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Dottie Smith : A lot people give their dogs away because of the baby. But people these dogs will protect that baby.

Funny Pets : It's like they are whispering to baby like " I'll always protect you "

Top Dog Videos Youtube : The dogs have this instinct and I know because I've had dogs myself, but they know when to be gentle with baby's. The look in their eyes is genuine love.

great Tits : I would rather introduce my baby to a wild bear than a chihuahua

Just Some Lunatic Without a Mustache : Should change the title to *Dogs pledging their loyalty to their new masters*

ellenor wiseman : It's like the dogs are thinking oh it's a human puppy

Just Some Lunatic Without a Mustache : I find it so amusing that dogs are gentle with infants, its like "oh this smol child needs protecction" MUST. PROTECC.

Daemiex : wheres the dogs from the thumbnail :/

JackassJunior627 : Two things parents should understand before having a baby while also owning a dog. And im speaking from someone who worked with dogs and other animals for 10 years, and had to deal with this shit before. 1) Dont make the dog feel more neglected. While obviously your human baby will be your main priority and get the most attention, dont forget your dog is your other baby who has imprinted on you. Making them feel neglected will result in the dog looking negativly towards you and your child, as they are no longer getting all the loving attention they did before the baby. Give both of your babies equal love and attention. 2) Dont push it letting your child do whatever they want around the dog. Like it or not, dogs also have moments that although they will protect the child, sometimes they will think children are annoying and will want them to piss off. Pretty much like people, coz lets be honest we all had moments where he hated kids or just viewed them as plain annoyance. While it is nice to see them interact, you need to know the signs when a dog wants to play, or be left alone. Basically dont be that moron that lets your child climb all over the dog, pull it's tail or ears, it isn't cute, or funny, or lovely to the dog. It will feel annoyed, stressed, and uncomfortable. And we all know what happens when a dog gets pissed, they dont care if it was an "accident", or that its a child. Piss off a dog and you will get bitten. Treat them like it was you, if it annoys you chances are it will annoy them too. If you cant handle both dogs and children, either dont buy a pet or wear protection. Not rocket science.

Galimeer5 : "Who is this tiny human and where did it come from?"

H L : They can smell the baby a mile away, they just want to recon the baby’s smell n welcome to the pack.

Deserve Not Desire : HOW CRUEL! leaving a powerful beast near those kids! I will never trust my adorable dogs to be safe with a human baby, every one knows baby girls have telekinesis and baby boys can physically level down cities. EDIT: This is obviously a joke, i grew up as a baby with puppies and GSD's, all my life 😀

Tiffany Benson : Awwwe... cute. But I dont why...little dogs freak me out. I trust a doberman over that chihuahua anyday I think lol

Lucid Dreams : I don't understand how a video of dogs and babies; causes people to be racist. These comments are ridiculous.

NotSoGrimReaper : Why do people think babies and dogs are bad to have together? I was raised around all sorts of dogs and cats from birth. I’ve seen some dangerous dogs and it’s obvious they’re dangerous from the moment you meet them. Pets usually get protective of babies. Also for a comment I saw earlier, babies and even toddlers will pull on a dogs ears or poke at it. You need a trained dog and sometimes even without training they can be super sweet. My little brother used to poke at our pit bull and she just let it happen or moved away.

hsbvt : Of course, these dogs know what these babies are for...feeding THEM! "You got us one of those puppy feeders! You DO love us!!"

Kristina Pine : Aww The dogs are excited to have new friends as babies!

Flaviu : Please, if you have kids, don't let the dog lick them, they have a lot of bacterias and it's not good for a newborn baby ...

Matthew Young : After 4 dogs and 4 babies altogether growing up . You realize how intune dogs can be with babies. They know what it is and that it is part of you! All 4 of my dogs were Pitt bulls. 1 blue nose , 1ameican pit and 2 pitt lab mixes. They are awesome with new kids!

Bboy Mannases : There has been multiple cases of dogs eating their owner. Not to mention dogs got bacteria on their noses and mouth. Putting them beside newborn baby seems like a good idea.

ALLBLACKCLOTHESVIDEO : White folks loooooove they dogs boy!!!

My Name is Gladiator : 2:27 is why I hate yappers. They are not dogs.

Carlotta Vigna : I don't know what it is about the scent of newborns, but my doctor suggested sending the baby's cap home first and letting the dogs get used to the scent. They went bananas over it and when baby finally came home, they couldn't wait to sniff and watch him. And the first time he made a sound, the dogs looked like their hearts were melting. So cute!

rupal jankee : They are sooo happy soòoo excited. I loveeee them all.better than human beings. But please dont allow them to lick babies' faces now.they are so small and immune system not yet developped.

Jay Tee : Oh yay!! You brought home a teeny tiny hooman!! ❤❤ This was such a sweet compilation.

Graham Schofield : Looook...hooman puppies...

little N : I protecc I attacc But first gimme snacc

Dangerman5 : They sense from you how important the baby is. It's great. The new scent is so strong to their noses

Decriminalize Darwinism : *Sniffs* the baby *Sniffs each parent* *_Sniffs the baby Again_* *_Ears PERK " DNA MATCH CONFIRMED_*

Twisted Soul : It’s all fun n games until somebody gets hurt

Terry Spencer : Who found this nerve racking at times ?? The dogs could easily jump up on a baby any hurt them with there claws I know this because my dog can jump on me and scratch me but not mean it. Uncomfortable viewing

jwboll : Heartwarming, however I personally know 5 people who's parents felt the same way, and are scarred or disfigured for life. It's the little dogs who usually do the worst damage because no one suspects... One of my "cockapoo" puppies I sold ripped the cheek off of it's new owners baby. Regrets do nothing for the child. Protect your babies!

BJ Revhead : I'm just thinking if one dog like that accidentally maybe not intentionally bites the baby a bit too fiercely it will be very bad

David Clarke : Some of the vids show the owner's keeping the dog at bay , the dogs won't hurt them its only smelling the babies which will be imprinted in his memory as HIS BABY . Of which he will look after .

Connie McFeely : Dogs are so amazing...their instincts kick sweet and precious are the babies 😍😍😍

Richard Brown : How a dog welcomes new members!

don't say a word : Looks sweet and all but exposing a newborn to all those big germs could make him/her very sick. Just saying. It is funny though

Hans Hoerdemann : Mmm, dinner is served.

Jane : The dogs face in the thumbnail This video makes my heart cry

Just Alex : Nice video. Though some dogs are too hyper and will require adults watching the baby and the dog for things to go well. We had to give our dog to a friend when I was 2 years old cause he kept on knocking me over in excitement.

Muriel D : Trop trop mignon j'adore 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Kick Saunders : This sounds a little gross, so I'll keep it as professional and scientific as possible, but infants have a certain scent that will remain on them for months after birth. This scent is quite universal in mammals, and is easily detectable by dogs. If you're ever wondering if these dogs know these babies are the offspring of their owners, I assure you, there is no doubt even the simple canine mind knows exactly what, and who this baby is. Pretty cute.

Rich Cundiff : After my week. Needed this overload of cute and goodness


Gayathri R : Super

The Confused Girl ¿ : Moments of instant and forever love !

Joseph McDermott : Be very careful when doing this yourself. I have the most loveliest, friendliest pooch in the world, and even I wouldn't do this with babies.

Orlando SzRo : What a beautiful infections !!

Thomopolus Rex : A dingo ate my baby.

Duck Man : Don't!!!