If Facebook was a real place
If Facebook was a real place

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A Real Religious Man : It’s interesting that you have a small core fanbase but still consistently make viral videos

Rusty Shackelford : This better be good I was in the middle of using Facebo- I mean researching

Phycon : One of the most underrated channels, keep up the good work mate!

tallgom : Nice dude. Exactly how Facebook was when I used to get on there. I don't miss it even a little bit. Lol

texaspenguin : just gotta delete the facebook and set yourself free. It's easy when you don't have any friends :(

wisard734 : Not enough Farmville and minion memes.

NeuesTestament : God emperor Zuckerberg

Zły Wilk : Wonder if Facebook is gonna show me Adrian's ads on my feed after watching this

Just Chris : Love the channel! Keep up the good work!

Luka Goreta : another beauty + i really love the way your friend is acting, he's superb

Funnel JAMer : I wonder what Twitter looks like then..

Chips Dubbo : If Reddit was a real place, but all that happens in the video is you give an opinion, and then you're beaten to death by a bunch of downvotes.

Amplifyde : I got to say, you are funny. Love the vids keep it up!!!

vivacenontroppo : Nice one, keep it up!

The Physics Grotto : We are all trapped.

Dragos Daniel : nice