube. What I did find out is that it is at the exclusive control of the person that uploaded the video. They have the control to modify the use of these disruptive and intrusive annotations. I have tried everything I can do to read the ending but I am struggling. Could you please adjust your annotations so I can read what happened or could someone please help me with the words at the end by writing the words in a reply to me? 3. Why is this important to me? I am deaf. I have been fortunate to have some high tech hearing aids now and also with the help of an excellent sound Booster to not only watch but actually hear videos from YouTube. This is something that I have never been able to do before and perhaps that is why a seemingly small thing like this may not be as important to others but for someone like me that could only view a YouTube video with the experience of only the slightest whisper (very unintelligible), reading content while viewing is my only way. 4. I hope that it's not too much of an inconvenience but if it is I will understand if you can't help me. Thank you for your consideration in my request and again thank you for caring about these survivors. It means so much to me that you care.

A. Rose : This is so heartbreaking.

Ethos Data Informatics : I stand with the Hawaiian Kingdom of 1837. The Catholic religion should never have been able to enter the Kingdom of Hawaii. But they forced the French to hold us at gun point until we let them in. The Catholic Church is made of barbarians.

J Briggs : He has dementia for sure. That's why he's admitting it so easily.

Carola Press : THank you for exposing these SUN WORSHIPING PEDOPHILES! Makes me so angry!!!

ric david : powerful video thank you very much. it shows how separated from reality these men and women in the church are. they really do not understand the effects of sexual abuse of children. it is not a game or a joke its not "unloading" when an adult man penetrates a child it is a violent act of murder. I suppose a murderer will say he was unloading when he pumps into a victim bullets from a gun. I am 64 and am living with the effects of my abuse over 50 years ago. Who was the man in the hospital bed? I feel pity for him as he is dying

John 33 : I’m an atheist and this is one of many reasons why.

SatansLittleGamer : "The nuns have a collection of deaf and subnormal children. From 5=6 up to 15 years old." He does not and never will view the deaf community as normal. He views us as subhuman.

R Truth : Catholicism is filled with evil because it is evil they worship mary call a man father and pray to statues, they also confess their sins to a man who they call father and god says call no man father except your father in heaven. So how is it a wonder that devil could infiltrate and completely take over their religion?

freedom addict : This pedophilia practice is presenting a satanic practice of duality, instead of holy trinity. These priests are manifesting an abomination where The Great Father (Mind) is having intercourse with The Great Child (Action), in the absence of The Great Mother (Emotions). They are manifesting actions based on thoughts only, a world with no emotions. In numerology, this dualism is satanic, because when you divide 2/3, you get 0.666. Pagan religions worshiped the following cycle: The Great Father (The Sun) inbreds a Great Mother (The Earth) on Easter. The Great Mother delivers a Great Child (On Yule, 21st Dec - pagan - or Christmass 25 dec - christian). The Great Child grows into a Great Father the next year and the cycle repeats itself. The catholics were naming other people as pagans which meant "uneducated, primitive". The modern leftists are putting the same labels on patriotic, traditionalist conservatives nowdays.

Monkeh Claw : Hey, the end of your video text is blocked by your early links to more videos and your subscribe button. Remove them or shorten them to the last few seconds. Horrible stuff going on there though, I hope it is stopped and I hope all affected by it recover the most they can.

Trump Hump : we need hit-men in the confession booth!

Hugo : You can do anything you want as long as you confess you are forgiven... Makes sense.

suddendee : Can’t watch the whole thing 😑

Rajani Parameswaran : This is such a shame! The most powerful religious organisation in the world seems to have no conscience at all. Is human race safe under such institution sanctioned paedophiles? I am saddened by the words of the victim in the end "I don't need prayer. My life has been destroyed." Who is accountable for this? The individual who committed this crime or is it the entire institution that has been privy to and never punished such a crime committed by many of its members? I would say that the institution is to blame. They are creating these individuals with their own twisted sense of right and wrong and dead conscience.

Gabriel Ribeiro : abusing a child is just a joke for him. goddammit.

MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte : *This is terrible, this is terrible*

Surfonic : Wow, and people still believe in this monsters. They all know each other's stories. Priests are men like any other men. Actually more dangerous than any ordinary men.

AquaticWolf A.W : What hurts me the most is the fact this children got their innocents stripped away from them...


David Johnson : We will not be silent in the face of this evil. Thank you Jesus for exposing this filth - may your Mother Mary heal these poor victims and bless their familles. And to the criminal priests who did this: go back to you master Satan and his cesspool of sin, or repent in weeping sackcloth and ashes - before for the "pangs of death overtake you" , "wrath of Almighty God is revealed from heaven upon all the wicked covering up the truth" and "who disobey the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they will be punished with everlasting destruction away from the presence of the Lord and his glory" (Romans 1.19, 2 Th 1:10)

El Dewgz Esmuymalo. : I'm a nihilist but this makes me wish there really was a hell. Pieces of shit should be sodomized by a splinterous cross while drowning in diarrhea. B.i.h bastards.

Kathy Morris : I confess all my sins directly to God, not to the priests...

brightbite : Everyone who continues to go to ANY tax exempt "church" is supporting the catholic church indirectly. Boycott ALL churches of this sort and return to worship of the Lord Yeshua within the sanctuary of the heart.

Megyn Kelly : "If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea." -Jesus Christ

Geeman Funman : Santanic cult is what the churches really teach.

Master of : I kept telling my father my ass was sore everytime i came home from church he said it was the benches designed to keep kids awake in church i couldn't tell him the real reason because the priest told me if i told my parents god would take them to heaven

afghan_abroad : I hope they will burn in hell :(. This breaks my heart.

Trump Hump : its just to UN believable wow they need removed from this earth asap when will we stand up we need the wicker man.

Marco Ragni : eh già, un prete che bestemmia. evidentemente non riuscite a capire che gli unici idioti che continuano a credere nella chiesa, questa farsa, siete voi.

Creatures of Darkness : I feel so sorry for these people. I have been through alot in life and it has made me a hateful angry person but I have to say this made me cry. I couldn't Imgine anyone hurting children like this. I hope God's punishment is swift and vengeful against the people responsible for this.

Richard Andretti : The Vatican, or the so-called "Catholic church", it the harlot, mentioned in the bible. Where God says, I know you, and your practices. The Vatican is seating on the 7 mountains, exactly what it says in the Bible. The harlot, that seat on the seven mountains, where all kings drank from her chalice. The chalice of abomination. This church needs to be eradicated from the face of the world. But, to GOD only, and only GOD belongs the vengeance. From the top to the bottom, every single one of them vipers, that lives in that den of serpents, will pay soon or later, dearly for their sins, and disgusting behavior. The pope is the antichrist. Do not bow to him, do not kiss his hands, do not respect it. I am referring to him as "IT" because it is it. Last time I saw him on the street, he came close, and I look into his eye, and I stared at him, and I only saw evil. He felted my anger, and I know he saw an angel on me. Nasty, fucking religion...

AG : The dark side of Catholicism. How evil How sick to destroy innocence. ALL of them should have been locked up for life and obviously removed from their positions as priests. But there was a huge cover-up NOT because the priests could serve the parish BUT because THEY COULD CONTINUE their sick behavior!!! I know there are good priests but these priests should have been imprisoned and held with more accountability. The Vatican is corrupt. They should be ashamed to hurt such defenseless deaf children. They have been a threat to society and with lives ruined, with deceit and perverted lust. What a shame! Some of them run away because they are caught But not to run away from their sins. How will they escape the wrath of God? and Rosary beads will not enough to save them. MT 18:6 "but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea."

Phoebe shirasawa : WTF