Beep Beep What A Hot Sheep (Animation by Minus8)

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Pram's stage : 9x in my recommended, you happy now youtube?

sugarycube : I will never forget u Shima:(

Sophie Wilkinson : 1:36 *EXTRA THICC*

Hannah Strozier : What if they were guys

Zachary Shonozaki : Those sheep are sexy.

kill me plz : >animation by Minus8 >Ridiculously curvy and sexual sheep Not. One bit. Surprised.

A massive Weeb : *beeping intensifies*

CLB Music : I know this is an inappropriate video but I see stuff I remember from the past I seen before *nostalgia* Another thing at 1:00 I thought that was *PICKLE RICK!*

Aidan Judd : Only people who knows Planet Dolan (YouTuber) knows that Shima and Melissa are here... Like if you found them

Capitandino : 1:54 is werdi

Davidszr : donde estoy ? chicos ?

coold 247 : I can't lie that sheep is hot as fuck

gale da wolfe : Will not regret that fap

Connor Christopher : *Minus8 On Google:* Me: AND AWAYYYY I GO........ *Minus8 On Youtube:* Me: OH SHIT WRONG WAY!!!

wampXs : is this a fucking cyriak reference

PasteliBoba : The design is cute :0

AlphaDemo_ : Me: *hides in corner while holding a cross and rosary* Me: "BE GONE FURRIES"

Mr Booshit : Is dis even age restricted ?

JT : Minus8 is a GOD

Finfante : I have strange feelings for that sheep. The female one was ok too.

Sinker Dude : Entire comment section: Not my proudest fap/I got a boner/I'm a furry/I'm gay/(insert anything here) REFRENCE!!!! And so on

Brandon Jose : Something about those sheep giving directions on how to beep beep like a sheep seems very... stimulating

Gamerwarrior : I'm not a furry for christ's sake... fuck it. *zip

PhillipGaming82 Uribe : SINS EVERYWHERE *sprays holy water* REPORT FOR SEXUAL THINGS AAAAA

Demian Pedroza Ortega : Here you have a list of all the references in the video: 0:00 Leggy Lamb from Sheep Wrecked - Droopy Dog 0:38 Shaun the Sheep 0:42 UmJammer Lammy & Master Onion - Parappa the Rapper 0:46 Dawn Bellwether - Zootopia / Pose from Basic Instinct 0:50 Souffle & Tart & Bakumaru - Eto Rangers 0:54 Sheep in the box - The Little Prince 0:57 Lammy & Mr. Pickles - Happy Tree Friends 1:02 Jesus and Judas (Short Animation) 1:05 Piano - My Melody 1:36 Cow and Chicken 1:39 Shizuku Oikawa - The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls 1:42 Daisy - Katamari Damacy 1:44 Cows & Cows & Cows - Cyriak 1:47 Shima Luan & Melissa - Super Planet Dolan 1:51 Flaaffy & Cottonee -> Mega Ampharos & Whimsicott - Pokemon 1:55 Vincent Brooks / Catherine & Katherine McBride - Catherine 1:58 Clarice M. Starling & Hannibal Lecter - The Silence of the Lambs 2:03 Chelsi (OC of Scorci) & Owner Character of Minus8 Glad to be your help.

Grace Walsh : Nice animation

yandere_chan : Who else fell in love with the sheep girl 😂

Shadow Scream : Rule 34 at it again.

Brooklyn the gamer Longoria : The sheep is hot I'm in love 😙😚😘😗

Conman PVP123 : Not my proudest fap...

JuicyJason : 1:52 Nice! I love Pokémon it’s such a kid friendly game everybody loves! 1:54 oh... nevermind

usaid alfatih : A sheep is fine too I guess...

julia Undertale : 1:26 dios ;//v//;

joaquim espina morbin : I think is happy tree friends 1:00

magilla gorilla : Thank you for making me a furry

puppet the cat warrior : O\\\O _______

Rebus : Niesamowite :D

Dous Bunny : I wanna twerk with them

Jack Tracy : If your recognize where 1:03 is from your a degenerate like me


Mane! el que esta en todos lados : Ok entre a la parte muy rara del internet me, voy

Kamila Acosta : Hot..

Maju BR #zueiraneverends #nuttela : Saporra é viciante

milp x : human sheep or furries?

Motu and my friend patlu : Why am I aroused by farm animals?

Insanity 1987 : *I AM A FURRY NOW.*

CheerfulBreeze Gaming : hot tho

the ema el crack!!!!! : Que pedo esta Bueno el video xd

Thisispointless Studios : this is pointless

Ruratae : A-am I a furry now?