Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice [Official Video]

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Veggie Gamer : This is the most Christopher Walken thing that has ever happened.

3 Shot Tim Knight : I'd like to think this is what Walken does when he's home alone

Class A Living : I always knew christopher walken was capable of flight

ICallsEmLikeISeesEm : This isn't a music video and Christopher Walken isn't putting on a performance. This is just footage of him that someone happened to capture on an average day in his life.

Dr Hans Volter : Christopher Walken’s portrayals in this video: Christopher Sitten Christopher Dancen Christopher Flyen

Adam Bryant : Christopher deffinatly ain't Walken

Корвин Маклауд : Maybe I'm overthinking this music video, but I see a very deep story here that no one seems to notice. To me the moment he jumped off the balcony is the moment the viewer should realize that everything this old man in a suite currently does is only happening in his imagination. This is what he really wished he could do, move and dance like a young man to a catchy song on the radio just because he feels like it, have fun, and even fly like a superman. And then at the end of the video he ends up in his chair at the same exact spot in the same exact pose with the same exact bored facial expression and at this point we should realize that for the whole time of this music video this man actually just sat there dreaming about doing all the stuff we just saw on the screen. This is a particulary well played and directed short movie that tells the story, something you rarely see in movie clips and even real movies these days.

IamCombustible : My disappointment is nonexistent and my day is made.

Marcelo Decon : This is probably one of the best videos EVER.

Ben Silva : Christopher Walken 0:00 Christopher Sitten 0:05 Christopher Thinken 0:08 Christopher Looken 0:17 Christopher Standen 0:36 Christopher Dancen 0:45 Christopher Boppen 0:50 Christopher Moonwalken 1:01 Christopher Ringen 1:06 Christopher Escalaten1:14 Christopher Kicken 1:48 Christopher Strollen 1:50 Christopher Swaggen 2:04 Christopher Swingen 2:24 Christopher Flyen 2:53 Christopher Smilen 3:14 Christopher Standen 3:28 *Repeat*

MerryThoughts : Turns out the primary reason they hired Christopher Walken for this video is that he was the only actor around able to cause gravity to reveres from the sheer power of cool factor. Saved them a bundle on pulleys and wiring.

Mitcher Meandan : Christopher Walken is just one of those naturally awesome people.

rob rick : He's dancing like that cause he has a gold watch up his ass.

Jacob Lowrey : This is really fun to watch when stoned

Just Andre : Fun fact: This isn't actually a music video. It's just hidden camera footage of what Christopher Walken does when no one's around.

Existenceisillusion : "walk without rhythm, you won't attract the worm". Nice reference to Dune!

Diane W : I know that Christopher Walken is a talented dancer, but yet ... seeing him dancing always surprises me.

Camille Butac : Now I know what Donald Trump is doing when he's alone in the White House

Lady Lefaye : Makes me smile everytime I see it. Walken is so charismatic.

dlpetta : There is no special effect. In fact, Christopher Walken really can fly.

Nick Brewin : To the 4.1k who disliked this were you unloved as children?

Bb Cc : It's the year 2020 and I'm still watching this, anyone else?

Ser Abiótico : Conception of the video: "There's one bored man with a suit on a lobby and... all of a sudden starts dancing around... on the scalator, on the table and shit... and then he jumps out of a balcony, but he flies! And... Uhm... oh, can we get Christopher Walken?" "Yeah, i guess we could hire him" "Good, he's doing all that. And also a backflip. "

crustafari : fun fact: he started out as a pro dancer in NYC on Broadway

Ed Jackson : This is surprisingly entertaining to a very wide age group. Everyone from 8 to 80 will stop what they're doing and smile

super geeky : who wouldn't wanna do that escalator dance??

Raymond Campbell : One of the greatest music videos ever

Creative Comedy : How is this not a meme???

LH : After your last exam.

Ugly Casanova : Pretty sure this is the best music video ever.

K Leitner : Christopher Walken is the total BOMB!!! He can act - drama & comedy and dance his a-- off!! Who knew from his film works that he could actually dance. Best thing, he's always doing something you didn't expect. Like this video..

Владимир Мировладовч : Ебать!!! 21.000.000 просмотров !!!

Ser Swag : Idk how I’ve never seen this before but I’m already on my second view & it’s getting better haha music is growin on me bc the vid is amaZING

Caleb Stuart : Now, you know, I did, actually, star, in, something, in which, I did move

Silent Bob : This video made me realize I need more Christopher Walken in my life.

Pepe Nieves : I dont know who got the idea of making the video about Walken just dancing but mannnnn he’s a genius

Elizabeth Gaspodnetich : This is probably my favorite video on you tube and I watch it once a week, sometimes more, and it makes me smile every single time!! I just love it!!

Furzkampfbomber : The best impression of bipolar personality disorder I have ever seen.

John McClane : a stunt man did the flips and jumps

bluesandcountry : Walken was 58 years old when he danced for this video. Damn good job.

H. Al : So, Christopher Walken is Peter Pan?

Diane Knowles : Tough guy actor Christopher dancing just brilliant.

Juan Borda : We need more cowbell ! The dictionary defines the word "Cool" simply by mentioning Christopher Walken, You can check that fact

MockingBirdGotU : what we all do when know ones around


studioworks1990 : That feeling when you realize you'll never be as cool as a flying Christopher Walken

Backstage Bum : I feel like Trump did this in Trump Tower when he won the election.

RODOtv : Tinelli la concha de tu hermana.

NBC : G-Man waiting for Half Life 3

rohl1979 : Великий актёр! Смотришь сейчас на нынешние поделки марвело-подобных компаний и прямо плакать хочется. Времена былые, эпоха великих людей. Шварценеггер, Ван Дамм, Джеки Чан и другие... что сейчас?!