Robin Williams- Olympics

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nhlado90 : "The only way marijuana is a performance enhancing drug, is if there is a big fucking Hershey bar at the end of the run...and then you'd be (wide-eyed stare) a Swiss skier jumping, like, "I'M THERE!"

Tyler Kent : I'm gonna miss him

Robert Nielsen : To people asking about all the water bottles--have you _ever_ been on stage? Those lights are _HOT!_ Add to that how active he was, and all the hair on his arms, and that's why he needed all that water. Not to mention the extra strain he put on his voice with all those different voices he did.

Madison Rajter : The world is a sadder place this morning waking up knowing you are no longer in it.

Kira1Lawliet : Please bring him back, God? We'll give you Justin Bieber in exchange!

A B : Holy shit it's been almost 2 years since he died?

Laura B : Rest In Peace, you magnificent, silly man! No one on earth will ever forget the King of LoLs!

Kevin Robins : Robin will always be the one of the greatest comedians ever. Certainly the greatest of his time. It's too bad he's no longer with us.

funkyfabulous : ''put on a glove man'' XD

Jackie McCann : "Marijuana enhances many things: colors, tastes... sensations... but you're certainly not fucking EMPOWERED! When you're stoned, you're lucky if you can find your own God damn feet! The only way if it's a performance-enhancing drug is if there's a big fucking Hershey bar at the end of the run!" LOL! XD

JACorrenti : his improv is gold

Bunny Games : I miss this guy

kiwi S : very very SAD; RIP; I shall miss you

greedog47 : Robin, we miss you bro.....

QueenKick 1414 : Oh God bring him back!

Ian Fortuna : Ladies and gentlemen behold the king of comedy

nekokat : As long as the people who knew and loved Robin remember him, the everything will be alright.

Irena Holc : haha when he's talking about biathlon and say's he's like Norwegian Drive-By...and I went .Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. :D or Swiss ski jumper..Simon Ammann. :D

Noah Clark : Canada is like a loft apartment over a really great party. "KEEP IT DOWN, EH!"

CodPlayer951 : i've actully ran into people who didnt find this man funny,that scared the hell out of me

Brianna Hunter : So sad he's gone! R.I.P Robin!!!

TwistedMindCroatia : ARE YOU A SKEELER?! YEEES! ROFL

The_ Classics : When they finally learned “half pipe” meant something....😂

Tim Trozzo : Watching this clip during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Candover1 : Yes indeed, he'll be sorely missed.

Brianna Hunter : So sad he's gone! R.I.P Robin!!!

SupernaturalFan4life : I'm still shocked he passed away to heaven r.I.p. mr williams till we see u again in heaven and may ur laughter live on forever

STR8murduhGames : I miss this dude so much, such a funny guy

TM Rezzek : ..."Hershey bar at the end of the runway." Oh, man, a masterful image from The Master.

Arkhuman11 : He splashes more water than he does drink.

Allan Proctor : He was a Titan in the world of laughter. May he rest in peace.

Maria Obrien : Keep your stupid religious judgements and comments to yourselves.  Stop condemning him for taking his life.  Robin Williams was a wonderful, intelligent, extremely smart and very funny man.     He is a tremendous lose for everybody....... He was one of a kind and he will be sorely missed.  He had a tremendous heart that care for others.   Great actor too !!!!!   I just wish he could read this and realize how much he is appreciated and missed.

Mark Rocovich : The endearing quality of Robin's material was that it was profane, but not for the sake of profanity, the material held on its own, andthe verbage illuminated the skit..The depth of his comedic mind was only exceeded by the size of his heart, as he gave us hours of truely great material to remember him by..RIP, Robin, we are much poorer now that you have left us...

R Hayndr : Can't believe he's gone. He will be missed.

? ? : RIP

Sam Kranish : 3:41 I live for these moments lol

CodPlayer951 : lol a lot apparently, but hell its what like over a hour long and the guy is under stage lights, thats gotta make you sweat like when you accidently cheat on your wife with her aunt,mother,uncle,neighbor and mailman

Willy Durf : Great Guy

superblahmanofdoom : Robin Williams doesn't need alcohol to be funny...

Chris Molyneaux : WATER BOTTLES.

Sam Smith : I think this is my favourite stand-up clip of his on Utube. He talks nice and slow and he is super varied in the jokes and where/how he gets the laughs - clever comment/observation, surreal image, impersonation, funny sound, funny dance, aggression, vulnerability. Most comedians get it from a limited selection of the above. He hits a great range here. 

Fpo Oat : He got his energy from people's laughs.

TEXAStooTAL L : I love how Robin segways between segments using a real short and really sharp "NOW!"

TEXAStooTAL L : Some advice for all of you out there. Never listen to this guy while simultaneously: 1. Eating 2. Drinking 3. Brushing your teeth 4. Taking a dump

sara sara : I really miss him

bj miller : Ah, the part of the show :3

Chris Weidner : "bring your wives....oops" ....."only in Georgia" hilarious. And away we go, in only a few seconds he killed me.

Sword of Justice : Was this before or after he commit suicides

proud2bpagan : I can't understand how Seth Mcfarlene could say Robin Williams wasn't funny.RIP,Robin!

MichaelD8393 : 3:03 "We coulda won if you weren't going *Brrrrgering ... Dolphin Boy!!!* LMAO! 4:53 "Poor Canadian snowboarder, they asked for his metal back and he couldn't find it, it was around *his fucking neck!" Dead!* 6:45 "WE FOUND ONE! Uh oh he's just *tan,* everybody off, c'mon now"! *Buried!* R.I.P. Robin, still miss you after three years now.