Watsky - Welcome to the Family [official video]

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WATSKY! : so proud to share this song and video with you guys... i've been away, working to get better and come back with something worthy of your time. if you want it, there's more on the way. thank you all! welcome to the family.

Paint : holy cool!! love the production in this vid

Negro Otaku : This is beautiful that beginning is just amazing. “Your hard to love because you don’t love yourself?welcome to the family”.

WitchyLad : Watsky went from 16 years old to your hipster substitute teacher

Iqn : I'm utterly shocked that you aren't incredibly popular by now. Your music was a big part of what got me through my formative years. All my high school bus rides and adolescent memories have a soundtrack in common, and you created it. Thank you, for all you've made as well as specifically this song. It warms my heart to know that you're still killing it just as much as you were in 2013 when I first learned of your work, and that you are still growing and changing as an artist both stylistically and thematically. You'll always be a legend, George. We love you.

ChippyGaming : It's honestly great to get some more music from you

Danny Danger : God has joined the game

Bella Lugosi : You look like Nearly Headless Nick...

Seviexe : I gotta say I kinda liked Watsky before, but when xInfinity hit the stores, it blew me away and became one of my all time favourite albums... I still listen to Talking to Myself daily, that's one of these songs that somehow give you more than most. So hyped for the new songs!

Keri Harlow : Kinda random, but I'd love to hear some collaboration between Watsky and Lil Dicky

Beniyum : Finally, Youtube recommended got something right.

Zinoxe : You're a highly underrated artist man...not rapper, artist

Floppy Potter : "I think every family is a butterfly, ya know, pretty from afar, pretty gross up close" That hits me hard. Everytime.

MOXMOX : I don't know if this is intentional, but it looks like he's about to tell me to drink the koolaid if you know what i mean.

Conscious Robot : Watsky has never done anything that sucks. In my opinion one of the most technically and artistically creative artists of all time. Watsky, you deserve all the respect and more. Don't ever stop doing what you do.

Hitsu : You deserve love... _with shaggy's voice_ Welcome to the Family. You deserve love... _with shaggy's voice_ Welcome to the Family.

Marcello Wilkinson : i know that chair. thats most definitely an IKEA chair, I saw that same one the other day. pristine song, btw.

MrSoizes Creative : I've been a fan since 2013. I just gotta say, no one does music like you man. Your style, your creativity, your emotion. They make you unique. And I love them. I finally have enough extra money to go to a concert so next time you're in town look for me in the crowd. -Vancouver Chance-

Rhianna Murphy : I'm a little bit in love with Watsky. Okay, I'm a lot in love with Watsky.

Stefan Taggart : Illuminati confirmed

michelle lesser : u looked RIGHT into my soul

Jose Miguel! : Hey dude Your song and also the video is dope, and new hair so sick....

palliard : Watsky. I'm so sorry I JUST NOW found you.You're such a GENIUS! And it looks like everything you've done is just as amazing. Thanks for the new and the old.

Aaron Martinez : Is George starting a cult? I'm down.

Johnny : Getting a weird Weird Al and Willy Wonka vibe from this.

basil al sadi : I'm more intrigued behind the true meaning of the song. I wonder who/what welcomed you in.

Floppy Potter : Wait.....so is he a pimp now...? Or like an Illuminate slave keeper? I'm just gonna go listen to Seizure Boy so I know what's going on...

potuyit : he'll always look like edgar allen poe to me

Deceive_hell YT : How does he not have 1 million subs yet?

kristine grandt : Maybe im super high but this song just made me cry.

Beningame : So understated, so underrated

Joshua Reshatoff : this reminds me of a bohemian rapsody esc type deal

Trey Skinner : Watsky out here looking like a hippy cult leader. I mean I'm down...

Jose Miguel! : Welcome to ilumminaty family Watsky!!!

VINCINT Official : Love this!

Russell Steele : You're my fave lyricist besides Aesop Rock and I've only listened to your shit this year. Im bad about my back catalogue of things I should be hearing, and I'm so grateful you exist. And I'm a stubborn metal head delving into new territory, and you have made it worthwhile. Props to you smart mofukka. You probably won't see this, but if you do, know you reached me. That's important. Cheers mate.

jack goss : Looks like a modern day shakespeare

Niko Watson : You know George, I remember the days of White Boy Raps Fast, and holy shit you've come a long way since then. I'm glad that I've been able to be there every step of the way. This is art, and amazing art at that. I can't wait to see what you come out with next!

Groovy : Watsky rapping like edgar allen poe writing short stories and looking like him too

Cody Werklund : This is the kind of song I want to re-like every time I listen to it, and I have to remind myself not to make that mistake and take credit away from this songs brilliance.

Ally Henderson : he only gets better !!!!

Kieran Johnson : Guys i saw Watsky live. It was awesome.

HelloHopeYouHaveANiceDay : staring right into the camera at "you deserve love" HMM STOP TRYNA MAKE ME CRY, THANKS

Khamsaïba ! : You're my favorite rapper <3

aaliyuh chelsea : i just found this but it's so good wtf

Houdeani : the cheese on his bottom lip is distracting :)

Julia_aaa : Watsky is for 15 year olds who've been dating for 3 months and think they're in love

CallMeJohto : Can't believe I've been following Watsky since 2012. He's grown and evolved as an artist over the years yet still maintains his appeal that drew me in all those years ago

Cameron Ragland : I cry pretty much every time i listen to this song

aaron curtis : Unreal bars you're like a white childish gambino or if you will a childish albino