Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice [Official Video]

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Veggie Gamer : This is the most Christopher Walken thing that has ever happened.

digg dogg : Christopher Walken is the man and he can levitate.

Raezer : Wow, ReportOfTheWeek got pretty old.

Raezer : Hey is that Christopher, walking? AHA. AHAHAHA. I'll see myself out.

Ian Christopher : These boots are made for Walken..

Abbey Caveney : Christopher is Walken in the air

813Productions : Brings back good memories of me watching this music video on the Box as a kid.

Nodge X : Coolest man alive for the 74th year running.

gregf415 : Christopher walken is that cool uncle that you only get to see around the holidays. but he makes everything more fun

True Blue Girl : Thumbs Up if you're enjoying this Classic from Fatboy Slim in 2018.

Orison : Christopher Walken 0:00 Christopher Sitten 0:05 Christopher Thinken 0:08 Christopher Looken 0:17 Christopher Standen 0:36 Christopher Dancen 0:45 Christopher Boppen 0:50 Christopher Moonwalken 1:01 Christopher Ringen 1:06 Christopher Escalaten1:14 Christopher Kicken 1:48 Christopher Strollen 1:50 Christopher Swaggen 2:04 Christopher Swingen 2:24 Christopher Flyen 2:53 Christopher Smilen 3:14 Christopher Standen 3:28 *Repeat*

Daniel Jones - East London Blues : only just realised that "walk without rhythm and it won't attract the worm" is a line from the 1984 movie Dune....

EzioVictis Animation : This melody without the lyrics sounds like something out of JetSet Radio

Jamal Sampson : Don't be shy by the tone of my voice.... The Weapon Of Choice. Remix of The Choice Is Yours.

Master Faries : Christopher Walken should make another music video while he's still around.

Just Andre : Fun fact: This isn't actually a music video. It's just hidden camera footage of what Christopher Walken does when no one's around.

Salih Doowap Yucebas : I know this artist! He is Christopher Flyen.. Right?

Stuart K. Seels : Epic track, epic video & MASSIVELY epic Christopher Walken!

TheBuckStopsHere : Brilliant as hell...

Amit Verma : When they tell you that you have the whole hotel to yourself... free for a month.

weedandwine : He looks like the guy from "TheReportOfTheWeek" in about 25 years.

Sons of Vivi : I'm just here to watch Christopher Walken dance

1503nemanja : Christopher Dancen

flamencoprof : This is how I thought I was dancing at the work Xmas party :-)

dlpetta : There is no special effect. In fact, Christopher Walken really can fly.

jai iozh : Шел 2018 год

Levi Maag : if you dont who this cat is, your most deffinatly a young buck. 😂😂😂

C Johansen : I got a feva! and the only prescription is more cowbell!

PunkMonkey81 : Trump does this in the white house.

SeñorBurtango : Ice Bear when he thinks nobody's around.

Jilligain : Fuckengrooven!

Ernests Lacis : Hello everyone, this is runningonempty with another song review!

Mysterious Stranger : Walk without rhythm and it wont attract the wurm... is that Dune?

MackTalks : A classic.

mysticalmayra : Christopher Walken 1 Taylor Swift 0

Alex Runer : когда первый день отпуска!!!!

T.C. Williams : Walken on Sunshine

Deckard Cain : I would need to snore at least 14 lines of cocaine to dance like him

maburaho2O32 : This would be the best thing to send to outer-space!

time jogos : I remember this song

adnan tariq : I fucking LOVE this tune.

Styxhexenhammer 666 : From the thumbnail, I thought it was reviewbrah.

Alfan Al Ghifari S : Ice bear brought me here

bluesandcountry : Walken was 58 years old when he danced for this video. Damn good job.

Behelit : I've been redirected here from Paul Simons "You can call me Al", do you have any positive energy for me? ;]

Aqua Master : This reminds me of a time when MTV actually played music videos

gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs : Can't watch Cristopher Walken without thinking about where he hid Butch Coolidge's father's watch.

Lesley Earls : Awesome song and video !! Christopher walken rocks !!

Helium Road : Christopher Walken, not just scary, but scary good at dancing.

Ozimandius12 : I kind of want to get into a mall after hours just to reenact this moment in history...