The village that changed China forever

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Tushar Chatterjee : As Indians, we respect China although we are not the best of friends. It's better to have a hot meal on the table rather than lofty ideas in head.

Dimitriy Mirovsky : Funny to see this because both Soviet and China inherited Socialis Communist structure. But now Russia and China have different legacy. China already established as one of prominent world economy power, wealth is abundant and surging into Capitalist hotbed. While Russia is lingering with 1001 economic problems and still lagging behind China today. Seems true what commonly said about China. It is not jews who mastered the money, but it was Chinese people all along. Jews created money, but Chinese mastered it. Lot to learn from China in the way they structured their economy system, moving from one of Asia sick disease nation, into the most progressive economic nation. Yet all this achieve less than 30 years. Impressive? No. Its remarkable. What China achieve the past 30 years equivalent what Europe, USA & Japan achieve the past 100 years.

1212 : Chinese are very resilient. They can take insults, hardship and then work hard quietly for 30 years to bounce back.

Michael Sharma : A lot to learn from Chinese it or hate it or appreciate it or criticize it they are marching forward .......

Rongxiang Zhi : Respect to those people who keep China moving.

Ming Yang : Americans hating this video. Why? Because Chinese are not suppose to be happy, only Americans can be happy . 😂🤣

Danny Kwan : A good one from SCMP, more report like this, a balanced cover of what has been happening in China, less tabloid shit like what's on Daily Mail, you're better than that.

Matt Shah : "China is a sleeping lion.... Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world" - Napoleon Bonaparte-

obsidianstatue : Now, there is a second rural reform happening all around China, as young people leave for the big cities, there are some farmers who saw this as an opportunity, and have rented land from other families who are too old to work the field and have started commercial sized farms, becoming millionaires in the process.


Simon Xyz : When the Chinese do not forget the philosophy of the Yin and Yang they will continue to go in the direction that it should. In running a country there is a mix of socialism and capitalism, there is a mix of Yin and the Yang. When the country has gone too much Yin then more Yang is needed; and when the country is too much Yang, then more Yin is needed.

Not So Politically Correct User : Capitalism brings wealth. This video proves everything

randomly28 : I guess it took starvation and despair for a bunch of Chinese villagers to brave persecution and punishment to apply a common sense solution that the government otherwise made illegal. Really brilliant China, especially as China is now reverting to Maoism.

Mackii.SWE 🇸🇪 : Very brave and cool story, few men that stand together in a decision can change more than most of us think is possible.

I am not Tun Mahathir : Why is China so strong today? This is because there is no exploitation from foreign imperialism. So China can share resources with its people in its own land and Chinese can use their resources properly. Communism is the key for China to kick out imperialism and fascism. Thus China won't be like America's SJWS and hypocritical freedom.

Voltrex Gamer : Love China ❤❤ great love respect from Pakistan

Rudy Alfonsus : one of the most valuable news i have watched in a long period of time

javed_mamun : No sooner China will build a heaven on this earth. Just wait and see...

Das Kapital : The Chinese are unstoppable once they got their acts together. Mao was an ideologist while Deng was a pragmatist. If Mao were to die in say 1960 and replaced by Deng Xiaoping instead of '78 the whole world would view socialism differently

Prithvi Raj : Respect from India to hard working Chinese people.

Wei4Green : This is a really *bold* move.

Ben Bravo : Poverty forced them to do whatever it take to better living standard. In the old time it would be a start of a rebellion.

Ming HUANG : Communism is the worst thing to ever happen to humanity

Gold Silver : Capitalism is in our blood.

LevelDEpic : Lol like this comment if you like your own comment

Oswald Chong : Unlike what Trump said.... China didn't steal the money America gave her... She worked hard for the money. She doesn't protect intellectual property but that's traditional thinking.... Chinese medicine has no patent.

Joyal kurian : Capitalism brings peace and prosperity while socialists bring chaos and poverty.

A man : This is so inspiring... I hope I'll get to visit this place too someday

NeverStopPulling : Chinese government is ABSOLUTE TRASH AND INHUMANE!! Down with Chinese government!!! Free the people!!!!!!

E K : Free markets and private property are the only path to prosperity.

sajid hossain : In india bjp govt do not spare farmer also. Lots of farmer r dying and crying but no resilent from govt... Bjp is a Corrupt govt who only listen to rutheless fraud capitalist person like nirav modi, vijay malya etc. Not to poor people. When poor people ask for his demand then they give opium to them.....ayodhya temple, cow lynching etc.... Ha ha ha. Is this goes on like this then within 10 yr india would becaome Venezuela.

Ragnaros Lil : Anyone there??Hello??

diamond Tran : Both China and Russia have inherited great legacies: deeply traditional and cultural societies and very, if not extremely intelligent, people. Yet both share a common misfortune: stupid political systems run by narrow-minded politicians!

Abdul Majid : I'm Indonesian. And I respect China for the hard work

robspunk : Keep fighting communism! Power to the people!

imin a : indian pm modi said we are gonna beat china hahhahahahahahhahahahhahaahh! India can never even match up with china not even in the next 100 year all we do is built useless tall statues that’s not even good looking spending hundred million dollars and still they are gona built some other statues in karnataka n maharatstra wasting millions of dollars ! We dont even have dustbins in india look at the roads in rural villages in china so clean n beautiful indian villages have no roads whatevr roads we have is broken! india is filled with filth!! N people flight coz of religions n temples where in todays world its so irrelevant!! China is amazing i have been in china i have been so mesmerized!!!

Joaquín : I like that they worked both for the society and for themselves. Working for the collective is good, and if you recieve benefits for yourself as you work, you will work harder both for the country and for you.

InDstructR : You know Xiaogang, that little gang of farmers? (Xiao means "little" in Chinese and is one of the few words I know... It probably doesn't mean that for the place name anyway)

Akira Kho : I wish that the younger generation , must do something for their village. . . .

Sanamana _ : US creates a time machine to go back in time to destroy that village so they’ll never be number 2. Oh well is too late now. China no. 1

leeluv96 : 1:47 so why couldn't they do the same as a collective, and split the profits? Like why couldn't they work as hard as they could, make the quota then profit off the surplus with out singing an illegal document and splitting up the land? I don't see a need for the risk of death. It's like playing the gov game but better.

Ray Mak : Looks like..... Another town

astargen : Haven't seen such a good clip in YouTube for long time. It brings the truth. I still remember when I went to Shenzhen in 90's, the farmer's houses were built by pounded mud stuck with dry grass. Look at it now, such a remarkable changes !!

Melody Smith : Could you cover the successes and failures of the other Modernizations?,

aman verma : Even a small bunch of people can make a difference.

Cassidy Deneau : Very cool

HARDCORE JORO : But not the people

Joe Burns : It's amazing how socialism and collectivism still sells. This story is probably not unique, but an interesting one. My theory is that incompetent, lazy, shiftless people enjoy the fruits of other people's labor, and politically know how to organize and exploit people's emotions. That leads to transfer of wealth from producers to non-producers, hence, drags down the whole system.

Ilsunny Lo : @5:20 china beauties dancing

GB PN : India will show how democracy will get same results. It's a slow process but worth it, because we didn't trade Freedom. We are individuals every individual have his own character which makes "diversity the beauty". Without that small man has no future. Authoritarian regime only kills the voice of little man also Gives rise to a huge corruption. India will be the story of future people will hail it wait an see. Then people will realize getting results at any cost is not a universal Idea.