Juicy Chicken Breast - You Suck at Cooking (episode 65)

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mario areche : The most important thing i've learned here is to pepper pepper pepper the heck out of anything edible

Walrus_War_King 16 : When you tell bae your above average 2:17

Flamo : yes finally your on trending took long enough notice me senpai.

R3d Ro0k 37 : Who here misses Pimblokto?

Sunny Cheung : Is this an actual cooking tutorial

KelseyRainbow : Is this my life now? I can barely make a sandwich and now I'm learning how to chanejangle like the best of them. At this point I hold my onion at such a high appreciation I think my body temperature is around three-fungle degrees

princeabs247 : Dat white people seasoning was too spicy for me...I had to drink milk afterwards

CherryRibble MyButt : Mustard is for the Trayush

Better526 : 1:48 and also throw that in the onion for 20 minutes on 4 hundo

oso Panda : chanjanggle is an advanced culinary technique i cant believe im learning this

Alexander Hamilton : *S O J U I C Y*

Panic! At The Twenty One Pilots : I am so glad i found your channel 😂 Your voice is so nice and the videos are well edited

Mallow : I never knew Tina Belcher was so good at cooking.

Michlep : I am so happy you didn't kill the lady bug...I just couldn't stop feeling like you were gonna juice it with ur chicken breast

Ren RN : I'm your first audience today. Congratulations to you.

Elizabeth Collins : I think I'm in love with you! You make me laugh and you can cook!! Win Win 😍

Daniel Jutz : where were you hiding. how did I not find you earlier?

Michael W : Query. Was the hummus version legit?

Madison Harvey : Hi No sneezing

WazzupKMS : What do i do to get noticed by senpai???

Bluestar Thecool : This video is so short....

AG : "throw it into the onion"

Bhavik Bhagat : I finished it all finally.... now there is a void

Albus Du : Do your neighbors think you’re really weird?

Aditya Borthakur : I can't cook shit but I still watch your videos coz of how amazingly funny they are.. 😂😂

SvL Movies : I like chicken

Thea Vinci : As a middleeasterner I am triggered by your hummus chicken

Lulu the 10 tailed fox : Is it bad that this made be hungry?

laurenbren : peppie peppel pep

Andrew Radisic : You are taking How To Basic to the next level dude +You Suck At Cooking

Tamia Atkins : he play too much😭

Clayton Murphy : So does he live in Canada or vermont

Clara Kim : 1:48 And also throw that in the onion 😂😂😂


Rob_On_My_Nob03 : I dont know why this so satisfying but good vid subbed...

Ms AdorableRain : Question, will you ever try making more vegan/vegetarian options? ouo I know the are some, but I must have mooooore

andus garza : I would like more of those jokes where you have to use disclaimers of some sort

Pro Kashunuts : Really, really important question!! Are the onions measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius??

HALO : Finally I missed you......

Esteban Vasquez : #pepper pepper pepper

Aaron Heline : TBH i think this is the first meat video you have done!!

Aydem Grayham : ok so I have my music gcse in a couple of months and we have to perform a song so there is no chance you could tell me the guitar chords you used in the song is there?also my 6th cousin just died and I need something to play at the funeral

MusicIs Lifeu : I keep tossing my chicken too high and now I have chicken flying all over the place

softpeachy : damnit i just perfected the technique of wangjangling and now i have to learn how to changjangle??

Lauren : What's the vegan recipe of this? I don't eat corpses.

Last Name First Name : The Juicy part made me loose my shit!

Last Name First Name : Z😂😬😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

jom p : 400degrees fahrenheit, celsius or kelvin?

Chef Rafi's Awesome World : Who here has got salmonella poisoning? What is it like? 🤔

blackmosman : mmm now thats juicy