hooded tops with special powers

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Nathan Barnes : Are you back with the animations ?

Dreikelvin Media & Sound : That was really enjoyable, thank you! If you dislike: YER'AN EDIET

vhs rex : This is perfect

Calum Donaghy : Have been showing this to everyone Nobody seems to find "fart off" as funny as I do

Ryan Campbell : Absolute Gold.

SKEECH : 😂😂😂😂

RETROsaurus : I love this stuff man, keep it up

scottt923 : Glad you're back uploading animation work on here again, a enjoy it so much! Love aw the wee daft silly voices 'n the characters mate

Sam Jennings : Good to see you uploading again your videos always make me smile

Paul Leslie : Davey, please never fart off.

Watering Can : That was great. Hope you do some more stuff, it's always lovely.

audun1234567890 : Loved it!

Robbie Allan : Proud to be Glaswegian.

zGigglezFTW : Youve made another amazing contribution to Scottish patter. Been watching since I was 12. Love ye Swatrick ❤️

michael maglio : Yay new one!!! More!!

Alan Gillies : Class

barnabydixon : Keep up the flippin' brilliant work bud!

Matthew Bester : "Did you say 5 minutes or 5 months?", my favourite part. 😂

MrZanyzoo : I fokin love this

Daniel Lennox : Please make more hahaha

John Rowley : Good job! Hope you get a series, you deserve to

Ricardo : Well I just wasted 4 minutes of my life. IT WAS WORTH IT

Bunka Fas : WHERE YA BEEN STYOOPID IDIOT!! Love this <3

Will McDaniel : BRILLIANT!

Michael Newton : God bless you and the work you do, sir.

Ty Grenier : This was hilarious, and well done besides.

Peridusk : For the love of god please make more of these

MattAndRob HumorShow : OMG ! You're back 😭❤️❤️

Henrique Almeida : This is too funny

Slack : 3:24 'Yaaaaaaaesss' lol

John Ferguson : 👍🏻👍🏻 (EE doh doh)

Dan Rouse : Fan-flippin-tastic

Valdez Trinity : Oooft!!

Rhys Prosser : Awesome!

Takeshi Kitano : barry man

BeZe Beast : O

Matt McDade : Super clean animation, love the characters. Irish is a good accent for this style too but some of the lines were hard to understand