How to Solve a Rubik's Cube while Skydiving

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TwentyFree : Wow, man, that is amazing! You spent a huge amount of time and effort on this video, where are your subscribers? it's unfair! I found your channel completely by accident, just because I have a similar channel, but in Russian. I'll try to recommend your channel to my subscribers. thanks for your work, I enjoyed watching. P.S. I am from Russia, and this is Google translator, so if I have mistakes, then I apologize.

52 Skillz : This was by far our biggest, most ambitious project yet. Hope you guys like it, and please share if you think its worthy!

Wolfgang Music : This was highly entertaining. Can't wait for the next one!

Paster HOME : Я от TwentyFree, :D

Sultim Batuev : Привет от TwentyFree

Просто Артур : We from TwentyFree!Hello from Russia!!!)

B Can : Oh my god that was crazy well produced. Beautiful stuff

Peter Silverstone: Shrink Wrapped : Great work you guys, this was amazing.

PornHub : Лайка, если от TwentyFree

darkking222 : Amazing video can't believe there isn't more views. That last shot was badass!!!

Денис Cricket : привет 😛

Aidan Costello : As a cuber, it's very interesting to see someone's process on solving the cube, as well as to take it to the next level. This video was amazing and I loved it. Keep up the good work!

Stefan Strauch : What method did you use to solve the cube? Beginner method??

Robert Prebil : "How many skydives have you done?" "Uh, probably got around 4 1/2... 4... yeah...." Buddy you might want to pick a different guy for this. ".....thousand skydives." Oh thank God.

Nikitos Nikitos : Круто

null code : This video is extremely good and well made. Congrats

doc1225 Channel : Hello from 23 hours

Remi BLANC : Amazing !! I love this new format of videos

Neceros : I give you my support, but these two particular skills (in combination or separate) are stupid. I'm sure some people enjoy both of these, but how is this going to further your life (besides making a video on it?) It would be amazing if you took real world, practical skills and combined them to become someone nobody else has ever been.

Keegan Russell : nice dude you finally did it

Rekty Rektingson : HOly crap. Consider me subscribed! Totally inspiring. Makes me want to learn how to solve a rubik's cube!

ablaeu : What an amazing video. Very well put together bro! Hope this blows up

LostCastleProduction : Woo! Looking forward to the rest of these!

PROKINN : from TwentyFree

Marit van Delden : This is REALLY good! I'm happy I got to see it :D

Checkered Owl : Love it so much!

Владимир Синицин : Тут есть ребята, что будут делать субтитры? Иногда сложновато (в школе изучал французский)

normal person : Impeccable vids as usual, could tell you put soul into this one nice man don't stop

Nate Olson : I watch a lot of YouTube, but this is some of the BEST content I've seen in very long time.

JooKBox Games (Adventures) : Скажи спасибо TwentyFree))

Paige Bonwood : Thanks again /r/videos this is siiiock!

Josh : Is that the high level bridge in edmonton?

Камилла Хасиева : Hi!im from twenty free

Aitocs Scotia : kudos to that instructor and his landing hahaha hilarious

Stephen Waldron : so the only thing you really did was learn how to solve a rubix cube. being strapped to someone while skydiving is not real skydiving. if you learned to solo jump and solve a rubix cube, that would have been a real accomplishment. maybe nextime.....

Роман М : hello from Russia :) one kind person recommended to look to you on the channel! And really cool video!

Peter Walker : The state of the big scrambled rubiks cube at the beginning is an impossible state...

Noah's Channel : Didn't quite push that 10 minute mark.

Black Jacksus : я от TwentyFree, ставлю лукос

fcm3145 : All of your production aspects really make this shine, I didn't plan to watch the whole thing at first but you made it so incredibly engaging that I got pulled in immediately. Awesome work!

Ava Karvonen : awesome - keep making more films!

Paul Jones : Best YouTube I've seen yet. Cinematography, ideas, scenes and props done perfectly. Congrats man

cat intensifies : Wow this is quality content, you have earned a sub!

Essential Craftsman : I learned a lot from this video thank you sir. Terrific storytelling

КАТЯ БЕЛЬЧИК : Great job! thx! )

Tommy Callaway : That was freaking awesome.

eL3ctric : holy s that ending was oscar worthy

esotericsean : Is this a reupload? I'm sure I've seen this one before from you. Hmm.

Rockettospace : holy crap what a picture perfect landing...

Undergroundkid : danm bro the channel blew up was here when you had only 500 subs now you over 25k wow been away