Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice [Official Video]

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Veggie Gamer : This is the most Christopher Walken thing that has ever happened.

Zedi gan : I swear to god Christopher Walken could do some of the silliest stuff on earth and still have that suave American gangster poker face. And I'd still take him seriously.

Mitcher Meandan : Christopher Walken is just one of those naturally awesome people.

EnigmaDrath : Crewmember 1: "Oh shit! He's already dancing. I didn't know we started shooting already." Crewmember 2: "Nah. We're still setting up the equipment. This is just what he does in his free time." Crewmember 1: " ... But he's FLYING!" Crewmember 2: "Yeah, he does that on Wednesdays."

Daron Healy Music : Who is here in 2018?

3 Shot Tim Knight : I'd like to think this is what Walken does when he's home alone

LH : After your last exam.

Ty Gerst : Cant we get a fatboy slim video with jeff Goldblum

Retro unleashed : On my 50th birthday I vow to walk into a hotel and do this.

deadmeat888 : 57 years old when he did this... not alot in that age who are this mobile

Ben Silva : Christopher Walken 0:00 Christopher Sitten 0:05 Christopher Thinken 0:08 Christopher Looken 0:17 Christopher Standen 0:36 Christopher Dancen 0:45 Christopher Boppen 0:50 Christopher Moonwalken 1:01 Christopher Ringen 1:06 Christopher Escalaten1:14 Christopher Kicken 1:48 Christopher Strollen 1:50 Christopher Swaggen 2:04 Christopher Swingen 2:24 Christopher Flyen 2:53 Christopher Smilen 3:14 Christopher Standen 3:28 *Repeat*

Jake Brodowski : Christopher Walken was the best and only choice for this video.

Raymond Campbell : One of the greatest music videos ever

Plissa Barrett : "Walk without rhythm it won't attract the worm"....Dune wisdom!

Diane W : I know that Christopher Walken is a talented dancer, but yet ... seeing him dancing always surprises me.

dlpetta : There is no special effect. In fact, Christopher Walken really can fly.

Daniel Carmona : Lots of comments from the past five months in this eight year old video.......

I am Joe : The older guys get, the higher the waistline on their pants get. Eventually they have to yell through their fly.

Olivier Rivalland : "walk without rhythm, you wont attract the worm" Dune anyone?

Em Jay : He's still terrifying, even when dancing!

Just Andre : Fun fact: This isn't actually a music video. It's just hidden camera footage of what Christopher Walken does when no one's around.

crustafari : fun fact: he started out as a pro dancer in NYC on Broadway

елена ол : Мало того, что любимый актер! Но ! это ,просто ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО!

Jacob Lowrey : This is really fun to watch when stoned

Eric Irvine : The footwork when he is on top of the table is absolute insane.

Class A Living : I always knew christopher walken was capable of flight

Robert Arrington : One of the best videos EVER. Song is ok. But Christopher Walken is beyond brilliant.

pward17 : I know hes done amazing movies... but this is a masterpiece and the way I will always remember him.

Caleb Stuart : Now, you know, I did, actually, star, in, something, in which, I did move

standrew : I've never seen a middle aged businessman in a suit waiting in a hotel lobby look so good! Christopher Walken is Epic!

bluesandcountry : Walken was 58 years old when he danced for this video. Damn good job.

William Trotman : Director: Just do some normal Christopher Walken stuff. Christopher Walken: Well, I think I, can do...that.

Raven Crow : I like how he sits down at the end as if nothing happened at all

Vivec the Poet : I just realized that part of this song's lyrics are a Dune reference...

BareJokesTV : how you dance after you take the watch out your crack

The Bow Tie : Fun fact, Christopher Walken was not directed to jump off the balcony. He just randomly did it, but the production crew kept filming after they saw him begin to fly. That's right. He can really fly. Because he's Christopher Fucking Walken.

H. Al : So, Christopher Walken is Peter Pan?

Mr Dk : The Best Music Video Ever!!! C WALKEN!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Christopher : That was Christopher Walken's favorite role cause he got to play himself--I mean TOTALLY.

Simon S : ah, those good old times where one did watch mtv just for the clips before it was ruined with "reality Show" crap.

Silent Bob : This video made me realize I need more Christopher Walken in my life.

valenius the kat : He's one creepy mofu that can bust a move 😂😂👍 but I love that mofu

Anarchy Black : I dance like that every time I’m on an escalator now 😂😂😂😂

SMAXZO : A typical Friday for Christopher Walken

Oliver Hilton : To think that Walken did all this in his 60s

Ed Jackson : This is surprisingly entertaining to a very wide age group. Everyone from 8 to 80 will stop what they're doing and smile

Эдмон Какашук : Один из самых классных актеров. Не вышел в тираж и не просрал харизму как де ниро. Ге снялся в каком то говне наподобии знакомства с факерами и подобной поеботине. Молодец. Актер лютый.

Lanz Dz : Me everytime im home alone

Марина Костюк : Любовь всей моей жизни..Какой мужчина!

J W : I didn't hear the cowbell. It needs more cowbell.