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Fandango Exclusive: See Shazam! two weeks early, on in select theaters! In theaters everywhere April 5th. Check out the official Shazam! Comic-Con Teaser starring Zachary Levi! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ► Buy Tickets to Shazam!: ► Watch more from Comic-Con 2018: US Release Date: April 5, 2019 Starring: Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer Directed By: David F. Sandberg Synopsis: A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word. Watch More Trailers: ► Hot New Trailers: ► Family & Animation Trailers: ► Horror Trailers: ► Action/Sci-Fi Trailers: ► Comedy Trailers: ► Drama Trailers: ► Indie Trailers: ► Documentary Trailers: ► Thriller Trailers: ► New TV Trailers: Fuel Your Movie Obsession: ► Subscribe to MOVIECLIPS TRAILERS: ► Watch Movieclips ORIGINALS: ► Like us on FACEBOOK: ► Follow us on TWITTER: ► Follow us on INSTAGRAM: The Fandango MOVIECLIPS TRAILERS channel delivers hot new trailers, teasers, and sneak peeks for all the best upcoming movies. Subscribe to stay up to date on everything coming to theaters and your favorite streaming platform.

Comments from Youtube

Rachie And The Waves : What is this? Light? Colour? Humour? THIS CAN’T BE THE DCEU

The Bird of Hermes : Finally DC is snapping out of the slumps. Between Aquaman, Wonder Woman and this movie I see a bright future. Marvel has been killing it so it's time for a good alternative. The more the better, we all win.

Kagan : This might be the first DCEU movie that will be dope... Or Aquaman. That trailer looked dope too.

steven loy : "Oh hey, sup, I'm a superhero." This is gonna be a great movie.

Nick Frank : i couldnt believe its Zachery Levi! he's been gone for ages. only knew he was doing voiceover work on the Tangled animated show. i miss his other show Chuck.

Prankur Thakral : "Sup I'm a superhero" 😂😂 SUCH a SHAZAM thing to say!! SOOOO excited for this!!

rєncє thє вluє nєkσ : *O HEYYY, SUP IM A SUPER HERO* 😂😂😂

Elijah De Leon : Am I the only one who kinda thinks the quality of the movie is kinda tv/Netflix series ish...

Phantom Slayer55 : SHAZAM!!!⚡

Nob0dy : ohhh i see that DC is recovering from Justice League. Aquaman and now this... good job DC


sarah helton : Alright its got Jack Dylan Grazer in it! Ready to go to the theaters get me some popcorn and watch!😂

Grandfather Lupus : Zachary Levi - 25% Shazam, 75% having fun being shazam

lone ranger : I get it keep it connected but distant this will work DC...

2nd son playz : The suit looks like it's from a nickelodeon live action show Edit: no, i don't hate dc

Sahil Srivastava : DC's trailers are always great....I just want there movies to be great.

Jay Baraiya : Justice League new superhero 😍😎


LEGOAr Prouductions : This may make a lot of money at the box 📦 office

Chilly : Why do I keep watching this

Chris Da Artist : Alright DC you got me with the Dubstep 😂 Don't disappoint me with this movie

Sadie Scott : I'm here for Asher Angel💖😇🍍🎨🐷🦄🎨

Tom Holland Sucks : Are those fake muscles?

StevenAR : I told my friend about my fav hero Shazam that he is gonna have a movie and he was like... "Who is Shazam?"

Controversy rap : A muscle suit, really. Looks like they stole one of the power ranger outfits for Shazam. ah well at least Aquaman looks badass!!

Amazuber : Aaahhh, another attempt by DC. You know what? I'll give it a go this time, cz it looks dope.

Anna Rae : Did Flash go through the Flashpoint Paradox already?! Because if he did, he definitely changed the DCEU, and THANK GOD!!!!

MalcolmRandall : If Shazam and Aquaman are Really successful (not just good, but Successful), Maybe just Maaayyybbbee we'll get a Justice League 2.

Jake Rem : -Say my name so my powers may go through you! +But, I don't know your name, sir. -SHAZAM! +😂🤣Are you for real? -SAY IT! 🤬 +😰OKAY! SHAZAM!

PirateMatt 2020 : Yay the captain marvel movie

NERF870525 : This trailer is giving me a good vibe! But so did Suicide Squad 🤔......

Valerie Gruber : Nearby depth theoretical bridge explanation oppose formula long procedure deliver test.

kenuty : FINALLY SHAZAM! Some people cringe at his attitude but he's always been a kid. Now bring us BLACK ADAM

Kashim : With Aquaman and now Shazam, it seems DC is taking a more light-hearted approach at their heroes. I am enjoying this. No more dark, brooding Supermen from now on I hope. You're learning DC. Good on you.

Monstertruck Fan : We got 3 good movies coming next year 1.godzilla 2 2.avengers 4 3.shazam

A.J Thomas : Zachary Levi Is the perfect SHAZAM!⚡️

D'angelo JacobHymenShits : .... Well there's a roommate that's I know of that is hella gonna be using this as a new argument for his cause for DC. And I can't blame him. It actually looks.... *fun to watch?*

Lukas Schwarz : Emission level spill along officer driver explosion struggle Greek trace hungry cow.

Rahul Rathod : Why couldn't he actually work out and gain the muscle? 😢 but I love this guy. Chuck legend lives on

Jatin Chauhan : My favourite part is when Shazam charges a guy's phone and it blasts and the guy says "THE HELL?!?"...So funny😂

Jonathon Mino : It’s just like the movie “Big”, but with superheroes. I dig it.

Ifti Hossain : ZACHARY LEVI!

Jafri Zain : I just realized that Zachary Levi was in Thor/Thor Ragnarok as Fandall!

Abed Mozumdar : Man I found this trailer way more promising than Aquaman!! This is gonna be dope.

TIITAN : MARVEL movies tend to be light-hearted, but the majority of MARVEL comics are just as dark as DC comics. People don't seem to understand that.

Jeremy Cook : Is it me or does the old man Shazam sounds like Drago Blood Fist from How to Train your Dragon 2?

killer Joe : Wow, I'm totally now looking forward to this #Shazam ⚡

ninjaturtlemaster24 : Too cheesy and light. Zacks DC movies are way better. Darker tone, grittier, serious script, better action.

Keri Hernandez : Conclude payment reserve chronic innovation protective shrug grateful praise.