Whose Line - Arctic Tern

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Cait Cher : This is the point in the show when Ryan just gave up.

Asha Mae : Someone's "updated" the Wikipedia page for the Arctic Tern claiming that its call sounds like "Backstreet Boys" and it's beautiful.

KoyasuNoBara : Colin just looks so proud of himself.

youssarian91 : It's hilarious how Colin seems to know how to completely break Ryan. XD

Yesica1993 : Ryan is so adorable when he says, "No... No, Colin. That's wrong."

baler johnson : I swear to God Iv'e watched this a hundred times and every time I laugh.

gingygeo : Here's to Colin Mochrie, the man who broke Ryan Stiles. TWICE.

Joanna Evans : Pure brilliance! "No Colin.... that's wrong!"

silentbob82 : I was watching a nature show on tv the other week with my Dad, and they started talking about arctic terns. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole segment because of this moment from Whose Line. My Dad was really puzzled...

wxclim8 : 0:36  Wayne can't even stand up, he's laughing so hard.  This rules!

Hades Lord of the Underworld : 0:20 Look at how smug Colin is. He knew exactly what he was doing that smug bastard

CorvusOfMellori : In the event your Ryan is broken, consult the owner's manual.

Cassidy r : I love how Ryan calls him "Col" it's adorable

Putrid Bile : Colin is one of the people that makes me reconsider my desire to destroy all life.

Shazbut01 : I wish we could have a split screen of Wayne's reaction

Yesica1993 : I want this on an endless loop.

Dan The Enigma : The entire Whose Line cast corpsing? SEND FOR THE MAN!

Luke Anderson : I don't know what's funnier. Colin's arctic tern or Ryan's reaction.

Walter Kingstone : I love Colin's 'Ohhh' when Ryan tells him he was thinking an owl.

Pauline Chambers : This one and the Tapioca one I swear...

Belushi87 : i like how Colin is all calm about the situation.

Blowout_Comb : Colin is the King of off-the-cuff comedy


Jungle Empress 85 : Only Colin can make Ryan lose it like that.  :D

res20stupid : You can tell he let the Canadian accent slip through here.

Shannon McGuire : This is video is the only thing that matters in this world

Ruby Foxx : Hilariously cute is how I would describe this clip 😆😍😘 a legendary classic....

Li Morgan : I always enjoyed this show, but moments like these were the best.

Kaitlyn Kornoely : god bless

S1R-D2 : comic genius at its best

lonewolf36s : oh dear god i just laughed so hard it hurts and im crying rofll!!!!


Janet Chambers : i.love.whose.line.is.it.any.way.i.laugh.every.singel.time

hailzmarie1 : WAYNE THOUGH

Bill the Fifth : So! Damn! Hilarious!

Raymond Jiang : Keep pressing 3 lmao

NytemareQueen : Uh-oh, Colin broke Ryan!

Melchior Cross : funny thing is an arctic turn is real!!! XD

Ripred49 : Giraffe.

Big Brother Xellos : Kai Toshiki's "Final Turn" has nothing on Collin's Arctic Tern.

Kevin Moy : Whose idea was it to end this show

0newingedcrow : The exceptionally rare site of Ryan Stiles cracking; that's how you know it's funny!

Morgana Jordanson : (dies laughing forever) Sweet mercy, this show is pure gold... I just noticed something though. In this clip and in the legendary 'Tapioca' one, after Ryan completely loses his shit, Colin just kind of sits there smirking and being all quietly smug. He KNEW that was going to crack Ryan up completely, and he totally did it on purpose, lol! 

alfianmm : Still my all time favourite moment!

Will Hutch : thanks for the good laugh

Metagrossfreak : I don't get why this is funny...

robm78 : I dont get it

Riley McLellan : I was just reading a book for AP Bio when I came across a part where they mentioned arctic terns. I knew that name was familiar from somewhere, so I searched it, and this is what it was. It’s been a good few months since I’ve binged Whose Line vids, but wow I love Colin and Ryan so much.

Jennifer J : backstreet boys needs to be my ringtone

Fresh Bacon 101 : Every time I'm having a bad day I come and watch this clip because it always makes me laugh out loud. I mean, "backstreet boys"?!!!!