The village that changed China forever
The village that changed China forever

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Forty years ago, 18 residents from poverty-stricken Xiaogang village risked their lives to secretly sign a contract to divide the communally owned farmland into family plots, forever transforming China’s rural economy. However, mainly relying on traditional agriculture, the village is still far away from prosperity and is now emptying as the younger generation are leaving for big cities.


obsidianstatue : Now, there is a second rural reform happening all around China, as young people leave for the big cities, there are some farmers who saw this as an opportunity, and have rented land from other families who are too old to work the field and have started commercial sized farms, becoming millionaires in the process.

Jackson Sharma : A lot to learn from Chinese it or hate it or appreciate it or criticize it they are marching forward .......

Abdul Majid : I'm Indonesian. And I respect China for the hard work

1212 : Chinese are very resilient. They can take insults, hardship and then work hard quietly for 30 years to bounce back.

Mackii.SWE 🇸🇪 : Very brave and cool story, few men that stand together in a decision can change more than most of us think is possible.

Tushar Chatterjee : As Indians, we respect China although we are not the best of friends. It's better to have a hot meal on the table rather than lofty ideas in head.

Rudy Alfonsus : one of the most valuable news i have watched in a long period of time

Ming Yang : Americans hating this video. Why? Because Chinese are not suppose to be happy, only Americans can be happy . 😂🤣

A man : This is so inspiring... I hope I'll get to visit this place too someday

TheSporehacker : I respect that attitude of hard work and dedication

milk and bread : Chinese are really badass hard workers that too without complaining or protesting ..I salute for their tolerance and spirits level of hard working capacity

Matt Shah : "China is a sleeping lion.... Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world" - Napoleon Bonaparte-

Dimitriy Mirovsky : Funny to see this because both Soviet and China inherited Socialis Communist structure. But now Russia and China have different legacy. China already established as one of prominent world economy power, wealth is abundant and surging into Capitalist hotbed. While Russia is lingering with 1001 economic problems and still lagging behind China today. Seems true what commonly said about China. It is not jews who mastered the money, but it was Chinese people all along. Jews created money, but Chinese mastered it. Lot to learn from China in the way they structured their economy system, moving from one of Asia sick disease nation, into the most progressive economic nation. Yet all this achieve less than 30 years. Impressive? No. Its remarkable. What China achieve the past 30 years equivalent what Europe, USA & Japan achieve the past 100 years.

Ben Bravo : Poverty forced them to do whatever it take to better living standard. In the old time it would be a start of a rebellion.

Discerning Troll : Great ideas and innovation don't come from the Top. They always start at the bottom. Provided you have Rulers and a Bureaucracy that understands this the nation and its people will prosper. Something that needs to be understood by all Rulers. I can think of one self confessed Nerd in recent Australian History who did not understand this. Only his ideas were OK and only he knew how to implement them. They are your true dictators. Elected or not. Very much like the USA today.

LK72 : I guess it took starvation and despair for a bunch of Chinese villagers to brave persecution and punishment to apply a common sense solution that the government otherwise made illegal. Really brilliant China, especially as China is now reverting to Maoism.

Simon Xyz : When the Chinese do not forget the philosophy of the Yin and Yang they will continue to go in the direction that it should. In running a country there is a mix of socialism and capitalism, there is a mix of Yin and the Yang. When the country has gone too much Yin then more Yang is needed; and when the country is too much Yang, then more Yin is needed.

Wei4Green : This is a really *bold* move.

durga prasad : That one small signs changed many lives Good work.....

astargen : Haven't seen such a good clip in YouTube for long time. It brings the truth. I still remember when I went to Shenzhen in 90's, the farmer's houses were built by pounded mud stuck with dry grass. Look at it now, such a remarkable changes !!

Anne Elizabeth : Me along with rest of the world want a free Tibet 🙏✌️

R : I like that they worked both for the society and for themselves. Working for the collective is good, and if you recieve benefits for yourself as you work, you will work harder both for the country and for you.

Y2Kvids : Imagine US divides it's farms to all people including homeless.

Joseph Russel Timpug Ison : The theory grow for your survival first and export/sell your surplus is hardly preached by the so-called economic experts 😃

diamond Tran : Both China and Russia have inherited great legacies: deeply traditional and cultural societies and very, if not extremely intelligent, people. Yet both share a common misfortune: stupid political systems run by narrow-minded politicians!

michael12991 : Haha - they realised the problem with communism and solved it - individualism and motivation to better oneself.

E K : Free markets and private property are the only path to prosperity.

Joyal kurian : Capitalism brings peace and prosperity while socialists bring chaos and poverty.

dave597 : thanks for the history lesson. it shows that capitalism alone does not bring wealth, talent and innovation is needed too. and a government must support this.

robspunk : Keep fighting communism! Power to the people!

Kaling Tali : This is the first positive video I've viewed on this channel. Good work guys! 👏🏻👏🏻

Hendra Yunan : Mr. Yan's analysis shows his knowledge and familiarity of the subject. Not one to be underestimated.

Val K : "Grain yields skyrocketed from 10,000kg to 65,000kg" Presumably, 10,000kg was the target they were required to meet, and they had no incentive to produce more than that since whatever they produce would belong to the state? Why didn't they just set the target at 65,000kg then

mohd zahrin Bin abdul rahman : this "village" is 10x better and modern than our small/medium city in Indonesia.

Himanshu Tewari : I am still not able to understand how instead of collective farming their individual plot farming changed fortunes??? Collective farming means bigger plot more manpower so should yeild high produce

maykolee : 希望川大大早日幹死習小小!

I_haz_no_comments : *where did our items come from* E.g clothes shoes socks u name it How do buisness start? Whats the reason to hate china? *toxic comments up ahead*

zues121510 : So they switched to the system everyone else was using? *_wow_*

windingpath : It changed nothing, communist party is still in power, all the progress could be undone overnight.

Mr K : Well done China From Pakistan.

Rakshith Setty : 6:10 China's history? Or Chinese history?

egjw1234 : You see that capitalism works but why still communists

spencer song : If saving millions of life means you are great, what about billions of life? Deng xiaoping did it, I forever admire him for that.

DK CN : Gotta give it to those villagers who defied communism without really knowing it....

ekjudo : See Bernie bros. Even in communist China, free market capitalism works.

big spoon : Thank God for the Xiaogang 18

InDstructR : You know Xiaogang, that little gang of farmers? (Xiao means "little" in Chinese and is one of the few words I know... It probably doesn't mean that for the place name anyway)

sol666 : Absolute democracy, absolute capitalism, absolute communism, absolute socialism, absolute dictatorship, absolute monarchy, all absolute political mechanisms fail the people and eventually drive a country towards chaos injustice and self destruction. A balance between these various political devices is needed in the government to make a country and it's ppl prosper. This village is an example of that in China.

Bilal : Who made the chair for Mao?