Squatting on the Squatter

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Detroit is emerging from bankruptcy. No better time to invest. But you ought to know that squatters are peskier than bedbugs. Charlie LeDuff and the boys are in the Motor City this week, following up on a outrageous story that puts a new twist on the old saying: "A man is the king of his castle." Click here for more: http://bitly.com/1zwSDU2

Comments from Youtube

Cilantro : So is no one going to mention that (she) has a boyfriend that looks like the WoW dude from South Park?

Interdimensional Humanoid : "2 years? That solves the homeless problem!" lmao

Sean Alvarez : He stole his robe from Westin hotel😂😂 I have the same one

M R C O M B I N E : “Im going to jail for squatting?” -Retard

JonnyBeoulve : "But you're stealing their power." "I am....... blessed."

Sabrina Calvente : But your stealing their electricity 🤦‍♂️ I am blessed 😂🤣😂😂🤣

Edwin : Bruhhh My mans said ,"Two years?! which solves the homeless problem!". LMAOO HE THEN PROCEEDS TO SQUAT IN FRONt OF THE HOUSE AND SAYS, "LOOK AT MY NEW HOUSE, IT'S GOIBG TO BE GREAT". I wanna be like this man

forcedentry2010 : Plot twist: Charlie LeDuff actually squats in the house and takes over

USA Resident : "She took all my paperwork an everybody know it". LOL Total lie.

Mambutu O'Malley : I can't wrap my head around how squatting is even a problem in a first world country. WTF?!

FMJM : THIS GUY IS SAVAGE!! XD We need more people like him in America :D

Jimbo F : I LOVE THIS GUY!! He should be on TV. Oh wait.........

frosty jack : this MAN is my herooo that was sooo satisfying

Keisha Rose : Can somebody explain this to me? What is the law that protects these squatters? If I own a house nobody should be able to enter no matter how long I been gone? 😐

NPC #1337 : If Lynn's a woman then I'm an attack helicopter

Spectrum The Video Game : Just make your own show specifically doing this every episode and I will watch the whole thing! It will never get old.

Nickii Silvers : I KNEW that was a man!!!!!

GINO SOUL : Duuuuude you are officially the coolest guy I’ve watched on YouTube!

Aral Ynot : that crazy Fox 2 guy is an American Legend

Michael Martin : How can stealing a car be a criminal matter that police can do something about but someone stealing a house is a civil matter?

Graviti Eddings : how is this guy both professional and hilarious

Latino Dro : Guy: youre stealing their power." Women: "I am..........blessed." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Almost All Things Gaming : Damn wings of redemption with hair didnt see that coming 4:06

She Who Knows All : 😫 *"Other people are doing it." And "Someone told me to do it." **_DOESN'T_** make it correct or okay to do, lady! UGH, like cockroaches- they sneak in when your back is turned and leave a trail of mess behind them, having you disgusted beyond belief...*

Actual Creature Gaming : Cop takes one look at the letter.... "put ya hands behind ya back" ROFL

Captain StayPuft : Why does this look like a story Jim Carrey would be covering in Bruce almighty Lmao

AB Mia : “Which solves the homeless problem!!” LMMFAO

Demetri Petrenko : I dun thurnk yur go'n get away wit dish Erh meh gurd tennursh bur!

dddsb : I am blessed...that is some wack crack, Whitney!

Shamus Duffy : The landlord is paying a mortgage on a house that has been taken hostage by a squatter who is stealing electricity who is also on disability for who knows what and somehow that squatter still feels entitled. Unreal.

Jaqen H'ghar : So good! Entitled b.s. swatted the squatter. Priceless

Terena Rosa : Arthur's voice is extremely convincing.

Lucky Lex : I watch this every couple months. Its such a gem.

macca999311 : 4.8k squatters are stealing power and watching youtube

Jared Hagen : Receiving social security for whatever disability, pretty much steals the house, steals the power, and is wearing 200 hundred dollar boots...

Terena Rosa : "Which solves the homeless problem.x Ooohhhhhh!!n damn!

escotg GAMING : She looks like a dude Wait I just realized...

Sam I Am : Wait how did he get her out when the lawyer couldn’t?

Admiral Swallower : Funny how her initials are LAW but she's breaking the damn law lmao

Youngbl33zy : I don’t understand how a squatter is not arrested immediately for breaking and entering..

Matthew Hickman : Omg, his personality is so unique.. 🤣

sneakerhexx : OMG this guy should get his own TV show!

Dani BOI : Plot twist. Now he's squatting in the house

cviera2010 : Is this real? Looks fake, but I don't know. If it isn't, job well done

Top 10 Archive : "I put a lot of work into this house.." Like what? Turning the basement into a methlab?

MusicTube : I want to see this happen on my ranch at my house in Texas.

HongBao : Damn she aint exactly a looker but a guy like that got a gf... Dang what am i doing?

Ryan Graper : was that boogie? hahaha francis on the news in detroit

Sarah Asmr : When the cop pulled out the hand cuffs my jaw dropped.