£53 Wagyu Steak Vs £8 Old Retired Dairy Cow

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Bilal : The blind taste test should've been the first thing done to see which steak they preferred

Adventures of Graywolf : You completely destroyed any semblance of validity when you told them which steak was which, and then you buried it when you used a retired steak twice as thick for testing.

Jay Jones : Wagoouuhh Just lost a couple of brain-cells

Brian Todd : Yeah. Can’t do a “blind” test AFTER they’ve already had both.

Le Hoang Phat : 3:42 sorry that’s a wagou steak ?? It look not even close ... : ( I thought u just got scam by those butchers

Healthy Recipe Channel : Funny thing is, my dad has raised cattle and worked around or in the beef industry since he was very young, many years ago before this was a thing he would always say that the best beef you could ever eat was that of a mature Steer that was loose in a field and walked and exercised its whole life. He said the meat may be a bit tougher but makes up for it in flavor. Great video as always.

Cor Gems : I respect what they are doing with the retired dairy cow, and I'm sure that meat is amazing, but that Wagyu was not "top quality." Not even close, actually. Compare it to A5 10 marbling wagyu.

Cooking with Jeff : Why would you do a blind taste test AFTER sampling the meat?

Sergio Nery : Was expecting real wagyu or as it translates: "Japanese cow" nice and rich beef with real great fat marbling :3, but i just saw "Australian wagyu" beef, that isnt wagyu :( Also the marbling on those steaks were incredibly dissapointing. Misleading title is misleading.

BANK IT HERE : You should have done a blind taste test right from the start. You did it after they had already seen and tasted both...it's biased and tainted at that point. I stopped watching as soon as I saw that last side by side.

WarChortle : I don't think that's a fair sentiment to scale quality and price linearly. Also, I think people associate wagyu incorrectly where they really are thinking of "kobe" beef which is one of the top qualities of wagyu. Luxury items also don't really live in the same world because they aren't priced for value. If you're looking for the best of anything the price will scale exponentially where as the return might only be incremental.

SmilesAreDaggers : I'm now asking for retired Dairy cows in the US because the marbling and depth of color are huge indicators of flavor

Wolf's Den : Now i am looking up where to by fu%$img dairycow meat. This is now my life. XD

Shane Singleton : Excellent video. And it really brings home an opinion I've held all along. Yes the Wagyu is technically better. But in the hands of the same person cooking it's not going to be that many times better than a more reasonably priced piece of beef. In most things in my life I have always placed the overall value of something above luxury. While I may have a wagyu steak or something luxurious on a special occasion, but very very infrequently. We're talking less than 1 time per year averaged out. It's certainly not something i'd keep on hand and eat every. I can technically afford to if I wanted to. But growing up in a working class household one of the great things that my recently departed father raised us with was a sense of value. Have the luxury once for the experience. But make smart choices with your every day money. I'm sorry this was a little long winded. Again very good comparison. I think I shall now go have a steak. An inexpensive one :)

nickt : the bass beats are too damn loud. very hard to hear what is being said

Texas Jack : At a glance: triple the seasoning.

r j : It’s wag-you sir ✌🏼

Johndor : wagyu is so overprice and low quality if sold out of japan

Alexei W.B. : Interesting video. Im an executive chef here in Mexico City, who lived and studied in Japan. The wagyu they sold you was only, bms #4 quality grade 3. It’s on the lower third of the scale, bms #12 quality grade 5 is the top. So out the gate you are comparing apples to oranges. Regarding the firmness of the dairy cow, it would be interesting to do a 40 to 60 day dry age, and see how firmness breaks down, also sous vide would be an interesting way to prepare it and finish it on the grill for colour and texture. Magnus Nilsson has been using retied dairy cow for some time now. I feel both are great options, from a business point of view, the dairy cow. For the pure experience on just how melt in your mouth, the wagy bms #12 quality grade 5. And if you can, Kobe or Japanese Black cattle of the Tajima strain. Like I said at the beginning, they are two very different animals, both worth trying.

Erik Granqvist : As my parents had a diary farm till their retirement 11 years ago (in north Sweden), I can say that cows that had good lifes are really underrated as meat. Problem is, its not easy to know how the animal lived when buying meat åt supermarkets or stores. Its a bit of hit and miss.

Roger Chn : I can't really har your voice so much at the start. Maybe you're not speaking loud enough or the music is too loud

Todd Ellner : That's a great idea which I'm going to have to pursue. I live an hour or so from Tillamook Oregon home to a huge dairy industry. Between retired dairy cow for steaks and roasts and unwanted bull calves for veal I could eat much better more cheaply.

Darren P : The thing about steaks is, the better the cook, the better the steak will taste and feel. A good cook can make a cheap ole steak taste very fine

Guy Fawkes : Should be noted at this point that you're clearly eating Australian wagyu which is very different from the Japanese stuff in how it's raised. Also old dairy cow is actually a Basque classic, it's called Txuleton, and has always been highly prized in regions where people bothered to fatten up retired dairy cows for slaughter after they're done producing milk. In addition the dairy cow was obviously dry aged, something seldomly done with wagyu, which will lend flavour and texture to the product. Personally I would always choose an old dry aged cow for flavour and ecology.

Mauri QHD : you gotta do something about that mic mate, try a Rode one, you wont need to pass it on

Turd throwing monkey : I love the taste of the misery the life of a dairy cows have. I wish slaughter was more torturous and less quick for better flavour.

Deadsnot : First of all, get the lads back. Overall, get professionals taste the ingrediens they sell, and know best about. It might give some borader persective and insight. Second, the new format. I acutally liked the prior one, where you would ask people what they would be willing to pay for a dish. I wonder what normal people would pay for the dary cow steak, and what for the wagyu. Third, get a better micro. ;) Aside from that, keep sharp, like always.

Patrick Fisherman : Marinate the dairy cow in pureed pineapple for 1 hour, then rinse and dry. This will even the results.

ⱤV̶•SirGuido : Personally, I think tenderness is way overrated. I've got teeth and I can use them. I'd rather chew a bit and get a better tasting steak than eat "beef butter" and pay over $100USD for it. No thank you, give me the dairy cow any day.

Ary Marchellino : WAGOO BEEF

Doctor_ Phsyco : Pause at 9:20, ugh... There's blood on the steak. These guys know nothing about steak. Bunch of amateurs!

Miketri : wagoo

Stratton & Oakmont Inc. : He kind of reminds of Henry VIII on the thumbnail

Dmitry Belyakov : ginger pig is ace

Ash S : we want to celebrate these cows by killing them. i hope they enjoyed the last year of their lives and they were killed humanely.

Your Neighbor Amos : Lol, Wagyu is 5-6x better.

Lil Witch Schierke : The west is desperate for money huh? Need cheap meat booster campaign XD.

Mat Web : Feel like a stew now.

CryptoKnight10 : retired Diary cow cant even begin to be classified with Wagyu beef, you get the best because you pay for the best, You dont try to compare the two.....PERIOD!!!

Brian Deeb : Enjoy yourself eating dead body parts

Randell Johnson : Just stick with certified Black Angus and you will be just fine. Best beef in the world! I happen to like beef instead of fat anyway.

Michael Buckley : Great video. My family were farmers in the southwest of Ireland and it was only dairy cows. The beef and steaks, along with the sadly missed cast iron frying pan, made an exquisite meal along with the fried potatoes cooked in beef fat. Ah, the memories and now only processed food here i New York unless you're willing to pay an arm and a leg.

Food Busker : Hey guys so glad your enjoying the new vids. I've got a bunch of other video formats coming your way this month. Let me know which ones you wanna see more of. Increase the Peace

Deng Hj : Wagyu look over cook from outside are you sure what u doing ? Because from Japan they cook wagyu not really that over cook outside the meat...

julie : Drink every time he says *wagouuh*

Charles Kuhn : A properly aged dairy cow is miles better than any fresh wagyu. French butchers hang their beef for 15 days, the fancy ones at least 4 weeks up to 3 months

LeGourmetTV Recipes : Food Busker - wanna meet us in Japan so we can travel around eating all of the higher quality beef (better than Wagyu / Kobe) that the Japanese keep secret... There are at least 3 breeds in Japan that produce better tasting steak than Kobe; probably more if we dig deep enough. We could film it for the ultimate Youtubes steak collab! One Youtube steak to rule them all.

LeGourmetTV Recipes : Leaving the test kitchen now to hit up our favourite butchers for retired dairy cow...

Andrea Baxter : The expensive wagyu is just a rib eye steak, tender , marbled and bright red. six quid for a large slice from morison so who would be silly enough to pay for the beef to be flown from Japan...the snobs will pay 300 quid a slice in the big name restaraunts. Its all about how much money you have and how silly you are with it. Go to morison :)

DJ S : Dairy,Cow as in an old farmer's Milk Cow? How could you even compare, something like that.