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John Ivan Oplimo : _"Send in the_ fooking _tornado!"_ --God

Aggerwal : Plot twist, God is the butler with with their memory erased and Lucifer is pretending to be God ordering the real God to do his dirty work.

TheWall : I can sense a strong bromance between Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley.

Renier Antonio : "Jesus,.. My man tried to kill me" Revelations 3:00

Convoluted Concepts : When you get bored in City Skylines

YouTube User : God did 9/11. God melted the steel beams! IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

Billivision Programming : "These little muppets haven't even found the other universes I made on a Saturday night, FOR FUN!! -GOD. Omg these are fucking great lol

Julio Ricardo LΓ³pez Aguirre : God. That feeling when you "delete" a villager in Age of Empires xD

TeAniMate : God: β€œsee that two tall building over there?” Also God: **throws planes at it**

kmlkmljkl : Funny how he says his own name at the end.

bobjoneslikesyoualot : Please make this a regular series!

Tetsu Hatano : So gods pretty much every city simulator player ever? Makes sense

The Artist : It's rather strange that we call natural disasters "acts of God" lol. It doesn't exactly reflect well on the big man :P

NapalmPig : If god were real, this is a pretty accurate depiction of what he's doing.

Dangard : I feel like Geoffrey is getting extremely pissed off at God and might do something about it the next time we see them again

AradiaAries : Okay that's cool but where's ADAM chapter 4??

generalnawaki : huh...this is actually a fairly accurate portrayal of old testament God. that being said, holy hell do i love Oats Studios! you guys are the best!

D.DoT-Z : You guys have to do an SCP short

Kurt Rozentaun : SCP-343

Zavid Al Rasyid : First time watch, instantly subscribed Tbh, i thought it was a Game Bloody well done

BigK : If I had a horse, these are the oats that would nourish it.

nothing human : Imagine if this were god...although I'd imagine he being a child with a magnifying glass

Almighty Bunny : Poor jeffrey has to serve this omnipotent bastard.

Desert Clockwork Films : Does this mean Oats is making good profit with this? I really hope so. Neill Blomkamp has been my favorite director since 2009 and I wish him and his team to succeed with these projects.

Thomas Christopher White : If god was real.. this is exactly what I imagine him doing. He's got the smoking jacket and everything.

Alexander McLucas : It would be cool if we humans are like that and god like that but god seems more like satan and the butler god

Sean Will : Jesus my man...tryna kill me...

Guy Gai Ma boi : First, hey after 9 months. Second, this is twisted but funny and I love it. I hope they keep making stuff, even if it takes years.

Jumpoff theboat : Is god played by Sharlto Copley?

Loki Farbautason : I've seen all of Oats' shorts and this is by far their darkest skit to date. Imo ofc.

Psycho Somatic : Yeeeess...yeeees... yes... Seems like the God I know.

Morning Star : Send in the Phoking Airplane πŸ™„

Kaybees : we need more of this. Lol

Bipedal : That's amazing. I want more of these series. I like how at the end he says "God". Maybe that's just a joke but i think he says it because there is someone higher than him. That's why Geoffrey is so humble and wants to help humans. Because he knows his creator could do the same thing with him.

mick sharp : This smacks of "monty python" genius. Brilliant oats studios.

Cameron Perkins : Just referenced this in a senior philosophy final paper. Keep this series coming y'all!

Elijah Andersen : Jeffrey is totally going to snap lol

Retrograde Beats : Oats Studios its been so long overdue. Y’all are the best!

J Bagger : Excellent deity, very unfair.

James Toy : This is messed up man or I MEAN GOD

Sword of S : How I imagine god, if I believed he existed.

Jesus Rodriguez : Felicidades, no dejen de producir estΓ‘s genialidades

Shareef King Jr : More Zygote please πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Lonesome Gunslinger : TFW when you play Sim City lol

citi24 : World dosnt revolve around america. So sad yall r fujed

Sakarin Tannoy : When you get bored in Sims City

Π”Π°Ρ€ΡŒΡ Горянинова : Thank you for the new episode! \^Β°^\

Titus Cato : Quality! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Keven Jie : we need more! fantastic serious!