Juicy Chicken Breast - You Suck at Cooking (episode 65)

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mario areche : The most important thing i've learned here is to pepper pepper pepper the heck out of anything edible

True Pug Lord : Juicy chicken breast?The only juicy breast I want is your. No homo tho.

Walrus_War_King 16 : When you tell bae your above average 2:17

CherryRibble MyButt : Mustard is for the Trayush

Flamo : yes finally your on trending took long enough notice me senpai.

sauce_serve _ : Juicy

R3d Ro0k 37 : Who here misses Pimblokto?

Sunny Cheung : Is this an actual cooking tutorial

KelseyRainbow : Is this my life now? I can barely make a sandwich and now I'm learning how to chanejangle like the best of them. At this point I hold my onion at such a high appreciation I think my body temperature is around three-fungle degrees

Bhavik Bhagat : I finished it all finally.... now there is a void

Mahum Møøbashar : Ty for the juicy chicken recipie! Before this, I would always over wangjangle my chicken breast and at the end it would taste like chicken! I'm so happy yay! Changjangle*

princeabs247 : Dat white people seasoning was too spicy for me...I had to drink milk afterwards

A : I am so glad i found your channel 😂 Your voice is so nice and the videos are well edited

LJ_FIN : Little girl: mum how far are the shop Mum: a few more minutes {sees fully grown man holding a camera between his chin and neck. With a garden hose wedged between his legs in his lower crouch reign and holding a oven cooked chicken breast placed directly above the garden hose facing a car.} Mother and daughter: {looks on horrified} {then the hose begin to realise water at full pressure simultaneously the man star lightly applying pressure to the chicken breast and rotating his hips and male genitalia side-to-side this caused the hose water to cover the entire side of the car he is facing note that the water never covers more than one third at any given time} man: *S O J U I C Y*

Mallow : I never knew Tina Belcher was so good at cooking.

Chef Rafi's Awesome World : Who here has got salmonella poisoning? What is it like? 🤔

Better526 : 1:48 and also throw that in the onion for 20 minutes on 4 hundo

Moiz Ahmad : Due to the insane juiciness of this chicken, I highly discourage attempting to make this in bulk. My house is still flooded from the juices and I have nowhere to live.

Elizabeth Collins : I think I'm in love with you! You make me laugh and you can cook!! Win Win 😍

Daniel Jutz : where were you hiding. how did I not find you earlier?

-_- -_- : I didn't know breasts can squirt

AG : "throw it into the onion"

jom p : 400degrees fahrenheit, celsius or kelvin?

Michael W : Query. Was the hummus version legit?

MyFakeName Du : Do your neighbors think you’re really weird?

ViolentRockstar : I asked Google Assistant to send me a funny video and it sent me one of yours. I instantly loved it and watched all your vids in 3 days. The amount of effort you put into these is amazing! Your deserve more subs.

Pimblokto : Pimblokto could use that extra oil on some squeaking joints. I have been afraid to move from your closet for the last 6 months because you will hear the squeak and kick me out again. I mean... The person who's closet I am in that is definitely not yours will hear me and kick me out. Again...............

Thea Vinci : As a middleeasterner I am triggered by your hummus chicken

laurenbren : peppie peppel pep

Ricky : Wow...... That ladybug just totally pushed one of those smaller things off. You caught it on tape. I suggest giving it to the police. That's attempted murder. And afterwards it just casually greeted his grasshopper friend Bobfried Wumblepot as if it didn't just commit a crime. Probably trying to get an alibi, or to take Bobfried down with him! First thing that ladybug will do when it gets caught is talk about the time he and Bobfried robbed that convenience store. But Bobfriend had to. He got fired, because he didn't shop up for work, but that was because his wife, Buglana was terribly ill. She's better now and they've paid their medical bills, but at the time Bobfried had no money and massive debt. He just wanted to feed his wife. He's got a good honest job now as a software consultant. Besides, he always shops at the store he robbed, even if the prices elsewhere are cheaper. It's his way of repaying for what he stole all those years ago. Bobfried doesn't talk to the ladybug often. He knows it's a bad influence, but they go way back. They were best friends since kindergarten, but something changed in the ladybug during his early teenage years. Bobfried doesn't fully blame him. The ladybug lost its mom to a hungry bird, and his father died of alcoholism a few years later, due to the loss of his wife. But still. Bobfried has a baby on the way. Buglana told him she was pregnant two months ago. Best not have the ladybug around when the baby gets born. It wouldn't be a good environment. Little did Bobfried know that the ladybug and Buglana have had an affair for years. The baby wasn't Bobfried's, it was the ladybug's child. How will this story end? It shall be continued on the next episode of YSAC.

Clayton Murphy : So does he live in Canada or vermont

andus garza : I would like more of those jokes where you have to use disclaimers of some sort

blackmosman : mmm now thats juicy

Laura Baratto Conceição : I just finished making these. And it's sooo freaking juicy. My friend says she doesn't like breast bc it's always too dry, I'm gonna make this recipe again when she comes to my house. This will show her that chicken breast is the best meat >:^)

Continual Improvement : I just want to impress random strangers on the internet.

Maddies Jam : Pepper pepper pepper

SvL Movies : I like chicken

Lulu : Is it bad that this made be hungry?

1'000 with no video? : This is amazing😂❤

HALO : Finally I missed you......

Broke With Expensive Taste : Hey the juicy chicken breast is a squirter! 🤤💦💦🍆

-HJK- ProName : Why was this recommended for me xd

Andrew Nicola : You are taking How To Basic to the next level dude +You Suck At Cooking

Tamia Atkins : he play too much😭

Robin : The squirting chicken was my favorite part.

deavil demon : so is this eatable or not idk what to think of this video

Rob_On_My_Nob03 : I dont know why this so satisfying but good vid subbed...

Pro Kashunuts : Really, really important question!! Are the onions measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius??

Esteban Vasquez : #pepper pepper pepper

Alexander Hamilton : *S O J U I C Y*