AskMen.Com doesn't know #%$@ about men
AskMenCom doesnt know about men

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An columnist named Ian, wrote an article pointing out 7 skills a man should ditch in their journey to better themselves. I find it doing the exact opposite. If you enjoy the shenanigans and want to support and better this channel join in on Patreon. They get to see everything first. Link To Article


Murray Watson : "IAN, YOU IGNORANT SLUT!" had me rolling.

19ThreeLions97 : Big ass heavy battery sitting in the middle of water Thank you for describing a Prius relly well

Scriobh : Ian's wife's boyfriend approves of this article. There's a guy who gets pegged several times a week.

Dan Do : "Getting punched in the face really isn't that bad" -Saitama

ReadTheShrill : Neighbors - "He's yelling again" "Yeah I think he's drill sergeanting on the phone or something."

potato H : Welding? Plumbing? Machining? Carpentry? Nah give that all up!

Josh Moore : Car: breaks squeak Ian: "golly gee sounds like my break pads are bad, good thing I brought my laptop so I can use the magical power of coding to replace them!"

Josh B : I learned plumbing to save $2k on a water heater install.

Dr.Catmilk : I'm a mechanic that has to reprogram computers. Not only can I cook but I killed that peaceful woodland critter. Know how to fight, and how to avoid them. My home was decorated by John Moses Browning.

jay sullivan : ‘A list of masculine things which I can’t do and are therefore obsolete’...

Po Panda : 58 sweet little cupcakes were offended by his toxic masculinity... bless their hearts...

McKeever Barrow : This man's pure, unbridled rage is truly inspiring. How else should you react to reading something like that?!

MadGamerBoss : Imagine his neighbors looking at him screaming “IAN" around the house or “GARDENING" outside :/

StealthFundip : Hey Ian wrote another article for It's titled "Why Men Should Pee Sitting Down". Please take a look at it!

John Chapin : I agree with general Patton “some people just need to be shot.”

d man : 59 Prius owners got offended, which also happened to live in the city

Kevin Pompert : I love how he's suprised, even as he's reading the articles "Fixing things at home. FIXING THINGS AT HOME?"

Aiden Trager : The angrier you got the sweatier your pits got. 😂😂. Keep making vids man.

1Z : "Physical fighting doesnt solve anything" ill just use my psychic powers of telekinesis to stop the robber with a shotgun in my home

Urkliff Midharthson : "Every man respects a master of his craft" You´re god damn right, bro

Lmjesus : 7:27.... My God I'm dying lol this is the quality I subscribed for!

SevenDelta : Uh #2 was Mediate not Meditate. Not that I agree with him but conflict resolution with verbal judo is still very important.

The Street Guitarist : I'm a decent boxer and let me tell you. I'm jealous of singers because if I had a voice god damn would I be singing all the time lmao

Demetri Petrenko : when you see sweat under a mans arm...thats how you know they have a TRUE PASSSION 😢

Joshua Alexander : Oh boy. An eleven minute Angry video. This is gonna be good.

Sam Nestor : Ayyy he referenced Steve Rinella’s MEAT EATER👌🔥

Zach Walker : This has become my favorite YouTube channel. This is AMAZING

GraymanandTheLegend : I remember the first time I killed, skinned, cooked, and ate a rabbit on my first solo hunt when I was about 16 growing up in the Appalachians. Best damn meal I ever had.

850's Pirates : my 18 year just changed the brakes on his moms car, he’s been fixing cars for years. Why??? because I taught him to be a REAL MAN.

Derek J. : My chest hair grew another inch thanks to your completely sensible rage, outfuckingstanding Sarn't hahaha

Aiden Reynolds : Should be titled "Important skills to become a woman"

Jet : I love how you got so passionate that you got sweaty lol. A true man’s man.

Owl bay 2 : I can do any of the skills he listed the “outdated” and “new” ones They are not exclusive like he thinks

phillip Kirk : This must be the list out of the ANTIFA recruiting manual.

J O : Unnecessarily Man Skill #5: *_Peeing while standing up:_* _Women don't do it. Why should we?!_ #SoMuchSoy

bob10mm : Ian the mangina... Rarely used, smells like fish and always cramping....

Scuba Steve : Omg, the comment above the last one you read!! 😅😂🤣😂😅😅😂😂 I'm dyin! Could see you actually got pissed about 3/4 of the way through 😆🤣🤣. Ahhhh, I needed this today. Thanks man!! Awesome video

John David : “Instead of hunting learn how to cook” 😳😳😳 yeahhh.... okay

NotGang Affiliated : 🤣 I liked and subbed so quick

Lego City S.W.A.T Team and Termination Terminator 2 : Ask men: stop hunting *now I'm gonna staaaaaarve* -Patrick Star/ P-Star7

Lordofzeldafed : Basically men should be A) physically defenseless B) Unconfrontational C) Reliant on more skilled men D) Reliant on Government Services E) Reliant on authority Great advice. Thanks.

Psuedonym Classified : It was mediate, not meditate dude. Good points though.

Cornholio : Bro... you make me laugh so freaking hard every video!! Love it!!

Andrew Pena : Chrisfix is proof that you can still work on modern vehicles. He replaced the battery bank on a prius.

OlweCalmcacil : I legit never saw him so pissed in one of his rants before. This is gold.

Hunter Nelson : “Get rid of hunting” Well first, i have never seen deer or pheasant in a store. And what if i get stuck somewhere in the wilderness.

Keith Saunders : I seriously doubt Ian is a man.

stinger913 : My lord the close up when he said “I’m right for” is gold

Goose 6.0 : "learn to code" = instant demonetization. ps. you should have gone full drill sergeant on him.