Beep Beep What A Hot Sheep (Animation by Minus8)

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ElucianPivot : We could make a religion out of this

xXxA_Doge_LoverxXx : "Do you think God stays in Heaven...because He's afraid of what he's created?"

CroMaLaka : Don't lose your milk boys

Hamster fofos : me: **watches** cousin: o_O **nose bleed at sexy sheep* me: retard,thats zoophilia! cousin:i dont give a crap. brother: bruh thats......made on MS paint? o-o me: idk cousin: I FUCK*** DONT CARE I JUST WANNA SPREAD THOSE BOOBS!!!! brother: .... me: lol.

JohnyAlv : So this is what they call *Hentai* ...?

Victor the GAY LORD : Wow I got almost all the references from this especially the one from Happy Tree Friends and the one from Catherine

Luke's Show : what scares me is that someone in the world is fapping to this

Pluto : MY CHILDHOOD IS RUINEd- Cow And Chicken When I Was Younger- ((The Zootopia Thing Was A Joke, If You Belived It.. You Got Trolled XD))

Davide Pizzelli : Am I scottish now?

Nickolay 7 : u know whats fucked up about dis???some ppl want to fuck these sheep hoes and masterbate while watching this vid or they take screenshot of their face and make a life side doll with a hole where the ass is because its a doll and they print the face on a papaer or what ever and make it look it's them from this vid,oh yeah and they fuck it(wtf did i just write down???;-;)

RazeeR : 1:46 is that a fucking Shima Luan and Melissa.

Reflexicon HD : Guys what am i watching??

NuclearNuke41 : 0:00 Sheep and Fox are from an old cartoon that I saw from a YT video called "Sudden Sheep Anthropomorphism". 0:41 The onion and dog character from that rapping game. 0:57 Sheep and Mr.Pickle from Happy Tree Friends. 1:36 The 2 characters are a human form of Cow and Chicken from the show "Cow And Chicken". 1:42 That little thing from that weird Japanese game. 1:47 Shima and Melissa from Planet Dolan. 1:51 Pokemon? 1:58 Either the show "Criminal Minds" or "NCIS".

Donald Dick : 0:34 and 1:31

ĶĮŁĽŔ-X / X-ÇŁÅŇ : WTF? Which perv animated is? XD

Meth head mario 1 : This is making me horny

Lucka Kucka SKCZ : So sexy XD i like it

Frans •w• : 6 ) 6

Miyno 26 : Incoming Rule34

Emaji : 0:46 _zootopia?!_

JustARandomSpy : Press A to pound

Yramis Games : Am I on the wrong side of the internet again... For the god's sake...

OG BamBam GO : 0:46 is fap worthy ;)

SHISH KEBAB : Wtf is this furry shit?

Rok Willesee : not my proudest fap

joshua sabellano : Can some body please destroy this video

wolf mania : we all need jebus

Nathan Schwahn : If you are alone and watching this go tell an adult you sick fuck

Level12 Gaming : I looked this up on google its a porn


CoolDude 95 : The fact I knew this was minus 8s before reading the title scares me.

TSZ Productions : all i was doing was watching a different youtube video and i found this. i feel weird

PokeNicole 9 : The worst thing is that I like this...and repeat it 10 times

Carrey John : y tf do i have a boner at this?

Dean Of Duel Academy : So we're all gonna forget abouth the exposed breasts at 0:12? I know it could be clothes.. but could!! LMFAO

Eric Salvides : Why is so weird and was she twerking

LEMONKNIGHT YT : What The fuck? How did I get here?

GrimZANs : Pretty sure this is a furry recruitment video

Tony Montana : Could someone give me all the references he is doing? I know some like the Zootopia one, the cow and chicken one, and Planet Dolan one too

popping jimbo aka dark choclate : When your watching gay porn then who' s gay you or 2 guys having sex

killer metal : this is so disturbing for me

Noturno Deadness : Dam...(im now waitig for a rule 34) ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴

SugerMuffinGaming : why is that man making love to a picture of a box?

Alfie Davies : Im going to wash my eyes with bleach then set them on fire...

Hector Fuentes : REFERENCES!?!

Anthony Gimenez : i swear anyone who thinks this is hot is retarded

Nat Nat : 1:59 to 2:05 could anyone tell me where that come from?

ConfusionMaster 26 : i like it. It was well thought out and perfectly animated.

Dono do Magrelin : top 10 sexy anime girls