My Fart In Beat Saber

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penguinz0 : Thanks to KingPeuche for mapping my fart:

Flame of Udun : I take it back, THIS is the moment that Charlie *A S C E N D E D*

Knorkrax : Only true gamers will understand

mrcomp : That was a solid fart. A fart so solid it must have hurt you.

There's a starman waiting in the sky : What beautiful music. Almost classical, should be number 1 in the charts. Charlie really is an amazing musician.

Derp Chaos : Nice.

im salt : Holy shit, a full clear on the first attempt? What a God amongst men.

qwertypuff : Oops I shidded

Dio Drando : did he just shidded and farded and cummed in his pands?

party quackas : Ok

G_Boy : heart touching

Stevi Ball : sometimes i wonder why i’m subscribed to this channel

Ghost Not : This will one day be studied by future civilizations

Player Select - TerryB2 : But was it a *moist* fart?

Jarvis Bailey : The future is now

Daniel Valdez : He straight up demolished those shorts

Player Select - TerryB2 : I don’t know what I expected

Kristian Patterson : Where was this at the MTV Music Awards?

blackdog4997 : I can smell this video

MML Matt : hot

Justice Anton : I came when I heard the fart

Jordenator Normanator : Thank you, Charlie, very cool!

Hassan DM : This is what a true gamer looks like.

Kinoksis : I can even smell it through the video. I will accept this gift Charlie!

rhusk : sneak peek at this year's Grammy Awards

Anon 17 : First dislike because the fart was not loud enough.

Michael Montoya : The mighty thirsty can absorb farts too!

Dr John Zoidberg : *H I G H Q U A L I T Y*

12feettall : Half life 3 confirmed!

Nimmy Jewtron : Music has finally reached peak quality, there is nothing left to make

Sylphynford Tachibana : I have no idea what to do with this trivia

EggBalling : I have devoted not only many hours, but my life to beat saber. However just seeing how fluently you full cleared this map makes me question my reality. Why practice hours and hours a day to try to get better when someone else already has perfection at the skill you hope to obtain.

Dalek ShitPoster : BBBBRRAAAPPPP

TheBob18 TagPro : If this video is wrong then I don't want to be right.

Potentialman 01 : First

ash glory : Scary

LintyCarcass : jesus christ

Subject 32 : Amazing, just pure amazment

KC1919 and Stuff : It’s always weird being early, like it says no views and 5 likes

MoDcodekiller : Nice

NitroSpeed : Yes

Cookiewookie 5555 : Second.

Jon'sCopyright : Why wasn’t this DLC for Rocksmith? Smh

Toiletpaper89104 : 100% in the moist meter!

autistic mandem : wow what a gamer

Samurai Donkey : Great work

Verlepte Henk : Real men have nothing to hide.

Justin Y. : So this is the power of the beat saber

Benjamin Feron : Oh...

DrBimbo Bread : So nice