Gotta go S L O W
Gotta go S L O W

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It’s just a reposted meme lmao


Tommy : Lazy the Hedgehog.

AMArchy : Green Chill Zone

JimiTheGamer : Unlike Hedgehogs i dont chuckle

J Black : we need a 10 hour version

Ice0Diamond : M A X I M U M C O M F O R T

Brennan Murphy : fEels GoOd maaAnN

Star Rattler : That's the kind of relaxation I strive to feel.

youhuardme youhuardme : The money shot is gold rings just shooting out of it's body.

Asa Timmons : whats the name of the song tho

Max Eduardo Peixoto : Que vídeo maravilhoso!

Jodie Gallardo : Oh i invented this! *COPYRIGHT* (or not)

Jake Waters : God I Wish That Were Me. Thats comfy to aspire to.

Catwif : Gotta go _inhale_ *DESPACITO*

Jose Ramos : 4 what are you doing zat

Marco Garcia : Sonic (The Hedgehog) music!

Lemon Dance : Hedgohog: OH YES OH YES

Benedict T. : H A P P Y S P I K E Y B O I

SimplyMav : Uploader must be going crazy seeing how this suddenly blows up after several months.

Master- OOF : The mausage (srry) for the hedgehog

Martian : reply with song tanks

Vexo___ _ : _yes please_

lovecats777 : No joke, this does wonders for my anxiety

Shad-ic The Fox : is this an insult or a meme

Thepikazapper05 : I really really like this image

chromosoze's account : wait where did you get that hedgehog

Sean Smith : Why can't they share the hedge?

WarOn4Fun : Came here from Clever Endeavour... welp im stumped

Syndusias : This really activates my almonds, they are fully erect, and throbbing with fuzzy cheeses

Otto von Kewl : Papa bless

Ziquafty Nny : I need one of these.

Ron Swanson : I dig it.

CapS : Oh dang

Zac J : That's awesome

TE1MICAW 34 : Oh

lkzz : Song name?

J : Lol this will blow up. Here before 8k viewss

Samer Tattoos : Yes

BingBong Hafu : _aroused_

Joshua N. : ._.

herghergheruuuu : Hello

Andrey Ivashin : NICE

love : beautiful baby

Aμz : song name? very soothing

Jose Ramos : Hedgehog is a savage becus he so tird

Jose Ramos : Where did u get zat higog from u fand it?

Falcon : Uhmmmmmm......... Idk what to say