Juicy Chicken Breast - You Suck at Cooking (episode 65)

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Sidcrafter valkenhoff : Hey i Just subed and you are soooooooo awsome keep it up men so funny

Leslie Sun : not a cooking question but a gardening one- is watering your plants with chicken is the most effective and eco-friendly way to water plants?

Alexander Johnson : These videos always make my day. I love all you do for the world and I want you to keep telling me I suck at cooking. Thanks for the content and the laughs!

Cindy Petersen : around 2:36 we got an eye and hair reveal ladies and gentlemen (bottom of the screen, the reflection)

CrasperT : 0:50 ant on the top right of cutting board

Bug Doodle : Another tasty style is also simple and fast. Have a chicken breast, (duh) pepper, pepper, pepper a PINCH of salt, some minced garlic, and some italian seasoning, and let that marinate for a couple hours. After that put that baby in the onion at 400 and you get nice juicy, tasty chicken breasts you're welcome world

lunaticxdreams : "Peace be with you.."

ThePuerile : Where can I download the full version of the ending song?

King Of Randomness : My all time favorite

paddy7007 : Wtf is that outro song called? Please someone. Need to know!

a1fastyellowkitten : my chicken didnt come out as juicy, is it because i didnt dry it off enough before making it wet again?

Display Name : When are you going to make an album. Your music is just as good as your jokes.

Maddigan Hatter : I first woke up to watch this and fell back asleep and I thought it was a fever dream lol

Biggie Cheese : I wonder what his neighbors thought when they saw him spraying a car holding a chicken breast

Carson Shade : You had me at breast

Gaurav Khiani : Why is nobody complaining about not enough videos to watch? Binge watched all your videos in few days! ! Great content man! Awaiting your next upload!

MR. MIRTH : I rate 2 for being juicy

Jesus Coloa : Gordon Ramsey < You Suck at Cooking (Jk papa Ramsey is 4ever bae)

Chloe Price : Like, for real though, this is actually informational 😂😂😂

Susy Castellanos : Wait...it's possible to not overcook chicken?

Aaron Heline : TBH i think this is the first meat video you have done!!

Lemur : If you have 20 apples get the seeds out and squash them and you got a deadly fckn something aaand you can make acid shots and ivite your enemies they will die soon :)

Áron Szőcs : I think the phrase "you suck at cooking" is something your ex girlfriend told you right before she broke up with you. That dinner was your plan to heal your relationship, prepared yourself for it for days. You watched those how to cook videos, read all those books... Still, the meal turned out terrible. You were no cook.

Celina Alternative : if HowToBasic was a pokemon then this guy would be his third evolution

Man-Eating Bagel : If you use some fresh eucalyptus, you probably won't get sick. Because you're dead.

Petite Olive : This kept coming up on my recommended so I decided to get it done and over with, no regrets 😂

Filip Gregor : What would be plural for "pepper pepper pepper"? "Peppers peppers peppers" or just "pepper pepper peppers"? And what kind of pepper pepper pepper do you use?

Ryan Miller : I'm not sure those chicken breasts are juicy enough. Sorry.

SurferDude XD : Throw that into the onion?

Timber Wolf : Soo, dose this mean I'm safe from salmonella? (^=^)

karma akabane / distortion pawz : This is howtobasic back when he was sane

Derpy Forza : Can I use the chicken to shower?

Aquila of Death : Can you do a video on how to make Kimchi?

LPempty : Is this the same guy from casually explained?

Brooklyn Snow : "Peace be with you, and also with you" the best part

Too Nice to Be Unreal : YSAC always makes me remember that yummy cake in Amsterdam... yes, that one

Its everyday Bro : How much free time do you have

Rail Fanning : were have you been my whole life?!? before you i never knew i should milk my cabbage before hand so that its intrem Crystal will alight at equinox

Omnia Khalid : I do suck at cooking, my chicken breast is never that juicy 😔

Broom Stick : Is this How To Basics Son?

Ian Sodirijo : You suck at making intro's yea you totaly do.(nice channel tho)

Wiz Wilde : Just watched all of your videos and I don't even eat.

Taylor Thomas : i... didn't think i needed this until now.

Baggy Queen : How To Eat A Proper Onion Read more

Smokin' & Grillin' wit AB : Awesome channel. You got me hooked on your style. Liked and subbed.

Jamesamo666 : Is this William osman???!!!

Angel Maldonado : I wonder if he is single i would like ti have him😛😜😋😀🍆🍆🍌

Caleb Kuhlman : Your videos used to be soo much funnier and actually informative. Nowadays you just put butter on toast with a 2 minute song and some sponsors. You're going downhill homie.

William An : anyone else see the ant at 5:50

Brandon Moore : Can't wait for the YSAC musical.