£53 Wagyu Steak Vs £8 Old Retired Dairy Cow

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Comments from Youtube

Adventures of Graywolf : You completely destroyed any semblance of validity when you told them which steak was which, and then you buried it when you used a retired steak twice as thick for testing.

Brian Todd : Yeah. Can’t do a “blind” test AFTER they’ve already had both.

Yung Wing : Wag... Yu... not wagoo

CuriousPanda Astoria : that "Wagooo compared to real Japanes A5 Wagyu is still nothing...... Japanes A5 Wagyu / Kobe Beef are the real deal

Cooking with Jeff : Why would you do a blind taste test AFTER sampling the meat?

invisiblekid99 : Borrowing from Guga, marinade the RDB in sour cream ( super tender. no added flavour), and (TBO something you should always do) reverse sear.

Erik Granqvist : As my parents had a diary farm till their retirement 11 years ago (in north Sweden), I can say that cows that had good lifes are really underrated as meat. Problem is, its not easy to know how the animal lived when buying meat åt supermarkets or stores. Its a bit of hit and miss.

William Guenthner : I've never seen an *inorganic* cow, must be some frightful robot cow.

cor gems : I respect what they are doing with the retired dairy cow, and I'm sure that meat is amazing, but that Wagyu was not "top quality." Not even close, actually. Compare it to A5 10 marbling wagyu.

Sayit AsItIs : A huge percentage of meat sold as Wagyu isn't. It's an opportunity to con the public yet again. But also I like my meat to have some chew - some texture - and Wagyu can be a bit sort of mushy. PLUS I love the idea of the old dairy cow giving us all so much pleasure at the end of it's life instead of just dog food.

Le Hoang Phat : 3:42 sorry that’s a wagou steak ?? It look not even close ... : ( I thought u just got scam by those butchers

Abishai Israel : shouldve asked for the wagyu 10 digit tracking number to see where the source farm was. probably just got a partial breed and not true wagyu regardless.

solowanty : Wagyu does not need to be ruined by veg oil!!

Glen & Friends Cooking : Leaving the test kitchen now to hit up our favourite butchers for retired dairy cow...

Mopar426Power : It's pronounced Wagyu...not Wagoo. Man, the way you are saying it is driving me nuts!!😂

Six Half Dozen - Videos : Bit un-food related, but what shoulder rig you got that canon on :D — Great series btw, keep it up.

Christopher Molina : Destroyed that wagyu man, not how you properly prepare a meat of such. This was a total failure, do a bit of research instead of going off your instincts.

Secureteam55 : Reverse sear the dairy ,130 for an hour or till 120 degree core temp then quick sear in butter and your mind will be blowed ....

Healthy Recipe Channel : Funny thing is, my dad has raised cattle and worked around or in the beef industry since he was very young, many years ago before this was a thing he would always say that the best beef you could ever eat was that of a mature Steer that was loose in a field and walked and exercised its whole life. He said the meat may be a bit tougher but makes up for it in flavor. Great video as always.

jose moreno : What a dumb comparison... Also why try it and then blindfold

Timm Sattler : Take the real wagyu, A5 and then compare it again

Timm Sattler : Who doesn’t know it, the wagu beef

DJ S : Dairy,Cow as in an old farmer's Milk Cow? How could you even compare, something like that.

Jay Jones : Wagoouuhh Just lost a couple of brain-cells

Killarobasa : naaah,,,not dairy cow... but surely neither wagyu with that price point... I'll rather eat Bengal zebu, the real best on earth.

piston four : I actually love your videos keep them coming!!!

ExplodingBumfluff : Harrods wagyu doesn't look nearly as good as I thought it would. Also the test was not conducted very well

Audio Fun : Next time do a comparison between wagYU and dairy cow plz. Not sure what this wagoo is but it sure ain't nice.

Paul Gee : Any cheaper steak, season it, bag it, 6-8hrs at 57C (sous vide/bain-marie). Dry it, sear it. Perfect medium rare. Maximum flavour. Get even a cheaper un-aged rump steak with the texture of fillet and far more flavour. If its a good steak/cut give it only 4hrs.

Wayne : What else would anyone expect? £107 for two steaks?

leonardusdesign leonardusdesign : Love your videos Greeting from San Diego

novenzef : The way he pronounce wagyu is funny. WAH-GOO LOL

Gary Daniels : And it's been going for dog food before now, ouch. Now we get to pick the brains of 3 more top chefs can't be bad, bring it on. Thankyou John.

ajandnik1 : Love this video but I think we need a part 2

Norse King : That is the most ridiculous thing I've seen - you absolute plank - talk about obvious "blind" tasting test! Deserves way more dislikes.

Tim Tang : Why is those background music so loud? I cannot hear what those people said.

piston four : also ordered some steaks from the farm get them on Friday 😁😁😁😁😁😍

Corey Reece : That was really really good. Thank you for putting something really interesting on my feed.

Hasa92 : Now how about old retired Wagyu dairy cow?

r j : It’s wag-you sir ✌🏼

thenetimp : Will you please take the time to learn how to pronounce the Japanese properly instead of butchering it (see what I did there)? It is NOT "wah-goo" it is "wah-gyu"

Matt N : Why is this just on YouTube? Excellent video and should be on proper TV. The food unwrapped guys need to hire you to join them.

Jakob Yusupov : Yeah stopped watching after seeing what their cooked “wagoo” looked like. Amateurs

Mauri QHD : you gotta do something about that mic mate, try a Rode one, you wont need to pass it on

David Roberson : The video is very well made but the sound has some issues. Why would you make the loud music kick in while the voices are so low in many places. It seems like you are doing a lot of editing, why did you not fix that? Watching this video at 6am while people are sleeping at a reasonable volume meant I couldn't hear the voices, so I had to turn it up. Then, every 30 seconds or so, there is an explosion of overly loud music. It really distracted from what is otherwise a very well made video. This problem was worse than the doubled distorted sound you apologized for.


Thivya P : That was such a fascinating video. Loving the format with the 3 experts. I love how different they are and how it shows in their opinions as well. Would love to see more. :)

Sandra Carusetta : I really enjoyed this. Fun and enlightening! Thank you!

soulfreaz : I'll sell you my hidden abs. the marbling will put all that to shame.