"We abused deaf children, we were at least ten", the confession of Provolo's priest

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Deedee S. : He is talking about touching children with prayer beads around his neck! He will have to answer to someone bigger than the pope soon!!!

bardo0007 : I want to kill them all , just erase them from this planet , including the pope.

KT : He's on his death bed AND mostly laughing telling his stories, stunning.

BeckyWhiteBreadBlacFaceIronOxide : I'm not a violent person, but if I were that guy I would have put a pillow over that monsters face...just saying.

KT : Put Catholic in the title so video can be found easier

John 33 : I’m an atheist and this is one of many reasons why.

A. Rose : This is so heartbreaking.

HectorL360 : Religion poisons everything.

Marco Ragni : eh già, un prete che bestemmia. evidentemente non riuscite a capire che gli unici idioti che continuano a credere nella chiesa, questa farsa, siete voi.

We Are Anonymous : religion is fake , its a business and the rich and powerful take advantage of it to comit crimes !!!

Mil Alisanna : The nun was protecting that priest ‘Don’ - they are the ones to bring children to the priest knowing fully well what will happen to the children - like pimps. These are monster who at the very end makes excuses for all the wrong they did with the children. between 6-7 years old... while they preach in the name of the Lord. Demons are really cunning.

Jake Low : I hope that old man gets slowly tortured to death. Sick worthless peasant

Luca Palumbo : 3 11,ma chi e questo pazzo,bestemmiare cosi la madonna,e questo dicasi prete,questo e da manicomiooooo

Ethos Data Informatics : I stand with the Hawaiian Kingdom of 1837. The Catholic religion should never have been able to enter the Kingdom of Hawaii. But they forced the French to hold us at gun point until we let them in. The Catholic Church is made of barbarians.

Carola Press : THank you for exposing these SUN WORSHIPING PEDOPHILES! Makes me so angry!!!

naphshi : Those catholic priests are like a cult and those churches are sexual abuse factories for kids ... if parents really loved their children they wouldn't send them to those places

Alberto Prosperi : Ma allora non avevo sentito male, ha proprio bestemmiato sto qui.. bha

Raina Baecere : Never trust other people with your children!

Phoebe shirasawa : WTF

suddendee : Can’t watch the whole thing 😑

ge st : Why the hell did they send them all to the US?

Valeria A : Cuándo no mandando la mugre a Argentina

Rajani Parameswaran : This is such a shame! The most powerful religious organisation in the world seems to have no conscience at all. Is human race safe under such institution sanctioned paedophiles? I am saddened by the words of the victim in the end "I don't need prayer. My life has been destroyed." Who is accountable for this? The individual who committed this crime or is it the entire institution that has been privy to and never punished such a crime committed by many of its members? I would say that the institution is to blame. They are creating these individuals with their own twisted sense of right and wrong and dead conscience.

Ciao Grazie : mannaggia il clero!!..

Hugo : You can do anything you want as long as you confess you are forgiven... Makes sense.

luciano cataña : Hay q crucificarlo y prenderle fuego

Monkeh Claw : Hey, the end of your video text is blocked by your early links to more videos and your subscribe button. Remove them or shorten them to the last few seconds. Horrible stuff going on there though, I hope it is stopped and I hope all affected by it recover the most they can.

JHO JHO : se avessi subito abusi andrei ad ucciderli uno ad uno

ric david : powerful video thank you very much. it shows how separated from reality these men and women in the church are. they really do not understand the effects of sexual abuse of children. it is not a game or a joke its not "unloading" when an adult man penetrates a child it is a violent act of murder. I suppose a murderer will say he was unloading when he pumps into a victim bullets from a gun. I am 64 and am living with the effects of my abuse over 50 years ago. Who was the man in the hospital bed? I feel pity for him as he is dying

J Briggs : He has dementia for sure. That's why he's admitting it so easily.

WhiteEyed87 : and still people pay and pray and idiolize this pedophilia ring world wide..... they kneel in front of those pedophiles.... if you call yourself a christian, than you do not support church and this damn religion, you seek truth and the end of this ring!!!

MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte : *This is terrible, this is terrible*

H S : Sick

Ri Keller : Take a moment.. Why do they like young boys..its all over not just there but damn near every state in America has had some sort of sexual abuse in a Catholic church.. A religion which believes in a god and jesus built on pagan sites and why do Catholics well the Vatican have secrets ..

Amy Ranoco : Pure evil. He created his own definition for sin. Thank goodness God is a just God. Justice will be served.

amm - staff : Ma italiano ?😂

Ann Marie : Heartless animals. The only prayer I'd say is: Please let there be a Hell because that's where they're going.

Kamila Mafra : To enjoada. Misericórdia.... 💔

Jessica Singh : The worst part is these men got away with it 💔

dark1in2finity : lulz at the cope of "catholicism is a scam god will punish them", ok so he likes to let it happen first? what a scam; the belief in god.

IloveJC love : he's laughing how sick and twisted unbelievable.

IloveJC love : why are they above the law? that's why they do what they like, as the devil says. Judgement day will come.

Romario kelly : They are all crazy

Arkh Longstride : Vero giornalismo, grazie di esistere

Linda Lopez : im a Pentecost, love the gospel. i dont say only the cataloc church.,but its mistly them ,and Jezabel is in all churches, sexual abuse is the devils tool.

Linda Lopez : sick, take them all out. lock them up. i would shop it of ,and go to jail with knowing at less that one that abused my kid is scarred for life. its not only in the churches. Something has,to be done. This gies on everyday by all kinds. a devils tool, one of the deadly sins. Lust

DJ F.R. : Yep That's Christianity for you...


Gabriela Salinas : Sigan llendo a la iglesia culeras

Carl571 Durst44343 : I swear, we need to shoot pedophiles! And when you get bored with it, use lucille!