Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice [Official Video]

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Dr professor salamander MD. : This is merely Walken at 0.0001% power.

William Trotman : Director: Just do some normal Christopher Walken stuff. Christopher Walken: Well, I think I, can do...that.

Big Poppa : People ask, "Why Christopher Walken?" I ask, "why not Christopher Walken?"

Plissa Barrett : "Walk without rhythm it won't attract the worm"....Dune wisdom!

bluesandcountry : Walken was 58 years old when he danced for this video. Damn good job.

Hello Mynameis : All hail Christopher Walken 2019

Steve Grydzyn : I hope you realise that he was a championship level dancer, before he was an actor?

Stella Stapleton : There is nothing I don’t like about the vid and the movie from whence it comes. LOVE

James Rogers : Still Christopher Walken's finest acting moment.

Veggie Gamer : This is the most Christopher Walken thing that has ever happened.

Bharat Jasrotia : beautiful back ground music amazing.

Palmer Eldritch : He's Walken all over the place

AussieOddball : Fun fact: Christopher Walken can actually fly he just chooses not to.

Hoang Luxius : Walken: So what should I do? Director: erh....whatever

Sonny Forelli : There is no special effect. In fact, Christopher Walken really can fly.

Wayne Shields : It’s a nice video. But I got a fever. And it needs more cowbell.

Pieter van Briemen : This clip was named 'Best Video of All Time' by VH1 in 2006.

codybroken : Christopher Walken is the coolest movie star ever.

Shadow : I'm super confused why this showed up in my recommendations, but I am into it 100%.

Ian Christopher : These boots are made for Walken..

pward17 : I know hes done amazing movies... but this is a masterpiece and the way I will always remember him.

Eric Irvine : The footwork when he is on top of the table is absolute insane.

James Arte : Man, seeing Christopher Walken like this puts such a MASSIVE smile on my face. Can't quite explain it . . . but I don't need to.

cypherusuh : this is him, after getting more cowbell

3 Shot Tim Knight : I'd like to think this is what Walken does when he's home alone

Samy Saud : Christopher walken My favorite actor of all time

Watchdog Goon : I think we've all had this dream at one point or another

Cynthia : This video = When you’re dissociating at work and your fav bop comes on

Roberto Marani : WHO IS HERE IN 2019 ? CIAO FROM ITALY !

Zedi gan : I swear to god Christopher Walken could do some of the silliest stuff on earth and still have that suave American gangster poker face. And I'd still take him seriously.

KickingAssDaily : The greatest introduction to a movie that never happened.

MrBlonde294 : the real star in this video is the suit. i need on like that!

Bharat Jasrotia : mr christopher walken did the the best job too.

PotatoKitten : Dude 1: So what will you do if you won the lottery? Me: Well...

Silent Bob : This video made me realize I need more Christopher Walken in my life.

GunkleJimmie : Director: Just do some normal Christopher Walken stuff. Christopher Walken: Hold my beer...

Michael Ashton : Christopher Walken is a national icon!

Despicable M3m3s : Fatboy slim has a scooby doo creepy complex🤭🤭 TBH 😶

ncjay08 : One thing added to my bucket list. Find the place where this was filmed and recreate at least a little part of it.

Artur Meier : 2019?

paynterboi1 : in italy at 11:38 april 21st 2019 ::)

Bartek Kiwit : lov this guy :)

amin ka : wow , we saw spider-man and superman before they were released.

Ed Jackson : This is surprisingly entertaining to a very wide age group. Everyone from 8 to 80 will stop what they're doing and smile

Эдмон Какашук : Один из самых классных актеров. Не вышел в тираж и не просрал харизму как де ниро. Ге снялся в каком то говне наподобии знакомства с факерами и подобной поеботине. Молодец. Актер лютый.

Chia Pendragon : This must be what happen to those really strong mushrooms I hid in the third drawer down that I can't find anymore.

Queen Existence : So freaking awesome. Coolest actor....EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!

Brian D : This never gets old!

Ugly Casanova : Pretty sure this is the best music video ever.