Squatting on the Squatter

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Mambutu O'Malley : I can't wrap my head around how squatting is even a problem in a first world country. WTF?!

Caryn Schwengel : It is mind boggling how this squatter “justified” everything.

BeginnerAirsoft 1995 : Lol no that’s a Man

Heather Stickney : I am "blessed" No you a thief.

Susan H : The balls on this individual are astounding.

JonnyBeoulve : "But you're stealing their power." "I am....... blessed."


Mijung Unversagt : It's not your f*cking house! Who cares how much work you've done.

አምላክ ፍቅር ነው : You know what pisses me off the most about this? S/he looks like an able bodied person, very toned arms, slim and fit. But s/he's getting SSI? How do ppl like this get SSI when there are actually people out there with significant disabilities that get turned down for years?

Sam Flynn : 2:40 "I have put a lot of work in here and I spent a lot of money..." AS IF THE HOME OWNER DIDN'T!

MegavidÆos : 3:57 “I’m going to jail...for squatting?” Wow! Who would’ve thought that you could go to jail for breaking the law? What a crazy world we live in.

GLOCK 19 : I find anyone squatting in my house there gonna be squatting in a coffin ⚰️🔫

WallStWarrior11 : "A lot of people encouraged me to do what I'm doing now" she says. That's great. A lot of people encouraged me to shoot you in the head, so how about I do that right now?


allways28 : friend of mine bought an old dilapidated pub (this is in the UK) with the aim of turning it into a few decent flats. however squatters moved in armed with all the 'squatters rights' society has deemed fit to give them. police cant move them on , they wont move on , the friend has sunk a lot of money into the purchase and frankly its disgusting the authorities were in no legal position to use force to remove this group of thieves. the happy ending to this story is here ; my friend is an ex royal marine commando with a bunch of royal marine commando mates who he gathered up (some with prosthetic legs etc due to IED explosions) and removed them themselves. when asked by the police he simply said they asked them to leave and they complied (use your imagination here). no police follow up. case closed.

100,000 Subs, No Content : I like how the lawyer is like "uh wtf is this"

Nathan Taylor : I don’t know how the police just don’t arrest these people

Whyman1993 : Get a gun and enter your own home and simply say your invading my home get out or I’ll defend my property 😂

Dan S : I've done a lot of work,,,hid crack pipes everywhere.

Jesse Costa : If somebody tried to take over my property. Easy, I would have the boys go in there throw all their stuff out and drag the people out if they fight back give them a beating. They would have no evidence the boyz were tied with me. If your soft people take advantage

DJ Frossaholiks Tv. : This made my day man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Usman Sheikh : Her attorney looks like Ralph from the Simpsons.

Mary nie Paalan : If someone comes inside my house without my permission, they are going to meet Mr.SHOTGUN and Mr.45... These squatters are committing in my opinion robbery in broad daylight because they are stealing someone else’s property.

EasyFolkDude : this can happen only in US, cause in Russia, you would be taking a nice little shower in gasoline and set to a peaceful rest in ashes. :D

Dirk Ruddy : Someone should throw a brick into black frankensteins face, that'll get her out of the house real fast.

John Rice : 2 years, which solves the homeless problem. Lmao. Gold

Sean : Owners a dope for letting that happen! I wouldn't even argue with these nasty people, just let my dog loose on they asses when I get home! They'd be out in a minute!

Sharonda Hunter : Anyone else notice Lynn Arthur Williams is L.A.W. and then the police arrived?

loneshark123 : This person is like a real life khajiit

Tommy Decastro : Jesus i cannot believe the mentallity of these people

nomoreheroes1718 : That boyfriend ate the 3 course meal bubblegum at the wonka factory.

CW Roberts : Detroit officials are corrupt. That's why the squatter is still there. They have no sense of right or wrong.

Art Lady : Took us a year to get squatters out of the down the block a year they have rights you believe that ! They can just go in and make themselves at home and it’s all ok with the government !

HoneyedHylian : These people shouldn't be allowed to raise children and teach them to do things like this

Noah Collins : All you have to do is tell the police this person is trespassing and I want her removed if they don't do anything sue them

Breezey Parker : The nerve stealing that lady’s house! I hope he/she does every bit of 2 yrs in jail.

Icantbelieveyouvedonethis Rightnow Right now : The definition of "nignorance"

setmedic : Dint do nuffin!😲

John Jenks : I don't know who got the worse end of the stick in the relationship him or her!😂😁😂

Truther Revolution : Oh my god stealing the power?!!

milk & honey : "you are stealing the power." "i am... blessed." lol 😂

will kelly : How does she connect water electric or wifi? Without documents and whatnot

charlie s : Jail is the perfect place for squatting . But cemeteries are cheaper .

Don Princo : He didn't solve the problem.The Squatter was removed for violation of probation.The law must be changed to prevent Squatting in the first place.

Gohibniu Goh : Had squatters move into my parents rental property after the person on the lease sublet it illegally. I went over there with the lease nicely and asked who there was on the lease. Nobody. I asked them to vacate in 2 weeks and they got snotty with me. I then showed them my drivers license which showed that i lived there. I then told them they have 1 week and then the cops get called on intruders in my home. Buh bye.

TheZozz999 : Just head down to your local bar, tell everyone you got a squatter infestation and you need help, bring the gang back home and eradicate the squatters, head back to bar, buy everyone who helped you a round. Problem solved. If infestation reemerges, head to a rowdy biker bar and repeat process.

Jonathan Vazquez : Everyone keeps talking about the law and whatna, can we take a min to just admire this news reporter? I was laughing the whole time, usually I can't watch these kinds of confrontations because I have a strong second hand embarrassment problem, but the way Charlie LeDuff was behaving was making me laugh so much I loved it, I want to see more!

Ashleigh Cain : I am dealing with a similar situation!!! my ex boyfriend, and his adult daughter took over my house. I filed an eviction through the courts. But this does happen a lot, cost me $265 just to file an eviction. The house is in my name, they had no permission to be there. BUT... the cops would not do a damn thing. I wish he would come to Mobile!!

Eric Nguyen : True American Hero.

AdventureSportFlashlights : WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! Jail is the perfect place for Arthur to squat!!!