Chris Cornell’s daughter sings ‘Hallelujah’ for father and Chester Bennington

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Alberich LP : I just realised that they chose that song due to Chester singing that at Cornells funeral... That hit me.

I'm Just Saying : I am so sick of seeing the "he was selfish^ comments. Until you know what it is like to be tormented day & night by your own mind & body. You have to force yourself to get up everyday because if you do anything it could trigger your anxiety, or completely exhaust your body where you have no choice but to be stuck in bed for days at a time. You feel like a burden to people so you cut yourself off and your mind doesn't have normal people thoughts. think about stupid stuff that are little to most people but huge to us...and sleep bahahaha!!!!! That is when our mind gets really creative. Then we wake up & go through all of that hell again. So selfish, no...desperate, yes!!! Educate yourself before you speak, you obviously know how to use YouTube, so look up depression and anxiety and what it does to people.

Brandi Swystun : She didn't even try... to win the public's opinion whether she sounded good or bad. She sounded like an angel signing for her father... and it wasn't staged.

Good Comment Man : As a dad this is simply heartbreaking. God bless that young girl.

BMW S1000RR : the hardest not to cry challenge

Cintus Supremus : Heaven must have the best concerts!

Anna Vajda : Such a tragic loss. It was beautiful of them to come and share in the grief with others.

agb0012000 : She is beautiful, just like her father, and considering the circumstances under which she is singing, of course she’s going to be somber, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she said it was a “honor” to do this for her father. Speaking from experience, suicide just leaves every one they touched with so many unanswered questions. I will pray for both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington's journey, and for their families and friends. May God bless them all.

brian versansky : Not a dry eye in the crowd!!!! Beautifully done!!!!!

Laura Kelly : She looks just like Chris when he was younger.

DoomFinger511 : Damn how is she 12?! She looks like she's 21.

Megs Andrade : I fell to my knees and just cried when I found out that Chester had died.

Raechel Barentson-Frantom : So sad that his beautiful daughter lost her dad that young. Her eyes look sad... and I can see why... devastating loss. 😢 R.I.P. to Chris and Chester... I pray the world would heal... so much pain and sorrow.

Anthony Adams : I wish he would have just let her sing. She has an amazing voice. I hope to see her again in the future.

jay frat : What a terrible year. Still in pain. Hopefully, Toni does what she wants in life. Very strong.

Russell Trakhtenberg : This kid was channeling something otherworldly.

Baby Bunch : Wow I hear so much of Chris in her

Music Boy : 12 years? jesus she looks older than me

Isla Edmonson-Brown : This must have been the hardest thing for her do. I'm imagine her daddy would be so proud.

Christina Marie : How did I not come across this until now?! 😢 I am in tears....I still can't believe Chris and Chester are gone 😭 Both very amazing talented musicians, what an honor for Chris' daughter to sing for her dad❤

missyA1958 : This Is Love! What a beautiful girl! These 2 men Chris and Chester will live in my heart forever! Depression is not easy, it leaves you numb or not wanting to feel anymore! More pills to add to your nightmare, nothing changes! Treatment plans and doctors, it's all the same. Try not to Judge what you don't fully understand. The road is long and you get so weary.

Leslie Trewhella : This girl has strength that not many would have & a voice like her daddy. I always have loved Jeff Buckley's version but this one was even more poignant.

Gregory Mitar Sarovich : Hallelujah. Said to be the only word which is the same in all languages. All Glory to Jesus Christ...

Kurt Cobain : She has her father's eyes......

Lubeit Firstdaddy : Look at her shirt. I hope they don't kill her to.

Marisa Veilleux : Wow his daughter is so beautiful, and so is her voice. She’s strong I wouldn’t have been able to get up there and sing without bawling my eyes out. I hope the best for her and her family, and Chester’s. RIP

karen jones : It has taken me so long to watch any tributes to Chris cause I knew I would get emotional...But when I saw His Daughter and the fact that She has Her father's eyes...Oh Man I bawled like a Baby..

Galaxy : Michael Strahan never heard of Soundgarden

Medley kush : I’ve saw those eyes before. I’ve seen them in Kurt Cobains, I’ve saw them in Charles, I’ve saw them in Chester’s. I’ve see them in mine rip another great musicians

GoodMrDawes : A beautiful Cub of a Lion of Man. God Bless

Hyas _7 : She’s extremely beautiful god bless her

gauravplan22 : I cant watch this. My heart aches

Moonchild : The guy is a being a bit of a nob though. Weak ego. Cut it out, pal. This ain't about how wonderful you think you are.

Injustice Served : R.i.p. Chester and Chris. Investigate their deaths! It wasn't suicide!

Zach Talley : I was at chris Cornell’s concert in Kansas City 3 days before he died I can’t believe he died right after I saw him RIP CHRIS

Moonchild : God - she looks so much like her Daddy. 💜💜💜

jamesthaggard : My heart goes out to Toni Cornell. She will probably spend the rest of her life trying to understand that tragic event. I hope she finds peace with it one day. Beautiful tribute and a beautiful voice.

CHURCH KYLO REN : Toni! Sorry about your father. He's good man! I never cry. I'm anger and piss off. I don't blame anyone for killing themselves! Were here four u Toni. They will not die in vein! I hope you'll support and respect Mike Shinoda. I no u will. Chester want me two promise him! Wherever they r... pretty sure your father is watching same as Chester! We love u Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, May The Peace Be With Us!

Vampirebear13 : It's amazing that nobody seems to know this is a Leonard Cohen song but at least he lived a long full life and died pf natural causes. Hope Toni Cornell will take her talent and have a full successful life.

Dave Owens : The wonderful thing about Chris's daughter's performance is how genuine it is. No vocal acrobatics needed to feel her heart and soul. She's conveying a voice of movement, not a voice trying to impress anyone.

yukihai : That's one brave little girl. I couldnt even speak in front of my own family at my moms funeral. I cant imagine singing in front of strangers.

jervaz : Toni has the same stoic look in her eyes as her father did

Gaby J : God just look at her. I can't help but to think she looks just him but I know I'm not the only one... The resemblance is just stunning to me though. Poor girl, losing her father that young :( I can't imagine losing a parent at such a young age.

Christina Iles : She looks like her daddy!!

Nigel Fortune : Kudos to Toni. She is one strong young lady!

Anthony Schneider : jesus, started crying before the song even started

domtamtidam : Stop bashing him seriously, he obviously is struggling with emotions and all while singing... Little respect for all

Ktm Alpha : 1.8 dislikes?Is this true? This means that 1.800 people are totally without emotions!! She sings for her dad!!

Jurassic Pimp : Aww, those are Chris's eyes. Chris was THE voice!

Crystallization of the soul : She looks just like his father!!!