Squatting on the Squatter

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JonnyBeoulve : "But you're stealing their power." "I am....... blessed."

Top 10 Archive : "I put a lot of work into this house.." Like what? Turning the basement into a methlab?

Youngbl33zy : I don’t understand how a squatter is not arrested immediately for breaking and entering..

Peter Richard-Johnson : "she'll be in jail for 2 years" "Well that solves the homeless problem"

spark g : I have put some rims on my rental car its mine now

Mambutu O'Malley : I can't wrap my head around how squatting is even a problem in a first world country. WTF?!

Minka Kielbasa : Pisses me off that shitbag gets Social Security disability.Looked healthy enough for me

Evelyn Stephens : This is the most convincing woman voice I've ever heard

TheVagolfer : Remember......Some lives do not matter.

Don Princo : He didn't solve the problem.The Squatter was removed for violation of probation.The law must be changed to prevent Squatting in the first place.

Sunshine Baker : If it is legal to move into someone else's home without permission then it should also be legal to beat the hell out of them inside that house because it is YOUR house and they broke in--even shoot them it legal.

MrBevoRules : Damn this pissed me off. Calling it “her” house. I’m not stealing, I’m blessed. Living off disability, when there is clearly nothing (physically) wrong. The world would be a better place if people like this jumped off a damn cliff.

John Mason : home owner is lowkey a milf

David Green : These squatters are worthless criminal cockroaches.

100,000 Subs, No Content : I like how the lawyer is like "uh wtf is this"

Tony Blake : You always see these stories where the judge and police can't/won't kick these squatters out without an eviction and that usually takes 30-90 days. I'd love to see this guy go squat at the judges and cops houses and see how long it takes them to remove him then.

Don't tread on me : Dindu nuffin.

Michelle Green : 3:59 Ballsack bulge on the "black chick."

Anne ? : I hate when people use that defense that other are also doing it, and they’re being encouraged like somehow your actions aren’t your responsibility.

DJ Frossaholiks Tv. : This made my day man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Trevor L : Some people assume the world owes them something , whilst the rest of us have to work like dogs to survive

j s : You can just bet that the 4k thumbs down are all squatters !!!!

Drew Baledge : Trash absolute trash

Jevon Washington : Sooooo.. that was his boyfriend at the end? Or am I trippin ?

John Rice : 2 years, which solves the homeless problem. Lmao. Gold

Ryan Bell : What an absolute drain on society

Skab Eaters : If someone is in your home without permission and refuses to leave, you should be able to shoot the individual. I know that in some states that would fly, but that should be a general rule. Squatters should be considered the same as thieves, looters and home invaders. Most people would leave at gunpoint anyways. People like her/him are not productive members of society and should be cast from society until they are ready or willing to comply.

TheZozz999 : Just head down to your local bar, tell everyone you got a squatter infestation and you need help, bring the gang back home and eradicate the squatters, head back to bar, buy everyone who helped you a round. Problem solved. If infestation reemerges, head to a rowdy biker bar and repeat process.

Mikey Meatball : 3:57 i dindu do nuffin

Caryn Schwengel : It is mind boggling how this squatter “justified” everything.

John Barney : ITSA dude ! Damn negroes !

Mikey Meatball : 4:06 he’s so fat that when he sits around the house, he sits around the house.

KingDuffy 123 : Make america great again

theCreator 3000 : Squatters? That's nothing a few pit bulls and some paintball guns can't fix.

BeginnerAirsoft 1995 : Lol no that’s a Man

Chris McCreary : If the Democrats have their way this would be how people lived all over the place. Take whatever you want socialism free for everyone

David Merlino : Is that her boyfriend

F LastNm : Lol. This reporter is AWESOME!!! As a former landlord with "tenants" (squatter-plague) like this, I was overjoyed to see such a WIN! Great work, Mr. Reporter Sir!

Jonny Deuteronomy : People like videos that are "fulfilling". This one definitely is!

AdventureSportFlashlights : WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! Jail is the perfect place for Arthur to squat!!!

Andrey Svit : If you have a squatter in Cali you are screwed in some cases you need to take them to court and it takes months...

Jr Hill : Arthur has a new place with a 2 year lease.oh yea! All utilities incl.....

Don Anderson : True waste of space. Awesome job bro! Love it. People like this deserve to go to jail

Scorpio Male : I Am Blessed 😂🤣

Jack Burton : That transsexual looking thing is scary

Mark Haynes : lynn looks like a witch

dginyard6 : So, is this a man or a woman?

simply superman69 : 4:05 OMG IT'S BOOGIE 2988

Psycho Mantis 7 : The seems so fake

Breezey Parker : The nerve stealing that lady’s house! I hope he/she does every bit of 2 yrs in jail.