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Movieclips Trailers : "Superpowers? Dude, I don't know how to pee in this thing!"

Rachie And The Waves : What is this? Light? Colour? Humour? THIS CAN’T BE THE DCEU

Kagan : This might be the first DCEU movie that will be dope... Or Aquaman. That trailer looked dope too.

Diablo99V : Finally DC is snapping out of the slumps. Between Aquaman, Wonder Woman and this movie I see a bright future. Marvel has been killing it so it's time for a good alternative. The more the better, we all win.

Elijah De Leon : Am I the only one who kinda thinks the quality of the movie is kinda tv/Netflix series ish...

steven loy : "Oh hey, sup, I'm a superhero." This is gonna be a great movie.

Sahil Srivastava : DC's trailers are always great....I just want there movies to be great.

rєncє thє вluє nєkσ : *O HEYYY, SUP IM A SUPER HERO* 😂😂😂

2nd son playz : The suit looks like it's from a nickelodeon live action show Edit: no, i don't hate dc

Nick Frank : i couldnt believe its Zachery Levi! he's been gone for ages. only knew he was doing voiceover work on the Tangled animated show. i miss his other show Chuck.

QADIR ROCK THE BIG GUY : The suit look terrible

Chris Da Artist : Alright DC you got me with the Dubstep 😂 Don't disappoint me with this movie

ILLuminated Onxy : Seems pretty cheesy


gabriele fett : So much better than captain marvel

Maximilian Somethin' : Wow, this makes me feel something I haven't felt for a long, long time... this is... this is, fun? If "fun" the word? I used to have it all the time with movies... damn! The word if "fun", right?

Prankur Thakral : "Sup I'm a superhero" 😂😂 SUCH a SHAZAM thing to say!! SOOOO excited for this!!

Jordann Shim : now this is a movie worth watching

Tom Holland Sucks : Are those fake muscles?

René Rene : Poor DC fans... This is what DC think is funny?

Just a Happy Canadian-American Boy : Avengers step aside 😁

A.J Thomas : Zachary Levi Is the perfect SHAZAM!⚡️

Ifti Hossain : ZACHARY LEVI!

SoloPiensoEnLaVagina : piece of garbage. honest to God. im a dc fan but damn this is bad

The Ministerial Nerd : I'm extremely glad that DC is trying another tone and genre for their films! BUUUTT the muscle suit is extremely cheesy. Honestly my only complaint tho. I'm waiting for Aquaman to come out and if that one is good then I will continue my support as a movie buff and comic book reader. However, if Aquaman disappoints me I will withdraw all financial support from the DCEU. I'm an unbiased comic book reading movie buff. Who sees hundreds of films a year. I am not some Marvel fanboy. I want both companies to succeed. But DC's quality as unbiased as I can criticize is not as good. Simply put! They need a lot of work on their world building and the structure of the universe itself. Here is why. I grade movies this way. Also this is my opinion How I grade: Anything lower than 6 I disliked or hated. 6 I was disappointed but it had redeemable elements, 7 I had fun but the movie had problems, 8 it was a pretty good film but not perfect, 9 the movie was glorious just not classic and 10 gold standard classic. Enjoy the reviews and my reason of why I will withdraw my support if Aquaman disappoints. Man of Steel: 8 out of 10. It was fun, great cast, well acted, and incredible action. But the fights scenes where WAAAY too long and the movie itself after the first time watching can almost be a drag to finish. BVS: 7 out 10. The movie's best part was Batman and Alfred. Both perfectly casted for their particular renditions. Frank Miller's bruiting and aging Batman heavily influenced Batfleck, and Alfred by Jeremy Irons was just like the ex-military Alfred that we all wanted. But besides Batman and Alfred. Everyone else had terrible acting, coincidental plot, or was miscast. However, it had redeeming elements from Superman. Along some pretty great lines from Luther that are a bit underappreciated because of the Riddler like character-acting Jessie Esienberg did. Wonder Woman: 6 out of 10. I honestly feel that Gal Gadot was miscast as WW. Although she is slowly improving ( I will keep giving her chances), her acting is stale and one dimensional. Only showing true emotions one time at the end of the movie. I also believe the fight choreographer for Wonder Woman either needs to be fired or corrected. As I watched the film MULTIPLE TIMES! In order to make sure my opinion was as unbiased as possible. I realized that Wonder Woman used 4 particular moves over and over again with a ratio of using 1 new move after using those particular 4, two times each. It was terrible fight choreography! Just as bad as the First Avenger's but hey they corrected that! But we see her again using those same moves more than newer moves in Justice League. It made the film slightly boring and worries me about how the action of WW84 will be! On top of that the thing that led to making it my biggest disappointment of 2016 is the fact the film is copycat or unoriginal. Film itself not being based on any particular Wonder Woman comic series is actually an amalgamation of Captain America the First Avenger and Thor. With some of the characters roles switched around like direct opposites. But the same basic plot, lessons, and character arcs are established there. With even similar jokes! It was obvious that the film was inspired by those two Marvel films. Again I am not a Marvel fanboy. I would of much rather it be more original then for them to copy Marvel. But they did. Face it. I am completely convinced the reason it gained so much critical success is because of the political and progressive messages it had. Just like Black Panther. However, as the hype dies down and people are no longer scared to criticize it in fear of being called sexist or racist. They realize both films are not as good as the hype suggests. Justice League: 6 out 10. WW was such a disappointment to me I waited to see all the clips and for it to come on HBO before watching it. I got to say I enjoyed it some! But the film was all over the place and the plot did not progress smoothly at all! Possible because it had multiple writers and directors. Had to do a lot of re-shoots! And the tones of the two directors were completely different. But the Snyder cut isn't that much better which probably because he was dealing with the suicide of his daughter at the time. Family drama or not I'm not gonna say something was great or good just because he had family trauma that would be lying. Now Joss tried to brighten up the film which Zack WANTED! But it just made the already bad product come out worse! No DC Fans it was not Joss that ruined the film. Although he made it worse Snyder still wrote the script and directed most of it. My biggest problem out of many is this. The film gives us great things about the heroes only to ruin it by multiple bad things for example. 1. Batman- Is the leader, highly educated, and becoming less dark because of inspiration. Those are all good! But they also make Batman comedic relief in a way that makes him look less than which is a huge mistake! He should be making peple the butt of the joke not being the butt of the joke. Also Making him the father or old man of the team with WAAYY too much Adam West in is characterization. It was so cheesy. 2. Wonder Woman- Is only used as an action filler! She doesn't offer much in the film but being a bad tail heroine and she really doesn't get any real character development which sucks. 3. Cyborg- is easily one of the best characters in the film and I struggle finding anything wrong with him!... Other than at times the CGI was really bad and the acting was a little stale. 4. Aquaman- Was a bad tail drifter with some serious skills! However, he was nothing like he was in the comics personality wise and we were mislead on his aggression in the trailers. His surfer boy attitude probably brought from Jason Momoa personality was a bit worrisome. I now know to be prepared for that in Aquaman as to not be too bothered by it. But also all the supposed plot holes or questions I had about him could be filled with his own movie so i wont bring those up. 5. Flash- Flash was miscast! I have nothing really good to say about this! Ezra not only doesn't look like him but definitely doesn't sound like him! It was also his idea that Barry have ADHD which is interesting but he overacts a ton on it. He is shown as smart and i enjoyed the father prison scenes. The powers are amazing! But that is the only good I can say. The way he is characterized and written is a shame! He is Wally West pretending to be Barry Allen. This is not Barry! One of the worst portrayals of flash in my life. But hey I guess one character had to be the comedic relief in a movie that every character offers comedic relief. Its pointless making him THAT goofy. They overdid it majorly. Suicide squad: 7 out of 10. The film was fun with great action in it. But they focused on two characters too much didn't show us enough joker while giving us one that was overacted when they did. They costumes sucked and it didn't deserve an Oscar! The directing was off and the plot was real shaky. Its a surprise to say this was one of their better films.

Jay Baraiya : Hahaha new look this awesome 😎

Dre : We’re Getting Two Captain Marvel Movies If You Know What I Mean

Sadie Scott : I'm here for Asher Angel💖😇🍍🎨🐷🦄🎨


Jay Baraiya : Justice League new superhero 😍😎

SUB-ZERO : They really could've done better.... and I mean a LOT better!

Tai Ketchum : Hey this looks pretty good

PlannedOcean60 H : Why do I keep watching this

Shiper KK : Jonah from Andi Mack

lone ranger : I get it keep it connected but distant this will work DC...

Kal-El fan 49 : The real Captain Marvel

hank : *Marvel new movie trailer came out I didn't knew!*

PirateMatt 2020 : Yay the captain marvel movie

dat damn kez : I'm watching this over captain marvel

Jakai Bonville : Thank God there bring my boy in

Amazuber : Aaahhh, another attempt by DC. You know what? I'll give it a go this time, cz it looks dope.

sarah helton : Alright its got Jack Dylan Grazer in it! Ready to go to the theaters get me some popcorn and watch!😂

GnarlyTaco asf : If I was a shazam fan I'd be very upset

Mk : better and funnier then superman!

Your Best Friend's Hot Sister : 1:36 I literally thought Eminem was the super hero at first I was about to go off. 😂

Nka Vids Skateboarding : *Dang He Looks Kind Of Cheesy 🙈*

Cristie Epuri : Disney now tangled it’s way into dc

Damazko Jacobsky : No lo sé Rick...

SWIF7L3G3ND : Nice, 8 months from now

Shrenks : Damn how’d they make a spoof on a movie that hasn’t even came out yet😂😂