£53 Wagyu Steak Vs £8 Old Retired Dairy Cow

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Bilal : The blind taste test should've been the first thing done to see which steak they preferred

Food Busker : Hey guys so glad your enjoying the new vids. I've got a bunch of other video formats coming your way this month. Let me know which ones you wanna see more of. Increase the Peace

LeGourmetTV Recipes : Leaving the test kitchen now to hit up our favourite butchers for retired dairy cow...

crawfordbrown75 : Glad you got people who know their stuff and not just random people who know f**** all

Colin A : I spot that Camden Hells Lager there. That was the first beer I tried when I first set foot in a proper English pub in London. Good stuff.

SmilesAreDaggers : I'm now asking for retired Dairy cows in the US because the marbling and depth of color are huge indicators of flavor

Dwayne Wladyka : I can't pick between the two. Tough call. I'm originally from a farm. I love beef. I'd pay 20 £ easy for that. It's top notch.

Jay Jones : Wagoouuhh Just lost a couple of brain-cells

Texas Jack : At a glance: triple the seasoning.

Healthy Recipe Channel : Funny thing is, my dad has raised cattle and worked around or in the beef industry since he was very young, many years ago before this was a thing he would always say that the best beef you could ever eat was that of a mature Steer that was loose in a field and walked and exercised its whole life. He said the meat may be a bit tougher but makes up for it in flavor. Great video as always.

ⱤV̶•SirGuido : Personally, I think tenderness is way overrated. I've got teeth and I can use them. I'd rather chew a bit and get a better tasting steak than eat "beef butter" and pay over $100USD for it. No thank you, give me the dairy cow any day.

Dylan Towler : Great vid. Channel is looking great these days - awesome editing. Trying to track down some retired dairy cow in Aus!

Grill Top Experience : I remember when the Food Busker would have cooked in the snow under a tent.

Guy Fawkes : Should be noted at this point that you're clearly eating Australian wagyu which is very different from the Japanese stuff in how it's raised. Also old dairy cow is actually a Basque classic, it's called Txuleton, and has always been highly prized in regions where people bothered to fatten up retired dairy cows for slaughter after they're done producing milk. In addition the dairy cow was obviously dry aged, something seldomly done with wagyu, which will lend flavour and texture to the product. Personally I would always choose an old dry aged cow for flavour and ecology.

Alexei W.B. : Interesting video. Im an executive chef here in Mexico City, who lived and studied in Japan. The wagyu they sold you was only, bms #4 quality grade 3. It’s on the lower third of the scale, bms #12 quality grade 5 is the top. So out the gate you are comparing apples to oranges. Regarding the firmness of the dairy cow, it would be interesting to do a 40 to 60 day dry age, and see how firmness breaks down, also sous vide would be an interesting way to prepare it and finish it on the grill for colour and texture. Magnus Nilsson has been using retied dairy cow for some time now. I feel both are great options, from a business point of view, the dairy cow. For the pure experience on just how melt in your mouth, the wagy bms #12 quality grade 5. And if you can, Kobe or Japanese Black cattle of the Tajima strain. Like I said at the beginning, they are two very different animals, both worth trying.

Swan Swan : This video was so good to watch,I especially dig the farm part and how beautiful it was

sneekylinux : Living in the middle of the west country for more than 20 years now i can say whole heartedly good beef is always from a dairy herd if you can find it....

shaukat alippbgj : Love the format Love all your videos Make more of them

Gary Daniels : And it's been going for dog food before now, ouch. Now we get to pick the brains of 3 more top chefs can't be bad, bring it on. Thankyou John.

Mini Griffin : Just goes to show john, it’s not just price but the way you cook it, if cooked well you can make that £8 stake into a beautiful dish and if cooked wrong you can make that £55 stake taste awful, increase the peace

Mauri QHD - Try : you gotta do something about that mic mate, try a Rode one, you wont need to pass it on

Bandare : great production and question! How about an episode on different bargain meats? We have things like Ostrich etc but are any good value compared to the likes of lamb?

Adventures of Graywolf : You completely destroyed any semblance of validity when you told them which steak was which, and then you buried it when you used a retired steak twice as thick for testing.

Joseph Morales : Oh man... This probably gonna shoot up in price now.

johnroyYHZ : yeah, that was a really cool format, can't wait to see what else you've got up yer sleeve!

Mr Fat Baldy know it all : I love the taste of the misery the life of a dairy cows have. I wish slaughter was more torturous and less quick for better flavour.

Andrew Prior : How amazing, what a great job these guys are doing for their industry. I can't wait to try some in the future.

bdrnho : Never have I clicked on a video so fast

Patrick Fisherman : Marinate the dairy cow in pureed pineapple for 1 hour, then rinse and dry. This will even the results.

Joraver : Definitely love the format. This really speaks to everyone. You hit it on the nose with this one mate!

John Barj : Excelent video, love the format, you should do it again with other things

Algaart : Nice Video. Absolutely enjoyable and finally some chefs with an honest answer about meat and not just praising the so called "best" to heaven and back. More of it please.

Scott S : My first video from you and a great one to start with! Off to watch more. Thanks.

Rob C : He cooked that dairy cow the alton brown style, or how I cook it. The only proper way of cooking steak, the seasoning, the way he cooks it. Brilliant.

Trevor Lee : This new format is really well put together, well done :)

Robert Doe : That dairy cow makes good steaks and great burger. The local beef farmer likes to raise polled herefords and an anjou angus cross

#diyMATT : Subbed, just so I can steal some of your kitchen layout ideas. 🤓

Captain Cucamunga : Yes.

Bren H : Lol mate I was just looking on the Costco website Japanese wagyu is 100 lb a 12 pound roast in there for $1,200 I nearly had a heart attack

Salar Farrukh : This was so good. Like honestly more content like this and more colabs! I’ve loved your channel for a long time but ever since you moved into that shop your content has been vastly superior!!

Bcwolters : I really did enjoy this type of format, and pretty accurate judges as well. With beef, I prefer the cheaper cuts, like shin or cheek, much more flavor (needs longer cooking though). For me Wagyu is just over the top and more a fashion trend than the sole purpose of feeding people good food! Next up a wine tasting?Thanks for the best 12 minutes of this day again!

Red Machine Kieran : Enjoying the editing bro! Fantastic video chef. That dairy cow beef looked incredible

Mead Vice : so glad you made this vid. Ive been saying this for years. Retired dairy cows make amazing beef and steak

Budd McStudd : Good on you John, I loved the video!

Eduardo Aguirre : I hope my English doesn't fail. I can tell that your format, the way you cook and the way you speak is way different that the last year. O don't know why you aks your audience for advice about your work when your world is getting just on other level. The new macro shots are awesome (with slow motion) and the quality of the pictures are way, pretty professional. I can't say about the food because I can't taste it, but I'm pretty sure it is f*cking awesome! Hope one day, when o visit your country I can guess the price of what you had cooked. Good luck, m8.

Jamison Moeckel : This was great, you deserve 5 times the subs you got!

Carl Titmus : More videos like this please, this was absolutely brilliant.

William Garred : Cool vid btw - and would be cool to bring back the judges

William Garred : Is this your full time job?

Mat Web : Feel like a stew now.