Call a random Swede - QI Series N Episode 14: Preview - BBC Two

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thechris312 : What a delightful interaction. I really love this, something about a bunch of English people being able to have such a funny and nice interaction with random swedish dude just trying to grab some groceries really restores some of my faith in humanity.

Cian Cosgrave : Noel looks like Lord Farquad

SafeBox : his answer was the best haha

Erich L : Just when I thought Noel couldn't be any weirder he gets that haircut.

Nic Soderman : As a Finnish person living in Sweden, I am a little cross. "They're usually drunk", Sandi says. No. You are thinking of Finns. Finns are usually drunk. There, settled and corrected.

Douglas Sandberg : "Cause they're usually drunk" says the Dane. I mean Denmark is where we go when we want to get shit faced. It's cheap (at least cheaper), you only have to be 16, and no-one will judge you. It's an alcohol haven.

mikeykm1993 : Brilliant clip. Wasn't sure how the series would go without Stephen, but Sandi does a brilliant job.

orange circle : Robin, you must have looked for this video knowing what happened? Comment on this and we can all discuss :)

thedr00 : "you'll never meet an unfriendly Swede" Yay Sweden!

Gert Ahnström : I come from the region of Sweden where the "Surströmming" or fermented herring has its origins. Basically there were some islands where poor fishermen lived and to store fish for winter, they salted them and put them to dry in barrels. However, not having enough salt caused the fish to ferment, but being poor they somehow had to eat the fish anyway. What to do? Make a party and eat it with fresh potatoes and quite a few shots of schnapps! Even though the need to eat it thankfully haven't been around for quite some time, the party became a tradition and the canned fish became a delicassy and the right recipe an art. Do Swedes eat it? Not really; not as regular food. But it's a nice party; and as Swedes, we like the exuse to gother up and sing around the tables along with some special food.^^

Yokky : What a lovely and friendly country.

tobbe Larsson : lol usually drunk?😀 that's what we say about the Danes lol

Thomas Lindholm : "No, because they're usually drunk" Good to see that Sandi still has here Danish perception of Swedes :)

Arvid Olson : Heja sveariket! Surströmming åt folket!

Daniel Sánchez : I'm pretty sure he didn't need subtitles.

Rasmusb : "that's because they're usually drunk". I wish this was the case but alcohol is too expensive here

Springas : The fish we eat isn't rotten. It is fermented! There is a diffrence.

Andrew Hazlewood : Not even random Swede knows why anyone eats lutefisk

Frank Slater : They dont have free speech in sweden anymore - they have very oppressive "hate speech" laws

Luke Foord : 0:41 holy shit is that what sarah millican looks like nowadays? When did she get so attractive|!

Stephanie Forde : Sarah Millican looks amazing

Meg Alyssa : I freaking love Swedes

xRsAtx : lmao there is no freedom of speech in sweden

WelshGrey : What a wonderful conversation

Lil Tee : "It's 'cause they're usually drunk". As a Dane, I can confirm, and approve of, this answer.

RIXRADvidz : ah, come on BBC, you made your money, now post these to the wwweb like a good person, you don't want to be considered to be greedy and self serving like the American President, his most honorable Screaming Orange Baboon Wank Scab.

Fredrik Löfstedt : Love it. XD

BellaPJ : we are usually drunk...but that just makes us nicer ;)

lasseebooi : God i miss QI, no place to stream it in sweden from what i've found... Is there no streaming service with QI on it? Glad to see that sandy have become the new host aswell, always enjoyed her on the show!

Jan : Imagine if that random Swede was Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Tom bones Jones : Hey that's pretty good

Monaco Super : Brilliant!

Generality : What a strange idea. I would deem it as yet more incentive to ignore incoming calls.

A Nun Oh Mouse : This lady is funny. I might start watching this. What's the shows name?

Beth Edmunds : first comment and first like 😄

zerox505 : "free speech in sweden" HAH, good one.

Orella Minx : She looks like Mrs. Doubtfire

Lydia Olsen : Was that Troye Sivan ???????????????????

Kanjoos Lahookvinhaakvinhookvin : I really hope this is a future QI question and the call Robin back

Yee : Godammit it's not rotten, it's fermented

lanswipe : It would be amazing if he showed up in the comments

Lauren Coates : Noel.. that is a ROUGH haircut

surprisenaps : I have the same glasses as Sandi...I'm flattered :)

Jaina Maden : The host was mean

DCdabest : A Swede named Robin?

Widdekuu91 : Ahhww can we do this as well? Random Dutchie? I'd love that, as long as it isn't in the middle of the night.

MiotaLee : Damn! I wish I knew about this so I could have registered. I'd love to have my voice featured on QI ><

SH4D0W0733 : Nice dodge of the question, can't let up state secrets now can we?

Eric Burkheimer : Is it just me or does Noel look like a middle aged woman?

TheBlackDemon1996 : "This call may be recorded" ...Well I don't know why you'd think that.