Mister Rogers' Neighborhood s02e06

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Your Neighbor Amos : Wish we could all live in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, where everyone is welcome and there is no racism.

Marcella Rastaban : I'm almost 20 years old and I still watch his show whenever I can. It always helps to slow down, appreciate the little things, and to be reminded that there's no point in not loving myself for all the good I have in me.

Dania Katrina : This is my safe place. When I’m sad and angry and scared about what is happening to our country, Mr. Rogers makes everything seem okay. I think I’ll just stay in my room and color. Peace to all. 🌈🌈

Redneck Babe : Who else misses Mr. Rodgers 😭

literally yourmom : When life was simpler for kids.

montork : i cry every tim that man is a saint.

Arianne Vera : I grew up in Latin America, so I didn’t get a chance to see this show. Part of me wishes I had, specially this episode. I would have learned so much about something very important that has become a trauma for me to this day (doing things for the love of it and not to please others). But I am also glad that other kids where able to have Mr. Rogers in their lives and learn it when they did. Thank God for people like Mr. Rogers.

Jonathan Young : that's a whole lotta "yelluh crayuns"

Itania333 : Watching this show for the first time as a 24-year-old female. It's making me deliriously happy.

Lorenzo Aguilar : We need Mr Rogers on Netflix cuz this is gold

Honeybee Productions : I remember watching this episode when I was 4 or 5. I don't know how I remembered this specific episode but I did. I didn't realize how much I loved Mr Rogers until I was older and could appreciate how good of a person he was.

Katharsis540 : This guy was an original bad ass. Watching this with my 21 month old daughter.

a100blocks : I remember watching this as a kid in the early 2000s with my grandparents. I loved this show.

jasper alkaline : We lost such a great man.

Sarah Riedel : The fact that he says "the pigment is HELPING to make yellow crayons" is so significant to me idk why.

Celeste Delgadillo : This show gives me so much comfort. Since i was a little kid and even rn im a teen btw. There's something about this show that never loses its charm 💖

PizzaJohn : Mr Rogers just became Bob Ross.

Joseph Evans : I'm crying of both happiness and sadness

Mr. Coin64 : This is beyond genius. This is revolutionary. So simple yet so moving. It's like the white version of Morgan Freeman.

BETTER BETTER : I'm here after watching the documentary. I'm so in awe of who he was.

Shuu : A reminder for myself 13:19

Damiana Herrera : I love when he changes his shoes.

Adee : I remember watching this as kid all the time.. and I remember him saying "it's a beautiful day in THE neighborhood" not This neighborhood.

Kiri Hyatt : May I suggest you share the topic theme of each episode in the description of the episode.

FryBag : I remember watching this all the time on the pbs website as a kid

Canan Palabıyık : 1920 - 2003

celestialwolfcreations #celestialwolfpack : Being an artist and an a person who's imagination is as big as the universe I appreciate the message mr.rodgers is trying to teach in the this episode . I'm thirteen and going into the eighth grade and I still love me.rodgers. I have anxiety and depression when I'm upset or having a bad day I will watch Mr. Rodgers or Bob ross

Lemongrass : Im 39 yrs old watching this....

Daniel Tiger : Rip Fred Rogers (1928-2003)

Will Spink : 13:24 mister rogers! You put that finger down right now 😂

Tatiaaa : Why am I crying

Earl Biggs : thank you for sharing this video Mr.rogers' Neighborhood was my Childhood safe place

Pyro Muzíque : Rest in peace Brother #OASAASLLS

Donnie Brooke - Pro Wrestler / UFO Hunter : Hey Guys! I Remember This Show. In My Opinion, If This Show Was Pitched To A Network In 2018 As A New Show...It Would Not Work. Think About The Synopsis Of The Show. It Would Be Way To Controversial.

Damiana Herrera : Everyone is SPECIAL

Unitedetruself Life : Miss my childhood

Starsphere is pan : Oh the nostalgia

Music And Coffee : I grew up watching him. He was the best. Till this day his programs are just as wonderful as ever🌹

JamesFan05 : This show, Winnie the Pooh, and the classic Thomas the tank engine series are some of the most comforting shows in existence. A simpler time.

Caleb The end : Mr Rogers was a great man. He will be missed.

Anna Banana : I’m 13 years old, and Mister Rogers died before I was born. However, my mom and a few old brothers were raised on this show. Naturally, I was too. I would watch Mister Rogers on tapes and sometimes I would watch re-runs on PBS. I hope to raise my children with Mister Rogers as well, because he’s always a helping hand in a child’s life. He may not have even realized how many generations he would affect. Sometimes, I will still watch these videos if I am feeling stressed. They are so calming and have great messages!

Jamie : I loved this episode so much 💀😭

Emmanuel Ortega : Im not sure how often I watched this show as a kid, it was a bit before my time, but this show is wonderful I enjoyed every second of it. I want to go draw now. Thank you mister Rogers for making me feel special today.

Bmack776 : Mr. Rogers is a Boss Hog. He runs the neighborhood with love

Evafamia Langstodir : The crayon production was so satisfying to watch, those were the simple and happy days...

Sirin House : He does the job quite well

AJ Bane : I love mr Rogers

Imperial Officer : I believe I may have watched this show when I was young, so young that its the reason why I'm not sure if I watched it or not. I really hate not knowing for sure. If this is really my first time, then I'm feeling incredibly happy for no apparent reason. This man is a god. *EDIT:* I'm half way through this episode, still not sure, but I want to cry now. *2nd edit:* After trolly went to make believe I can now confirm I watched this as a kid, sadly I have little to now memory of it... *3rd edit:* I'M CRYING

Andrea Rivera : I'm not gonna lie but when I was a little girl; Mr. Rogers would come on and I'd get so bored. For me it was, there's nothing else to watch but Mr. Rogers. I was more into Bob Ross. I loved watching him paint. RIP to both souls.

Missy Faye : this man and Barney telling me I was special as a child was so important to my self worth.. we don't realize how much kids need that validation that they are important to someone.. that someone wants them around.. and values their contribution to the world.. that whole speech about being special had me choking up just now..